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  1. @Axel - at the moment I am a premium member but I plan to relinquish this when the term is up. I'm not going to take the trouble to report this since I don't know the person and I've only been in the vicinity en passant whilst sailing. I was just surprised to find that a person can choose any old vulgar or offensive display name with the standard that LL purports to uphold without it being either disallowed by LL or challenged by others who come into contact with this person on a regular basis. This post was mainly posted through my curiosity. Thank you all for replying
  2. I was surprised, and appalled to find that LL had allowed a very offensive display name. With all the attention paid to decency in Second Life, and acknowledging that people are able to do what they like in private, a display name can be seen by anyone who has display names enabled, and this includes children, but even adults who would find certain names offensive to common decency. I was sailing in the region of the Blake Sea and my radar displayed the name of a person I had come within chat range of. in 11 years of Second Life I can say I've never seen such a blatantly offensive display name and I didn't even expect it was possible. Are display names not vetted and passed for decency or otherwise offensive material? This name offends me so much I don't even want to see it in my question. Can someone tell me where I should report this as I have not been able to find a report which seemed appropriate.
  3. It was good as it was. Why change it for the worse, is what I can't get my head around.
  4. When I edit the listing I can upload an image. But when it's uploaded I can't even see it until I save then edit again. And each time I edit I can only upload one picture then have to repeat all over again to upload more pics. They do appear once saved and show in Previewtoo. No problem there. It's just this one at a time thing and it's very time consuming. Used to be able to upload one after the other, all in the same edit instance. What's happened?? :((
  5. I used to be able to upload images of my products one after the other on editing my listings. Not having listed any products for a while I now find that I can only upload one image each time I edit a product - meaning I must save the edit and re-edit to add another image. We are allowed several images per product and I have quite a few products to add. Does that mean I have to edit each one umpteen times just to add images? Or is this some kind of bug?
  6. GaryPreston

    media settings

    How do I configure my media so that everyone watching a media screen can see the same film simultaneously/
  7. Thank you. It has.
  8. Having read many times in LL guidelines that all residents are expected to enjoy the facilities provided, I find it hard to believe that owners of land are allowed to set their "security systems" to as little as 10 seconds. If you are flying a helicopter over a large plot at normal airspeed it is not usually possible to clear that space in 10 seconds. Whereas the majority do set a minimum of 30 seconds, and some even more, which is a reasonable time, there are some who set 10 or 20 seconds and this is not really sufficient to be able to get across. The result is that you are thrown off and your helicopter returned to inventory. In the private islands around the Blake Sea, region managers say in their covenant that security systems must be set to at least 30 seconds for that very reason. Why isn't the mainland similar? I know there is no covenant but this is common sense. This is most frustrating especially if you have been flying a long time and cannot continue your journey. It spoils any enjoyment of a normal, harmless activity in Second Life. I'm sure that somehow this goes against the Linden Labs guidelines. Can anyone advise on this?
  9. When I am selling a mainland parcel how do I get it to show up as "For Sale" on the map with the $ sign?
  10. That's ok. People still read old posts. We are not all the same SL age. Some have only just found out things they want to find out about. I do it all the time. In fact I wanted to know how to get notifications about reviews on my products and somehow came across this post I still don't know if it is possible.
  11. I have been active in SL for 8 years now and seen the move from classic to mesh. With the arrival of mesh I was at first very dubious about the outcome. It seems now a great improvement for objects which take up far fewer prims and a relief to parcel owners. When mesh avatars came along, however, this was a different ballgame. Although there is an improvement in appearance and avatar movement these avatars are becoming so relatively complicated that they take very long to rez properly with the result that even with the newest viewer updates others have to wait ages whilst looking at clothes on an invisible avatar or an invisible head which exposes a rather ghastly looking brain and eyes, sometimes with jaws with teeth hanging down to the thighs and which is a very ugly sight. Maybe in time this will be sorted but at the moment do we have to put up with all this? Please understand that i have no problem with the progress of mesh and those who are content with these irks. it just isn't my cup of tea till it is sorted. I'm interested to know if there is anyone else out there who feels we would enjoy the Second Life experience far more if there were to be a parallel alternative which admitted no mesh avatars, or even no mesh, and gave us back our classic avatars, of which I still use one and am very happy with it as i still get comments on how good it looks. I would personally welcome that, at least until the mesh avatar rezzing problem is sorted. I know it is a retrograde, or at least a standstill step, but I see it only as an alternative or temporary possibility. I would welcome your views. Thanks for reading.
  12. I own an estate homestead sim which is divided into a large main sim area which is open to the public and two private parcels. My house is on the main sim area. Must the maturity rating be Adult if any of the private houses have sex poseballs in them? The main sim is themed as a general fun and hangout sim where there are no sex poseballs or objects related to sexual activities. I ask this because bearing in mind people can scan into houses simwide I don't know if this sim needs adult maturity. Also, what is the ruling on nudity on moderate sims? I believe there is a provision for nudity where there are no erect genitalia.
  13. I never see any information in the window which opens when I click on someone's clothes and choose "inspect". Should it give me information about anything I click on?
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