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  1. I doubt that after reading the following from Second Life wiki regarding child avatar. Child avatar nudity has been called into question as well. While no language specific to nudity was included in the initial policies, child avatar nudity of the genital or chest regions, including in otherwise non-sexual situations (skin vendors, for example) can be a violation. This also applies to parcel descriptions: nudity or "clothing optional" language can not be included in a parcel description on a kid-specific area. Source: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Child_Avatar That means, nude child avatar standing in nude beach "can be a violation". Even showing nude skins of a child avatar in skin vendor "can be a violation".
  2. The sim is still offline. This is unusual longer time for a sim down. BTW Thanks Garnet Psaltery for checking there.
  3. Sim named "Sami" is offline unusual way for long. We can't go back to my shop at there. I heard it had griefer attack using particles. Live chat not available and taking a lot time for the tickets due to may be weekend. I hope someone from LL could see this and get it back. Thank you.
  4. Thank you so much OptimoMaximo. You are really helpful. I'm going to try it.
  5. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I'm new to avastar and not much used the blender either. Thank you for any kind help.
  6. I have a club in a mainland parcel, so I want it to keep the maximum amount of avatars for 25, to keep free 15 spaces for neighbors. Most of the time only maximum 5 neighbors in the same sim and my parcel has maximum 15. But just worry in case if it suddenly got full. Is there a way to set the maximum number of avatar limit for a parcel, using script or any gadget we can buy from MP? I searched but couldn't find it so far. Thanks for any kind help.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm using 3ds max and learning to make cloths for SL. I skinned a TankTop for one of Bento Mesh avatar and it looks as this in 3d max. Once Uploaded it to the Test grid and wear, it becoming distorted as following. Even though after wearing the tanktop, seems distorted, when it rezed on the ground, it looks perfect as following. I tried different "dae" export settings but non of those worked. For example uncheking "deformation" (thought it caused the distortion) at the export dialog box, would cause "Error: Dae Parsing Issue" at the SL Upload window. Following are the dae export settings I use for export. I thought the skinning process did not happen properly, so I just uploaded that mesh avatar to the test grid to see how it looks. But it also seems as distorted too. Following is how it looks. I highly appreciate and grateful if someone could guide me how to fix this issue. Thank you for checking out this.
  8. That was what exactly Happened. As you said I unchecked the "vertex check box" and uploaded again and it is visible well. All the time I get an error when uploading to SL after making dae using 3d max. Perhaps I should follow this again http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Exporting_a_mesh_from_3ds_Max I'm using 3dmax 2013, as the wiki page mentioned I would look for Autodesk FBX 2013.2 or would remove all the spaces of the contents of the mesh. Here I attached the flower arch I made. It looks having less polys because it (Flowers and frame both together as one mesh) is made for 1.492 land impact aka 1 Prim. Size is 5.71833x1.98643x6.06078 meters. Any suggestions or criticisms are welcome regarding this flower arch. Thank you very much for all your support OptimoMaximo, ChinRey, Chic Aeon and arton Rotaru. I learned new things from this discussion.
  9. I created a flower arch using 3d max, (as I'm not familiar with Blender). As 3d max made dae files can't upload to SL (perhaps due to it has a lot details), I export it from 3dmax as obj file then import it to Blender then make dae file using Blender then upload to SL. That is the regular way I make mesh and it workes so far. Today when I make the flower arch, the flower and leaves made using "planes". As "planes" has one side only when uploaded to SL, I made a duplicate of that planes and flip the side and added behind textures for those. So the both sides of flowers and leaves are exactly same position. When I import to the Blender, I can exactly see the both sides of the flowers and leaves, even both sides are one over another at same position. So once I uploaded the mesh into SL, I can see only one side of flowers and leaves. Pls see the attached image. It seems like SL automatically ignore polygons, if the other polygons exactly over it. So I can make little gap between two planes and make the flowers and leaves again, but its several hours of hard work. I just wondering is there any easy way to fix this issue using Blender or 3dmax? Thank you very much for any kind advices. And English is my second language so please excuse for weird writing.
  10. Thank you Fluffy Sharkfin, Madelaine McMasters, KT Kingsley, Xiija for the advises. I will try the the modifications you suggested.
