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  1. Why anyone over 24hrs of age in secondlife cares is so far beyond me
  2. I dont think you understand. Lol I look for specific plots. Nostalgia and such. If I miss a plot that Ive been waiting on, I have no use for 250k lmao
  3. I collect land, my group is lasthope land collectors. i keep them scattered in nice sims throughout the grid.
  4. Its quite all right, I get it LL doesnt need or want my money. Thats just fine. It'll be nice when all the land barons stop dumping funds too because of this change. Good way to loose money, lower the land prices and make it more difficult to get land.... Kinda a catch 22. They should probablly get some thinkers on their team.
  5. and legit ban me from forums i only use them when LL is trying to rob people for no reason... a bunch of uptights on here anyways
  6. How am I wrong, my swears were changed to not be swears... Your wildly insane sir.
  7. Im an adult in america with my freedom of speach. Sorry i choose to use it?
  8. Its like you half read these posts and interpret them how you see fit. Ludacris.
  9. You guys said they were going to ban me for posting a negative comment. That would be quieting the things they dont like. I never said anyone was on payroll. are you guys all dumb? is that what the forums have become since i left them in 07?
  10. I bid on specific plots that I want. and wait for them to come on sale.
  11. The forum is to voice our opinions on matters that matter. If they weren't they wouldn't have them sorry you cant handle negative feedback...
  12. How hard would it be to set an option for relist, or give to the second highest bidder.... I don't think it would be that hard, but instead they want to fork over money for no reason. Get out of here LL being shady and generally junk again... Can't say I'm in the least bit supprised after 13 years I've seen them do some really crummy things!
  13. Or am I just going to sit on 250,000L$ till the person who bought the land decides to sell it 5 years from now?
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