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  1. A griefer attack has taken place somewhere on our region, with continuously rezzed objects appearing, and collecting along the various parcel boundaries. The images in these prims include the worst possible, explicit photographs of murdered people (including severed limbs) graphic sex acts (including children), animals being tortured to death, and women being forced to eat things I wont go into..truly horrendous images. We have reported this to LL several times, including graphic screenshots, but they dont seem to care. Live chat is pretty much the same. I am forced to conclude that LL is not that fussed about paedophilia and cruelty to animals etc being portrayed on a moderate sim. How have other people found their responses to griefer attacks?
  2. Hi Tanja, I had a similar problem a few weeks ago, when I was crashing on login every time it got to my inventory. I could only use Imprudence to log on, and couldnt log on in any of the new generation viewers. It turned out that I had corrupted inventory files, where some of my inventory had got saved to root. This is a known bug, and a serious one. SL were not great at responding to my bug report, and needed some heavy duty intervention. Despite them trying to blame it all on my end, it was a grid based issue. Eventually I was able to request and get an inventory repair. However I am a premium account holder and they wont do that for free accounts.
  3. Something not yet discussed here (unless I missed it) LL pulling threads because they are embarrassing for LL. I posted a thread about a bug tracker issue yesterday (my main av currently cannot get inworld on ANY of the V3 style viewers). I discovered this has happened before and LL ignored it for months because it was linked to a confidential LL Jira. So I posted a thread warning people about this devastating bug, and the fact that LL are not rushing to fix it. Guess what? my thread was pulled. I read the community posting guidelines and as far as I can see didnt infringe any. The moderator sent me a jolly private message to say 'dont worry!' we have pulled your post because it is being escalated to people to fix it! oh, but please dont post it again.... If that isnt the secret police in action, I dont know what is.
  4. Still havinig problems logging in, and - of course- still nothing on Grid Status reports....
  5. Yes, the Cinderalla Ball is being held again, this Sunday, at 1-3pm SLT. Its a totally romantic event in an enchanting and lovely setting, the starry Cinderella Ballroom. Music is by the superb and well known DJ April McCoy. Wear your most beautiful formal gowns, or most dashing suits and come and dance with your special someone. Put World to midnight to enjoy the Ballroom at its best, and watch the fireworks that surround the building. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Maitake/131/167/81
  6. Just letting people know that the Cinderella Ball is on again tomorrow! 1-3pm SLT. It truly is an experience of total romance in a lovely setting.
  7. The Cinderella Ball 1-3pm SLT Sunday - Where dreams dance... One of the most romantic and elegant events in SL is happening again this Sunday, 1-3pm SLT at Drakeo's Landing. The Cinderella Ballroom at Drakeo's Landing is delighted to host the well known DJ and live singer, April McCoy for two hours of dreamy and wonderful romantic music and dancing at our weekly formal Cinderella Ball. Set your world to midnight and come down and see our magical and breathtakingly lovely Ballroom. Wear your most lovely formal gowns or dashing suits, and dance among the twinkling stars. Come with your special someone or perhaps meet your very own Prince or Princess Charming...
  8. Drakeo's Landing is seeking an experienced and proactive Promoter for its newly built Cinderella Ballroom and its weekly formal event on Sundays - The Cinderella Ball. The Cinderella Ballroom has been designed to be one of the most elegant and romantic venues in Second Life, and this is a chance to help build an exciting future for it. We seek someone with great contacts and networking and promoting skills to build traffic for the weekly Cinderella Ball, and to generate interest among other businesses, designers etc in booking the stunning and elegant Cinderella Ballroom for other events, such as fashion shows, weddings, private bookings etc. We would expect the Promoter to link to businesses, designers, bloggers, magazines and other media etc, using existing contacts, or creating new ones. You must have a proven track record, and a cv/resume of work you have done/businesses you have worked for. The salary is 1000L per week and we expect for this at least half an hours work a day, or equivalent across the week. IM Drakeo Resident for more information about this position. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Maitake/131/167/81
  9. Adding some pictures of the elegant and romantic Cinderella Ballroom, so people can see how lovely it is. The multi award winning SL DJ Tag Sandalwood will be featured this Sunday (15th January).
  10. Hi everyone, I hope this is the right forum for this thread (apologies in advance if it isnt). I wanted to ask people their thoughts on how to make a successful club/hangout. Its not just traffic, its about creating a place people want to come hang out - dance, talk, build a community feel - and keep coming back. Any thoughts on marketing, investment, costs, any other advice? Its open ended, any thoughts or experience would be welcome to hear. TY :)
  11. Storm, yes I made a mistake, i tried to figure out where to post (look at how many times I have actually posted to realise I hardly know my way around this place). Fine to tell me I made a mistake - however... * I didnt like * his tone * which was finger wagging and patronising * no need for that Yes, and I am genuinely grateful for the helpful people who did post here
  12. Not a geek so apologise in advance for any inadvertent technical stupidity.. My husband is building me a mid range gamer PC so I can run SL with less frustration than I currently do on my 3 year old MacBook Pro. He has bought an Asus GeForce GTX560 1Gb GDDR5 Video Card (Direct CU). This is to go with an Asus Crosshair V Formula motherboard, a Corsair GS600 PSU, a Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 RAM, a Western Digital 1Tb Caviar Black HDD, and an AMD Phenom II x6 1100T Processor. There are various other odds and ends like DVD writers etc, and all is in a Corsair Carbide Series 500R Mid Tower Gaming Chassis. Not being a techie I have no idea of how any of this other stuff impacts on the Video card (sorry..) but would like opinions as to whether the video card chosen will run SL (I cant find it on the SL wiki, and live help was not wildly helpful). Bottom line, do I need to change the video card?
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