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  1. Sorry for the late reply Dante, I had seen that in the menu's, it makes sense now that I'm seeing how land is owned I've been using the movelock anytime I'm not moving around. Between what I've been seeing and what's being said here, I think it's the sim's I've been in. I was using the destination guide quite a bit and you find yourself visiting the same places over and over, I'm thinking that's what quite a few people are doing, I'm seeing the same names a lot. I've been trying to break away from that and use the search more. I've found quite a few places I'm going to go back to,
  2. Thanks Seana, Amethyst, I'm going to stay for a while and see how it goes I've always liked learning new things and I'm a bit of a perfectionist, or as my mother would say 'a pain in the butt' lol so I like to get it right. . It's not too bad with SL, you can keep a web browser open at the same time for looking things up. When I started I chose an avatar called Carla, I did try changing clothes and it seemed quite random what was happening. I went to a sim called Firestorm Gateway, it's in the destinations. There are people there that help out new starts. Someone gave me a run down of the ava
  3. The Free Dove has been mentioned to me a few times, Bobbie. I haven't been yet, I'll take a look That's great, Moondust, I'll look for roads as a starting point I didn't want to drop into a place I wasn't supposed to be. I've been using the destination guide, that's how I got to the sims I've been around. I was finding I was running in circles ending up at the same places. The map opens up so much more! A few people have sent me lanmarks and there have been quite a lot of suggestions, that should keep me busy for a while
  4. Thanks Annika, Aislin That's great info Nalates! I see the Bumps, Pushes, & Hits menu, that's handy. I had a look at the world map, I didn't realise how big it was! That's one thing I'm not too sure about, how to navigate the world? Do you just click a place on the map and choose 'Visit this location', I mean, are you allowed to do that, drop into an unknown place? I hear people talking about places and often wonder how they know about these places, how did they find out about it, how does news travel here. I've found Luna, Furball and Pooley in the websearch inside the viewer,
  5. Thanks for the input everyone. I did a bit of reading last night about how to protect yourself, from what I can see, sitting on something seems to be the way to go. I did find that you can lock yourself in place with the firestorm viewer and that's the one I use so I'll lock myself when I don't have to move around. I'll have a look at the Little Blue Sandbox, dressing rooms would be handy. I think I've been lucky with the one I found, I've not had any trouble there but they do have a big sign up saying anyone caught giving others trouble will be banned. I've not had to use it that much th
  6. Thanks for your reply Nalates Urriah. The only way I seem to be drawing attention to myself is by working on my avatar and that's really all I want to do. I don't IM people or start conversations, I say hello if someone stops near me, that's all. I thought I was doing something different by putting some effort into my avatar. Every time I get a nasty message it's about them not believing I managed to find the add and detach items menu. Half of the time I couldn't report them even if I wanted to, I'll see a quick message pop up the local chat, then I'll get thrown around, then there is load of
  7. Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me if this kind of thing is normal for second life... I've been on second life for 14 days now. All I've been doing for the past two weeks is reading about how second life works and trying to get my avatar as nice as I can. I was just at the Da Vinci gardens and was on the marketplace looking for rings when my avatar starts flying around the sim. This I've seen way too many times already, so I figured it was some idiot and tp'd away. Then I get an IM, [18:08] <Removed>: NOT your first avi! exposed on the blogs! Liar! So now I know who star
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