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  1. Just adding that 1.23 seems to work fine. It's the only viewer that seems to work at all at the moment.
  2. This is pretty funny. It's actually the reverse of what you would think. 1.23 works perfectly on the Windows 8 preview. But not any newer viewers. I tried as many of LL's builds and third party viewers as I could.
  3. Read through this and attempt anything you have not tried yet http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Inventory_loss If it seems you can't fix it after that then submit a support ticket at https://support.secondlife.com/contact-support/ Be warned their first response to you will just be to follow the wiki page I already linked though.
  4. It's just a misunderstanding. You can't actually get pregnant in SL. Open your inventory and go to the "Worn" tab. Look for and detach whatever item is saying you are pregnant.
  5. Oh also. EMs have the ability to set any land owned by you for sale.
  6. Yes, as the whole point of estate managers is to manage your sims land for you. When they click that button it transfers the land to the estate owner, that would be you. Just like on mainland it transfers it to Governor Linden, it's because he is the estate owner.
  7. In reply to these other fine posters, I wouldn't use dns ips randomly posted on some blog. It's a common tactic for phishing. A malicious person could very easily redirect all your login data to their own servers. Only use well known trusted dns servers, such as Google's free dns. It's a very serious situation, you are essentualy giving control of every url you access to whoever owns the ips.
  8. Lol whatever. I just posted workaround to help you. Snarky replies not appreciated.
  9. I still have the first person I ever added... and every person since then. My list is up to 4 digits but I maybe talk to 15 people. It's really just lazyness.
  10. Was brought up here http://community.secondlife.com/t5/LSL-Scripting/Unable-to-add-item/td-p/1100473 Workaround right now is to just make sure the item being updated is rezzed in world and not worn.
  11. I Suggest you make a post in the scripting section of the forum for better results. But here is a basic overview of how I do it. Database interaction is controlled by a script outside SL on a webserver (I use PHP) and the LSL script communicates with the web server via the llHTTPRequest function. Lsl itself has no database support. You can just have the data sent via http request as GET or POST variables and then have the web script handle the actual SQL queries. See the page for llHTTPRequest http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlHTTPRequest
  12. You can access the land options from outside the land by right clicking the land and picking About Land/Land Info.
  13. I just happen to remember a bunch of users complaining the 6490m did not work with SL. They needed to update their drivers from the HP website, it resolved their problem.
  14. The standard viewer does not have the ability to do that. Some third party viewers do. Check the Viewer directory if you are interested in using one http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory Only one I know offhand with that ability is Phoenix.
  15. I have not seen ranks have any effect on anything. Well other then making people complain about the effects they are having... which, well see the first sentance. It's just a big circle of people beign angry about nothing. It comes down to people being too defensive. They see someone game the system and think that person will unjustly get some godly power because of it. They are not getting anything, there is no effect of having some different thing by their name.
  16. Stick to Nvidia or ATI/AMD graphics. Intel's have never really supported SL well. SL is a high end game and thus requires a computer designed for gaming to run well. Many low end graphics cards are not even designed to run games at all.
  17. I base my confidence on having already seen this situation... when sculpties came out
  18. The phoenix team is kinda looking like a bunch of dummies right now. They claimed it wouldn't be possible to add mesh to a 1.x based viewer. Well this has already been done in the newest private beta version of Astra viewer, and Sigularity is claiming they will be next. So there will not even be a need to move to V2/V3 soon.
  19. I'm not sure if there is enough time left before everyone has mesh for you to really worry about this. With all the major third party viewers having added, or almost ready to add mesh. And LLs release viewer already supporting it.
  20. Need a bit more info. Is it a link on a webpage that you tried to click in order to teleport? It sounds like it. If so the link was most likely typed out incorectly by whoever made it. Maybe post it in a reply here and I can help you find out where it leads to
  21. Right. Luckily you are not actually loosing money. All those people added your item to their cart on the day it was set to 0L. Any new people will have to pay the full amount.
  22. MissKate9 is your account. SL is not like other games where the characters and account are seperate. So unfortunately you can not do what you are asking. If you just wish to change your name please consider changing your display name. You can do this once a week.
  23. Hi, see https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-7283 Acknowledged as a showstopper and actively being worked on. For now make sure both items are rezzed in world and not worn during the upgrade.
  24. Sadly no because lsl has no way of knowing what the web page is doing.
  25. Since you just got your computer the drivers for your graphics card are most likely not up to date. You should check the AMD website for a driver download for your model.
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