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  1. Thank you for the names of the regions. It's much appreciated
  2. So, what I've discovered is that these lands where the prims seem off are actually lots people are renting out. They fudge the numbers on what people can use with the lots. This mean that a lot for sale that offers the standard 351 per 1024m is a rental to another party, not a clean / direct sale where the buyer pays the tier. Chic / Fox, I was using rough estimates, you're both using exact numbers. Of course it won't match up. I had said " I buy lots over 2,000 m" sometimes I buy lots that are 3,027 m with 1,053 prims, sometimes it's 4,096 m that's 1,404 prims, *since you're being exac
  3. Fox, you're missing my point- perhaps I should have been specific. I saw a lot of sale this week- advertising about 2,000m roughly, When I visited the lot and clicked to check the land- the object tab said about 620 prims allowed. This didn't clock for me. I saw a few others in the same area that left me thinking 'this doesn't seem right' So I asked my question. It's not that I didn't know what the amount was, it's that based on what I knew, I needed someone to confirm the numbers. Theresa, I wasn't aware that mainland lots could be set as 'homestead'. As far as I, this doesn't happen.
  4. I know know how to check, my issue is that I've been seeing land with prim counts that seem off. Normally, I buy lots over 2,000 m. What I've been seeing is lots of this size with less than 1,000 prims. This is why I'm asking what the base prims are. Perhaps this could be a red flag that the lot is not actually for sale but for rent by another party.
  5. I've been seeing some numbers that seem strange to me. So I'm asking, what's the prim allotment for mainland lots? Let's say I'm buying a lot at 1024 sq m, how many prims should this give me by LL ? This is about buying mainland lots, not leasing it from another person.
  6. could you provide the SURL to this property, please
  7. I've noticed something about this issue, it's rare but does happen. When one of these flippers doesn't get the price they want for the land, they will abandon the land instead of lowering their price. This tells me they're only interested in racking up their lindens. They're greedy. Another issue that I've seen is all these 'real estate' groups, advertising land for sale when it's actually renting from them. In some cases, you have to sell the land back to them. And they are everywhere, own huge lots of land. I'm like 'people, it's virtual, it's not like you'r buying a lot in New York and
  8. I had 9 items in my shopping cart. I try to purchase when I've reached the 10 items allowed. Today, I went in to attempt the buy and found my cart was empty. While I'm trying to remember what all I had to re-add them, does anyone know what causes or why this would happen? This is the first time it's happened to me.
  9. I missed out on the first round because I had real life responsibilities. I'm a writer with stories to write, research, and organize. Then there's deadlines to meet , which I'm bad enough about as it is. I also have a kitty that occasionally likes to have my attention. PLUS I'm trying to build an inventory for a 2nd Life shop. AND I'm packing for a major move. In short, I do NOT have the time to sit and watch that page for selecting my Linden Home. I came to one solution: subscribe to the official thread. Theoretically this should improve the odds.
  10. These lots are in a quiet, moderate region; not far from shorelines and roadways. Each lot is 1024 sq meters with a prim allotment of 351. Located: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kaemi/119/163/78
  11. Priced for Quick Sell. This lot is in a quiet region, not far from the shore and roadways. 4,096 square lot with room for 1,406 prims. Located: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kaemi/119/163/78
  12. Land For sale- , Moderate region with a low population $5,000 for 4096 with 1406 prims location in-world http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kaemi/27/98/73
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