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  1. I bought some linden last night they took payment from the bank but the delivery failed, I have opened a ticket but I'm still waiting on a reply. Im down $50 and they are taking thier sweet time about getting it sorted. how much longer do i have to wait?
  2. Doesn't it!!! I thought about being a cat but the avatars are too small... Werewolves (in my opinion only) have been overdone, dragons... just no. I have a horse its ok but the wife gets jealous when other avvies ask if they can ride me...
  3. I started SL over 4 years ago and i am on my second avatar, which Ihave had for a year, in all that time i have only ever had 3 outfits for my furry (which I am in all the time) and a BC mesh horse, I am finally thinking about breaking the cycle and changing to a new mesh tiger, but would I change it if I could start again? Hell no. I love my furry outer and the prim clothes I have, I wouldnt have been me with out them
  4. I can see there is some Split on the idea, The reason I ask is, as with any avatar if you spend L$ on it you want to know you will use it and enjoy it. I am in no way a role player I enjoy watching senarios they can be played out very well but for me, no to participating. I suppose Its a risk as with any avatar. Time to save incase I lose the raffle... Nyx. The White Tiger is being made by a place called CCO (Clear Creek Outfitters) I can drop you my land mark in Pm or on here which ever you prefer. They have models to look at on their land, I put my settings up to Ultra and they look amazing but my laptop crashed not long after Typical, Oooh ooh and it already has a skin uV map texture thingy so you can edit and alter your own skins, i wanna make a Battle cat from he-man
  5. I did try human for a while but the avatar never looked right to me there was always something that "didn't fit"
  6. I have been a furry since I started SL I have a DSD Fox but I have just seen a new realistic white Tiger thats due out in 3 days. (2 if I win a raffle fingers crossed). It looks amazing and realistic which is what drew me in but i am so used to being a furry I don't know if its worth it. What do you think are there enough personalisation options to justify going into an animal avatar or do you think there is just not enough out there to adapt and change?
  7. Added the parts you suggested into the script and it works Perfect thank you.
  8. Thanks, I'll give it a go, let you know how I get on.
  9. HI everyone I have a script that starts looping a sound using "touch_start(integer num)" but what do I use to stop the sound from looping on the second touch?
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