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  1. Looking in some months later... I just built a system using a Ryzen 2400G. Micro Center sells them for $110 (including the $30 discount if you also buy a motherboard, and you'll need one so it's fair to include it), making it a cheap step up from the 2200G which they sell for $80. I have it coupled with 16GB of DDR4-3200 because I want the extra RAM for other uses; 8GB would be enough if I were just going to use it for SL. You DO want fast memory with an APU and you want a dual channel setup; the APU loves to have lots of memory bandwidth so it's worth paying the small premium for DDR4-32
  2. Doubling the price of regions for nonprofit and educational use strikes me as a really bad idea. Do we really need a mass exodus of these important members of the Second Life community at this time?
  3. Chat focus -- good one! My own preference, though I've never heard anyone else speak up for this, would be for the focus to ONLY go to the chat box or the IM box (or other places like search where you type text), never anywhere else. In other words I WANT the WASD movement controls etc. to be broken, I want those characters to always be for chat - I get so tired of moving around or jumping when I'm trying to talk!! But I know that some people would consider my choice to be dysfunctional so this is the sort of thing that has to be a preference.
  4. I like the idea of having some way to protect your name. Either tie it to premium membership, or charge a fee (not huge, but enough to make people think about it -- and preferably one-time rather than recurring) to insure that their name is unique.
  5. To be fair, not all the land owned by Governor Linden is abaondoned. 5-10% of every mainland sim is occupied by things like roads and railroads and water that the Governor owns, plus there are things like the Welcome Area, the infohubs, and the Luna marketplace. There will always be a little bit of abandoned land but the current amount is unhealthy; in a healthy SL the percentage of the mainland owned by the Governor would probably run around 15%. SL usage always drops in the summer, except in the summers of 2006 and 2007 when the rapid growth masked the seasonal effects. If the trend contin
  6. I'm looking foward to seeing the results of mesh import in Second Life. I do worry a bit about a step that moves even more content creation out-world, but on balance I think it will be a net benefit to SL. Please listen to the comments here and make the code available as soon as possible! As for the viewer issue, I think it's going to be easier to graft the old UI (or something inspired by it) onto the Viewer 2 code base than it will be to backport mesh support (and the other new rendering features like media on a prim) to the Viewer 1 code base. I believe that's the direction that the Phoeni
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