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  1. May I participate? I lie, I'm wearing a blush layer because the skin had a deathly pallor without it. Most skins these days have baked on contouring anyway.
  2. I know, that's the skin I love the most on it so far with my demo'ing too! Despite my problems I'm liking how this head looks mostly decent with most Genus appliers on the market so far. My tinkering with the sliders with mesh heads usually results in something a little different, so it's good to know heaps of skins will still look good on it despite what I do.
  3. Hi, sorry for bumping an old thread. I'm playing around with the Genus strong head demo and am considering buying it at Skin Fair, but the meshes of the eyes aren't big enough/in the right position and I need to move them (too sunken in, want to bring them forward to fit into the sockets more). I can see a 'move' button on the demo HUD but it doesn't do anything. Help and FAQ links in the HUD lead to an empty Flickr page. Is this just a feature not working in the demo?
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