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  1. What is the problem, can you explain detailed ?
  2. Candyteardrops wrote: when i go to my inventory to upload items to the marketplace copy to marketplace listings is blackened out and it will no let me move none of the items ...How do i fix this ? Restart your viewer and if you're using Firestorm follow these steps; Avatar > Marketplace Listing Open your inventory, drag&drop your product to Marketplace Listing window.
  3. Hi Candy, welcome to SL forums. Did you check here ? If you're having trouble again if is not listed on link write again here for help
  4. Alwin Alcott wrote: Caenir wrote: What is against guidelines ? I didn't understand what you mean. Sorry for my English means... it's forbidden to advertise Discussion area for inworld and Marketplace merchants to exchange business and marketing ideas. I'm not advertising, i want review in forums, not in marketplace. If it's still against rules what is the idea of this `merchant` forum ?
  5. What is against guidelines ? I didn't understand what you mean. Sorry for my English
  6. Hi everyone, I want to show you my product and get your ideas and comments. My product is a script and it designed to work for any prim. Here is the product here and i want all of you to tell me what can i improve. This is my first product in MP nevermind Thanks
  7. I'm actively researching in MP but i do wonder is sorting by best seller really doin it job or it's not relevant ? Sometimes i see last page more reviewed or more good products... Thanks
  8. I'm not good at teaching and English but if i can help i want to participate to teaching too. I think i can teach PHP, MySQL, LSL (beginner) and other web and desktop languages (not ALL of course) Regards
  9. Hi everyone, I'm software developer sice 2001 and looking for job in SL. I'm new at SL but i'm pretty sure myself to make every kind of script in world. I just have 1 script at marketplace right now but soon i'll increase them. Experiences; - Over 10 months in SL but this account for scripting, so it's new - HTML5, CSS3 since beginning (beginning of them ofc) - PHP, MySQL over 11 years - C#.Net since 2007 - Bad English :-) Contact me via PM or in-game Regards and have a good game
  10. I'm new at SL and want to meet with new people and gain L$ via scripting (coding). So i'm looking for friends and/or land owners who need custom scripts. I only have 1 script at marketplace right now but i'm open for ideas :) Regards
  11. If i understand you correctly you want to distribute an item to clicker... You may see snippets and examples at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGiveInventoryList
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