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  1. Now that it's 2017, and we have mesh, and Bento, SL is beating up my imac. It's time for a new computer that really CRUISES in SL. I want to be able to see long draw distance, high or even ultra graphics, be able to actually go to highly attended SL affairs without freezing up or crashing, and battle some with swords. I like FS, but it's too rich for my poor old imac even in low+ graphics settings and 15m draw. My SL has been sucking lately, as you can see. I like a mac, but I might want to save money and bite the bullet to go PC. I'd need a huge support staff just to navigate the inner workings of a PC, having lived in blissfully ignorant mac land for 20 years. Give me your best PC AND mac recommendations! I see old entries from 2013 about what computers people recommend, but I need some up to date and specific advice for my purchase. THANKS!
  2. I am a Mac Singularity user. I have tried Firestorm. My machine just wont run it. Yes it's an older imac. No I cannot afford to buy a new computer. I'll likely ride this one down to the dirt. I fought and finally found a way to view mesh in a way that doesn't make my graphics card smoke--yes Singularity. Even still I have to use minimum draw distance and mid graphics settings. I was in SL a looooong time ago. I still prefer viewer 1 style, and set Firestorm up that way when I use it--mostly for "See in SL" from marketplace links. I think to be rude about people liking what they like is not necessary. I think we all want our SL experience to be as "Pretty" and functional as possible, but not all of us have the financial base to just go out and buy a new computer. I would like to ask my fellow SL residents what their recommendations are for that "1/3 the price PC". I use mac cuz it is easy. I would learn a PC if I knew which one would be a GREAT one for SL (great, but not top of the line). Thanks for any replies on that. I joined SL because of a news article that talked about how a woman who had to live her life in a medical "bubble" was able to meet, marry, and vacation etc in the magical world of SL. I had to see what such a world was. Sadly now, it just seems like a big fashion show and sort of shallow, at that. To me SL is not a contest, and I still build with prims too btw.
  3. Well apparantly you can get pregnant from oral sex in sl. That was how it happened to me!
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