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  1. That's ok. People still read old posts. We are not all the same SL age. Some have only just found out things they want to find out about. I do it all the time. In fact I wanted to know how to get notifications about reviews on my products and somehow came across this post I still don't know if it is possible.
  2. I have been active in SL for 8 years now and seen the move from classic to mesh. With the arrival of mesh I was at first very dubious about the outcome. It seems now a great improvement for objects which take up far fewer prims and a relief to parcel owners. When mesh avatars came along, however, this was a different ballgame. Although there is an improvement in appearance and avatar movement these avatars are becoming so relatively complicated that they take very long to rez properly with the result that even with the newest viewer updates others have to wait ages whilst looking at clothes on an invisible avatar or an invisible head which exposes a rather ghastly looking brain and eyes, sometimes with jaws with teeth hanging down to the thighs and which is a very ugly sight. Maybe in time this will be sorted but at the moment do we have to put up with all this? Please understand that i have no problem with the progress of mesh and those who are content with these irks. it just isn't my cup of tea till it is sorted. I'm interested to know if there is anyone else out there who feels we would enjoy the Second Life experience far more if there were to be a parallel alternative which admitted no mesh avatars, or even no mesh, and gave us back our classic avatars, of which I still use one and am very happy with it as i still get comments on how good it looks. I would personally welcome that, at least until the mesh avatar rezzing problem is sorted. I know it is a retrograde, or at least a standstill step, but I see it only as an alternative or temporary possibility. I would welcome your views. Thanks for reading.
  3. I own an estate homestead sim which is divided into a large main sim area which is open to the public and two private parcels. My house is on the main sim area. Must the maturity rating be Adult if any of the private houses have sex poseballs in them? The main sim is themed as a general fun and hangout sim where there are no sex poseballs or objects related to sexual activities. I ask this because bearing in mind people can scan into houses simwide I don't know if this sim needs adult maturity. Also, what is the ruling on nudity on moderate sims? I believe there is a provision for nudity where there are no erect genitalia.
  4. I never see any information in the window which opens when I click on someone's clothes and choose "inspect". Should it give me information about anything I click on?
  5. I own a sim which I have SET to my group . I am still the owner and it is not deeded. I want to set a landing point but, because we have various platforms above the sim, I want the residents to be able to TP to various points either on the ground or to a platform. I believe this can be achieved by deeding the land to the group. I am worried about the problems regarding object return should someone rez something and use up all the prims (just a precaution), and what about other matters including financial since the land is not subdivided and I pay the tier. I collect separately from the residents who, of course, have access to the entire sim. My group is for personal friends only so we have a sort of gentleman's agreement amongst us. Can anyone tell me of the disadvantages of deeding the land to my group? Or should I just continue with setting it to group and do without a landing point. The idea of the landing point was because our sim used to be a public place and we have avatars landing who used to come there for paintball etc. I would like the uninvited visitors to land at a particular point, preferably a platform 500m up above, receive a message via my visitor greeter and let the security orb control who comes in and who doesn't, and to ban under-21days old avatars altogether. I tried this but residents could not teleport away from the Landind Point, nor tp to their own platforms. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  6. Thanks Alwin. I wanted to clarify and as I said ... I am searching the forums.
  7. Thank you for your replies. I of course know that no one has any RIGHT anywhere in SL except on land you own yourself. My question was more geared toward covenants (I know some regions have none), regional convention and reasonable, acceptable behaviour. I have owned several islands in the Blake Sea region and Azure and there were rules in the covenants such as setting aside a certain number of prims and limiting the scanning height of orbs to 50m so that boating and flying enthusiasts could enjoy the region without hindrance. I know that this is purely at the discretion of the estate owners, and I think it is an excellent example which ought to have been set by Governor Linden himself. This brings me to the point which mentions land owned by Governor Linden. The parcel I got ejected from was in fact owned by Governor Linden and it has No Entry signs all round the parcel although I see that the objects rrezzed there are owned by Ariana Mirabella (see this profile!) .... not mentioned in About Land. The parcel is called The Enchanted Pavilion, at Nautilus - Yarikh 27, 58. So not only is the parcel not accessible, the email I received from Second Life said that the "parcel is full". The message I received in local chat said - Land-Security Orb 3.5.75: You have just been ejected from this parcel by 'Land-Security Orb'. Shop: secondlife://Titian/135/223/351/ (For full documentation, visit: http://www.thomas-conover.com/gadgets/landorb/ . Which one overrides which? It's all very confusing. I happen to own an orb of Thomas Conover myself and always allow for passing traffic. I also don't use banlines in a "public" region such as the Blake Sea. I have visited Nautilus many times but always by boat and enjoyed going there. This was my first helicopter visit. Before you lambase me with "rights" I DO realise that we have no rights on or over land we don't own and that people are perfectly free to set their own "security means" as they want. Talking more about something akin to having to clear snow from the sidewalk in front of our houses in RL although we don't own them. I'm sure you understand what I'm on about. Perhaps it is just something that could be put to the Lindens. I will have a look at the forums to see if anyone else is of the same opinion.
  8. I own a helicopter and often fly around the Blake Sea region and I would like to know if there are any regulations regarding the scanning limits of orbs and at what minimum height I can expect to be able to fly without being ejected from my aircraft with it being returned to my inventory Lost and Found folder. It has happened to me several times that even flying above 100m some orbs have ejected me with the reason either that I have entered private property or that the parcel is too full. I find it very disconcerting, and unsportsmanlike for people to use this kind of "protection" in a region which is meant to support and encourage flying and sailing sports in Second Life. I wonder if there is a means of recourse or should I just give up flying to interesting parts of the map and so spoil the whole enjoyment of a game I have grown to love over the years. I also wonder what other people think and do about this nuisance. Answers would be welcomed. Gary
  9. What if I build something and don't want others to take a copy and I don't want to sell it?
  10. I created some items and someone pointed out to me that they can be taken even though they were not set "For sale". How do I set them so that they don't show "take" and are not for sale?
  11. With all the huds I see available for detecting one thing or another I wondered if anyone has yet come up with a vampire detector. That means someone who belongs to the Bloodlines group. I don't support vampirism in rl or sl because to me it is a principle of murder. It conflicts with my religion. there are certain things i would not support in sl for the principles involved even though if other people want to do those things i have no objection. I just don't want to be a part of it. Hence I want to refuse to have anything to do with vampires in the hope that if enough people did this there would be fewer vampires around because they would lose too many friends. Other principles I don't support are child "abuse", and bestiality, But these are purely personal decisions. I hope there are others who think the same as me. A vampire detector would save me having to check names in http://slbloodlines.com/ Gary
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