  11. I'm making a mesh lantern string having only 1 Land Impact. There are 5 candle fire and all fire take as one face. The following is the particle script I'm trying to use for the candle fire, but it work only for the center of the mesh. How may I use this script to lighten the candle fire face? Thanks a lot for any kind help. ===================================================================== integer glow = TRUE; // Make the particles glow integer bounce = FALSE; // Make particles bounce on Z plan of object integer interpColor = TRUE; // Go from start to end color integer interpSize = TRUE; // Go from start to end size integer wind = FALSE; // Particles effected by wind integer followSource = FALSE; // Particles follow the source integer followVel = TRUE; // Particles turn to velocity direction // Choose a pattern from the following: // PSYS_SRC_PATTERN_EXPLODE // PSYS_SRC_PATTERN_DROP // PSYS_SRC_PATTERN_ANGLE_CONE_EMPTY // PSYS_SRC_PATTERN_ANGLE_CONE // PSYS_SRC_PATTERN_ANGLE integer pattern = PSYS_SRC_PATTERN_EXPLODE; // Select a target for particles to go towards // "" for no target, "owner" will follow object owner // and "self" will target this object // or put the key of an object for particles to go to key target = ""; // Particle paramaters float age = 1.5; // Life of each particle float maxSpeed = .2; // Max speed each particle is spit out at float minSpeed = .1; // Min speed each particle is spit out at string texture; // Texture used for particles, default used if blank float startAlpha = 10; // Start alpha (transparency) value float endAlpha = 10; // End alpha (transparency) value vector startColor = <0,25,0>; // Start color of particles <R,G,B> vector endColor = <0,75,0>; // End color of particles <R,G,B> (if interpColor == TRUE) vector startSize = <.5,.5,.5>; // Start size of particles vector endSize = <.1,.1,.1>; // End size of particles (if interpSize == TRUE) vector push = <0,0,1>; // Force pushed on particles // System paramaters float rate = .1; // How fast (rate) to emit particles float radius = 0; // Radius to emit particles for BURST pattern integer count = 10; // How many particles to emit per BURST float outerAngle = 1.54; // Outer angle for all ANGLE patterns float innerAngle = 1.55; // Inner angle for all ANGLE patterns vector omega = <0,0,10>; // Rotation of ANGLE patterns around the source float life = 0; // Life in seconds for the system to make particles // Script variables integer flags; updateParticles() { flags = 0; if (target == "owner") target = llGetOwner(); if (target == "self") target = llGetKey(); if (glow) flags = flags | PSYS_PART_EMISSIVE_MASK; if (bounce) flags = flags | PSYS_PART_BOUNCE_MASK; if (interpColor) flags = flags | PSYS_PART_INTERP_COLOR_MASK; if (interpSize) flags = flags | PSYS_PART_INTERP_SCALE_MASK; if (wind) flags = flags | PSYS_PART_WIND_MASK; if (followSource) flags = flags | PSYS_PART_FOLLOW_SRC_MASK; if (followVel) flags = flags | PSYS_PART_FOLLOW_VELOCITY_MASK; if (target != "") flags = flags | PSYS_PART_TARGET_POS_MASK; llParticleSystem([ PSYS_PART_MAX_AGE,age, PSYS_PART_FLAGS,flags, PSYS_PART_START_COLOR, startColor, PSYS_PART_END_COLOR, endColor, PSYS_PART_START_SCALE,startSize, PSYS_PART_END_SCALE,endSize, PSYS_SRC_PATTERN, pattern, PSYS_SRC_BURST_RATE,rate, PSYS_SRC_ACCEL, push, PSYS_SRC_BURST_PART_COUNT,count, PSYS_SRC_BURST_RADIUS,radius, PSYS_SRC_BURST_SPEED_MIN,minSpeed, PSYS_SRC_BURST_SPEED_MAX,maxSpeed, PSYS_SRC_TARGET_KEY,target, PSYS_SRC_INNERANGLE,innerAngle, PSYS_SRC_OUTERANGLE,outerAngle, PSYS_SRC_OMEGA, omega, PSYS_SRC_MAX_AGE, life, PSYS_SRC_TEXTURE, texture, PSYS_PART_START_ALPHA, startAlpha, PSYS_PART_END_ALPHA, endAlpha ]); } default { state_entry() { updateParticles(); } }
  12. I see, and many thanks for all of those who supported including LL. Yes, we all have to be alert about the scammers and copybotters if we want to have fair marketplace, as LL can't do it alone. One more thing, as LL already took over the L$ cash balance of that scammer, it would be great if LL could refund to those genuine buyers who wasted money. Then LL can delete those bought items. As all the buying history recorded in a database, they can do it with few database searching. In that way customers will really impressed about the marketplace.
  13. Thanks for understanding the issue by using the common sense, and looking the moon instead the pointing finger. Exactly! That what we called being "practical". I wish they would be. By the way there is no specific flagging option to flag "copybots". So when I asked about that from LL support, they told me the following, and I'm going to do so. //Please try using the "Listing Violation" option. Or use the option that best suits the reason you are reporting the item//
  14. Kristen Beornssen, well thats the shape me and my most friends like.
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