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  1. thank you Kyrah is this I do now and match better , last of one of my creations
  2. thank you Chic for suggest me, I added this advice in the description of the object. I'm grateful ... for letting me know
  3. oh my dear, thank you thank you, I have what I wanted, now my creations are much more beautiful, I used to specular and stand out both the stones and the metals ... thanks again, here is how clear Pantera earrings are now, they have a very low impact and cost too, come to visit my shop if you like, find me as Adri De Luxe , ciao
  4. Thanks Chin, you were very kind to give me advice, so you think I should look for a Bling script to include in the jewel prims? the problem is that i don't know how to adjust ... the bling effect, i'm already crazy with the scripts to sit ... imagine now create a bling effect. I will see on MP if I find something, in truth something I have found and it also costs a lot, but the problem is that as long as you don't buy it you don't know what it will be. Let me know what you think. Adri, if you like see what i do in sl , find me in MP like Adri De Luxe, when you see a lot of cabinet, consoles and lamps is Me :) 🤩 bling bling ehehe
  5. Hi everyone, I hope you can advise me. For a while I started to create jewels, no mesh, with the prims that allow me second life (cube, cylinder, bull etc.) and I didn't believe it but it will be for the low impact, the low cost and the detailed textures, they asked to sell in my furniture store. Now I wish they had a glow or glint, but not like those flashes of light as in old accessories, which shoot beams of light, but a delicate glint that stands out on the stones. I am attaching some photos. When I open the texture it shines like the original, but when I resize it and put it on the prim it becomes opaque. I already know that in the editing tool I can add full light and glow but it's not what I'm looking for. Can anyone help me ? do i need a script? thank you Adriana
  6. Thanks Rae, but how come you don't have your own house yet? and then all ok with the child? you were waiting ... I'm happy to have found you ... always write me news of you .... and thanks for the advice I check if mine is set, I also use firestorm ... kisses
  7. Hi Rae, I hope you are well, we believe we saw the first few weeks that bellisseria was open, we were both at the pastry cafe. Congratulations your house is very well decorated, but tell me how do you make shadows for example the shadow of the house in the garden or of the trees ... to me it does not happen sometimes when the sun rises or sets are flooded by a dazzling light. Best wishes, Adriana
  8. I hadn't visited the new quarters near my house for a while, but today, walking north of San Jocoso, do you see what I find ? will he be of my neighbor's family? he has the coffins this the dead carriage .....
  9. Tos ? I found this: TOS: Menopausal hormone replacement therapy is a medical treatment that applies to women in surgical, perimenopausal and postmenopausal menopause. Its goal is to reduce the discomfort caused by the decrease in estrogen and progesterone hormones circulating in menopause. What interests SL if I am in menopause or not? I joke, according to you since you seem to know a lot about it, where will this TOS appear to us?
  10. I'm reading all the posts on this official blog, and honestly these fragmented answers from LL are confusing me . So I will ask some simple questions hoping for an answer as simple and understandable for everyone without bureaucratic language and also for those who are not English speaking and not resident in the states but in Central Europe 01) where should we accept the Tilia terms and conditions? in our dashboard, or will a pop-up window open when we log in to SL? or LL send us a e.mail with Tilia Link 02) if I do not request that be transferred to my PayPail account (with which I pay the annual subscription) the Lindens that I can earn in SL is enough to accept only the Tilia Terms and Conditions without doing anything else? that's all thanks for a simple and comprehensive answer. adriana
  11. hi is a nice job but how do you change the texture of the walls? I try but the textures of my traditional home are not editable, I don't have permissions when I select only what I want to change. Thank you
  12. Flo and I welcome you to our home, on the Parade of Home list ours is Adria ... ps: I have been dressed since July 4th because I have to go to a party ... in honor of all our friends in the States
  13. In San Jocoso they built the houses but they are not yet ready, the scenery is missing (trees, flowers etc.) but every day I notice a new mountain, but since I thought I was in a neighborhood in Florida I find myself in Aspen ?? ?
  14. this time it went better, from so high it seems to fly over New Zealand ...
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