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  1. George Orellana wrote: I hear there is a new "direct from inventory" delivery system underway, that might just be one feature that could be implemented. That's good to hear.
  2. I see more often then not permissions on listings are incorrect. Allowing them to be specified by the merchant, rather then some automatic system leaves room for unintentional errors as well as intentional misleading of the customer. Some automatic system needs to be implemented to determine the permissions of the item. This will both help merchants by reducing the amount of work required to list an item and help protect customers from the intentional fraud that is currently taking place. Please give your views on this subject.
  3. SID Riler wrote: really, what about I just get that thingy that doesnt let anyone click on you to see what you wear and thats it It doesn't work.
  4. There are so many people in SL who look absolutely identical. When you look unique it really stands out. I suppose it helps people to remember you better.
  5. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewer_parameters See "channel". Setting it differently stops forced updates.
  6. The email you get when someone sends a group notice. I would assume. I have the same complaint, It would be nice if we could see where it came from.
  7. Steve Beck wrote: Dante...the griefer in question is not a hacker, but just a fool. I know very well this script -- it started with Sponge Bob textures, then people added some more of them. As I said all one has to do is to rezz this box -- even a monkey can do that, with some training a dog can do the same. That was my whole point. Thanks for backing me up
  8. Do check your account balance on the web before placing another order. I could always be wrong and you end up spending twice the money. If anything goes horribly wrong call billing. It's the only part of LL support that is quick to help
  9. This is great Torley It can be hard to find a place to practice unless you own land.
  10. That credit shows the transaction failed and they gave you your money back.
  11. It was a marketing technique. They wanted people to be able to quickly look at SL without having to download anything. It was never sustainable, simply too expensive to run. There was no intentions of keeping it running anyway.
  12. Events are listed in chronological order. The closer it is to it's starting time the closer to the top it goes.
  13. So detailed, you should post that as an answer.
  14. An alt is just any additional accounts held by someone. The account you use the most is commonly known as your "main". There is no way to have two accounts linked to eachother right now. LL has suggested that they plan to add this in eventually. Edit: reworded and formatted for clairity as suggested by Void
  15. I always use the w-hat site for gettign av keys. See Donation Linden http://w-hat.com/name2key?name=Donation+Linden
  16. Remember to change your SL password since the redzone site was used to fish you for it
  17. People get upset about receiving unsolicited things be it Teleports, Inventory offers whatever. The good news is out of 5 people who say they reported you maybe 1 actually have. If you do get a warning, appeal it. This can be done through a support ticket. LL has a tendency to clear your record if you appeal, as long as you explain everything and are polite.
  18. All you need is a nearby parcel with rez enabled. I won't go into details. But it won't matter if you have every option there is including object entry disabled as long as it is enabled on a nearby parcel in the same sim. Luckily most griefers don't know the tricks.
  19. If a company does rush out things they just end up broken and piss everyone off.
  20. Dante Tucker

    not to find !!!

    Residents are never hidden from the People Finder. Even with that option off.
  21. Don't give up. It does take a long time. I'm sure they could improve in this area. Try filing another ticket referencing the original ticket. Don't over do it though, more tickets slow them down.
  22. Does not help they fired half the people working on it half way through Edit: At least it will get a very thorough testing. Worse would be if they released it to quick and it broke everything.
  23. It's impossible to know how private they consider their land. Never make assumptions, even if banlines are off and the doors are open. I find people are very welcoming, and don't care. But not always....
  24. If in doubt just go around. I have found opinion on this varies. Many people would love for you to explore their homes even if they are not there. To others it is the end of the world and will result in a week long drama fest.
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