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  1. lol when i decrease my contribution the land use has gone up to over 25000 when i now have 5088+4480 and nice if i could sell the phantom land i dont have lol....hey ho will contact L if it doesnt sort out.
  2. grr still getting in knots over this...tried buying 1024 of my group land back to myself (as land available 3354) and it still said buying this land would increase tier to L$125.... given i got the cash for the other land sale into my account without drama i might as well sell the land as group owned as i am the only cash benificiary.
  3. Thanks i was considering smaller plots would be more affordable and sell quicker (assuming) BUT could get a cr&p build on one which will screw other sales (and my views!)....i only need shift the 5088 and 1632 you have found:) which will be reconfigured when i have cleared my builds off 5088, all sunrise coast with me retaining land behind. Theres no panic just the emotional 'letting go' having staked out that plot from Z day1 and £ to $ exchange going down tubes.
  4. Group land stats: Total contributions 18586 Total land in use 15232 Land available 3354 Your contribution 16896 (16896 max) Land parcels 4480, 4032, 5088, 1632... plan on selling the latter 2 to get from 1/4 sim to 1/8 so according to Qui i start messing with the 'Your cont' when setting land for sale?
  5. Lol nearly had this...tried selling to myself for L$1 and had a message my tier would be L$125!!!! so when i next try this i tick or untick 'allow deed to group' or 'owner makes contribution with deed'? (dont trust myself to try the actual process after a few wines as could end up doing something daft...) or does another alert come up? my land is group owned but only myself as owner.
  6. lol,that is my issue the prices are all over the place, trying to find a close match is the challenge and where the market is, small plots or larger.
  7. Came here having basically not been in SL much and at a stage where i am downsizing and face trying to sell original Zindra double prim protected coastline 2 sides. Can of worms!!! how long is a piece of string? Zindra prices are all over the place from massive to not quite so massive to confusing! Conversely i know i will end up abandoning my cheap rocky mature plot...crazy. As with real life nothing is simple...maybe i should ask for sealed bids lol. I dont suppose anyone can say what a typical L$/sqm prime land on Zindra should go for priced to sell but not given away! lollll
  8. Many thanks it was the 10% bonus amount i had forgotten xxxx
  9. I currently have 1/4 Sim on 2 mainland locations and want to try and reduce to 1/8th. As i have set the land to group owned im confused as to the premium i get/lose I currently have 3344 on mature mainland single prim allowance also 15232 on adult mainland double prim allowance. If i get rid of all the mature how much can i keep or how much must i sell if easier to get down to 1/8 sim on adult? my current land holdings also tell me i have 10 sqm available. I have no land contributions from anyone else nor rent any tier. Many thanks can never figure how Lindens managed to make this so complicated.
  10. I have used the word 'lol' in real conversation... What does frustrate me more is attempts to mimic RL in SL....why have a kitchen and bathroom? why have a laundry? why search for the most realistic room furnishings? This is a Second, aspirational Life.....sleep in fire, dance on water....Ban RL from SL and live in a true fantasy world. Yes many of us look at things in RL and wonder how we can make it in SL. Try selling anything 'off the wall' then realise players really want to reproduce RL. 'your world, your imagination' may be old hat now but seemingly imagination is narrow.
  11. What? I can dust off my camping chairs? But of course the reason for camping was to raise the profile and position of the land for search and to charge astronomical rent/advertising fees for the 'popular' parcel. Therefore no search defeats object. Love the humour quote...i will stop hijacking this feather now and kick RL for making me miss so much.
  12. How pathetic am i to only discover this? After a complete body meltdown and rebuild i did not reattach my flight assist...then realised i was flying without.....sheesh Next someone will tell me camping is banned )
  13. Cheers, I got the generic letter from support. I knew the listings where the maturity has changed but apparently there were a couple with key word spamming or something (probably a left over from days when proper keywords didn't have an entry box) Guess I will have to recheck everything and try and guess the issue and then wait for another reject lol. I can't believe I haven't visited my marketplace account since March! damn RL lol Still recovering from having to use Viewer2 briefly to make the magic box change!
  14. Its weird, being one of the Zindra Sims closest to Zindra Ocean i have never witnessed a constant flow of av's arriving dripping from the water ) The safe hub in the ocean is always packed out. I often wonder where they end up.. Surely it is not rocket science for LL to create a small landing point called Zindra for all searching 'Zindra' to receive an explanatory note that a whole continent exists, open your map and tp...with caution. Or offer a link to a safe gateway similar to Gavins idea where people can explore from there. There is always the risk a newbie will search for green dots and tp into the 'extreme' to never return again! but then maybe the responsibility lies with Zindra residents to rate their areas maybe as 'X' 'XX' or 'XXX' We need residents, we need footfall and returning footfall.