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  1. and how about mushrooms as tasty as you? be careful that you look like a tasty mushroom ...🍄
  2. Thank you for all the advice and information. I'm not an event organizer, my job is something else, but I have some friends performers and DJ I could turn to for help.
  3. Thanks Patch I was sure you would have answered me, you are always available, so I am waiting to receive an invitation to the grand opening gala through the Bellisseria citizens group, so I can show off my clothes 😁. But please, if you organize, think about us Europeans too, so from 1pm slt it would be fine. A kiss
  4. I already knew about the big Galaxy cruise ship. I went back a few days ago for a photo report for one of my dress models. After taking the photos, I stayed a while to visit. I find it beautiful but like so many places in SL, even my neighborhood in Bellisseria is always sadly deserted. There is a fabulous ballroom aft, and I wonder why Galaxy can't become a meeting center for us Bellisseria residents? why can't there be a day or a couple of days with a DJ to dance in this beautiful room, and to make everyone feel comfortable (not all of us come from the states) from 1 slt to 3 slt? It would b
  5. I don't see why I have to change my name for one chosen by them (LL) that I don't like and I have to pay it (!! ??) I hope it's not mandatory. Have Nice Day
  6. I think I won't add anything else for now, since a park with a neoclassical fountain is behind the house, I kept the same style in the garden.
  7. I found this discussion very interesting. 3 years ago I was in a very particular moment, sentimentally, I needed to "go out", I had read about SL but I had not immediately given importance ... then I entered. What is love for me in SL? I think it all depends on our family and cultural backgraound. I tend to have an exclusive relationship as a couple, but I'm not jealous, if I trust my partner I can't be. I have boundaries, I don't want a partner who enters completely in my RL, but that everything that happens in sl remains in sl. I've been "married" for two and a half years, he is like me, we
  8. I accidentally fell on this post, it intrigued me and so I started reading. I don't know what advice to give, I don't have so much wisdom, and I think many of our actions in SL also depend on our cultural background, Latin, Anglo-Saxon, Eastern etc. I am Italian, I am lucky to live in one of the most beautiful and romantic places in southern Italy, all my culture is classic, so my soul is also passionate. Sl is really a second life for me, important as the rl, but I am wise enough not to live here 24h24. I have had experiences like all of you, for a few days it has been my 3rd year of life, an
  9. Open door time from 26 to 31 December. You are welcome .Thank you for your visit. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mynachllwyd/228/79/34
  10. a perfect outfit for my house Verne, a preview of some pictures of my house, soon I will open the doors to those who want to visit and will be welcome
  11. It seems a long time since we moved from our old LH houses to the new Traditional houses. Where I lived in Bellisseria San Jocoso I was in a neighborhood that was still under construction, I saw new neighbors coming, and others leaving. I had a neighbor with coffins outside the house, it was certainly not a cheerful thing, but then you get used to it. Today I didn't think I was so lucky, I moved to the new Victorian houses, and immediately I had mine and next to this lovely fountain, you see the back of my new home. I chose the Verne, it has a nice conservatory with very high and panoramic win
  12. Thanks LittleMe, for now I stay in San Jocoso, then maybe in a few months I could even try, of course they are much bigger so we will have to study the decoration well. Good idea that of the grp ... In fact with my partner we live in his villa at the Sea ... San Jocoso is just my refuge to work ... good sunday
  13. I understand LittleMe, but creating another Alt means starting all over again since I couldn't transfer my avi and all my stuff into an inventory. So I stay where I am, not that I mind but a little bit I was sorry like the new zones released between August and September are more beautiful than ours when LL first opened Bellisseria to move us. I don't want to leave and then find myself like many others wandering like a homeless wanderer waiting for the right moment. But all this I'm sorry ... from elegant residential neighborhoods we will become popular suburbs ...
  14. Thanks LittleMe, although I'm a little sorry that for us the first citizens of Bellisseria you don't change anything. But excuse my ignorance what is a Premium Alt ?? where do i find my dashboard? thanks Adriana
  15. Hello citizens of Bellisseria. I always follow the news of Inara Pay and I received a notice that LL will soon launch the 4th theme of the Linden houses in Bellisseria, in Victorian style. From the Inara news letter: On Thursday, December 5th, Linden Lab unveiled the promised 4th theme of Premium Linden Homes that will soon be made available on the continent Bellisseria, alongside the existing Traditional, Houseboat and Trailers & Campers themes ..... Now I ask Patch but even those who are already resident, like me in San Jocoso with the Winchester house, when the new houses will have
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