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  1. Hello, its been a while as I've been trying to search for some decent RP sims that has some good activity of EU people, I've been having trouble getting any encounters as most of the RP community seems to be from the US, thank you, god bless.
  2. I guess you're right, I'll follow your advice, thank you!
  3. Well, the car pretty much functions like a freebie car, it slides a lot, barely have a ny good controls to keep it steady, heck, its actually worst then a primmed car I got for 10L, its just awful, that's all that really bugs me.
  4. I just feel rather scammed by this, I was at least hoping the owner will do something about it, the car is really expensive and not worth the price at all, and even if its outdated, he keeps it there to fool people like me, he has no group where you can talk with others, he has the only group with chat disabled, I would of been happy if they at least replied to me and maybe consider satisfying a customer
  5. Hello, the reason I make this thread is out of frustration as I feel rather scammed by one of the products from a shop, yet do not misunderstand me, I love the their products, I've been happy with what I got from them, yet, 2 years later I purchased their Car worth 3.8k Lindens without hesitating as I saved money for it from working as a host in a club for 2-3 weeks, but after driving it I realized I purchased a vehicle that's not even worth the price, its literally so bad, I sent an NC to the owner regarding at least an product change since they do not do refunds, or at least info of a future
  6. Surprisingly, it worked! I'm also on Win7 with a system64 and it works with the system32, thanks!, but its quite weird why it works this way.
  7. I am in fact on Win7, yet I also can't manage to do the things that I was told, such as a clean reinstall do to the fact I can't get ingame or can't even find the Firestorm_64x folder.
  8. Hello, after a series of installing and uninstalling Firestorm, every time I try to open the client it would appear an error message saying "Firestorm has stopped working" and "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program." with the only button to push is to close the program, I tried many things yet it always came to this message, and the funny part is that a few days ago I installed Firestorm and it worked fine after I unistalled it, any ideas?
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