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  1. Vastly superior default{ touch_start(integer total_number) { string origName = llGetObjectName(); string owner; string avName; owner = llKey2Name(llGetOwner()); owner = llGetSubString(owner,0,llSubStringIndex(owner," ") - 1); avName = llDetectedName(0); avName = llGetSubString(avName,0,llSubStringIndex(avName," ") - 1); llSetObjectName( avName ); llSay(0, "/me reaches over and trys to kiss " + owner + "'s nose but " + owner + " is to quick and makes it a kiss on the lips"); llSetObjectName( origName ); }}
  2. It depends on what the bot is used for. I have a chat bot stationed at one of our community areas, people love talking to it. Even if most of his responses make no sense.
  3. It has no effect on the actual permissions of the individual components of the product though. It may be no perms in inventory, but you can still rez it, take out the anim and transfer or copy. It's a right in SL that can't be taken away. Beware of licenses which say you must not do either, they are unenforceable.
  4. It can not be both no copy and no transfer. SL does not allow this intentionaly. The reasoning is similar to "right of first sale" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First-sale_doctrine In short, you have a right to resell or gift something you bought when there is only a single copy of it. And, you have a right to make copies of something which is not possible to resell or gift.
  5. Only thing I don't like about this is the assumption that you want her help. She should be used to to people ignoring her, especially noobs. It shows she probably has not been working there very long. If you are someone who wants to help new people let them ask first, a lot of people prefer to learn on their own and don't want your help. Prepare to be ignored, it does not mean they are a griefer.
  6. At least once a week someone is asking me to restart a sim for them because their friend is ghosted in it. So I don't think it has improved much.
  7. I suggest lowering your max bandwidth in SL's preferences. Make a few attempts, lower it more each time until it works. It really does sound like your ISP is getting pissy about sustained high bandwidth though.
  8. When you link prims one prim becomes the main prim, the others are called child prims. When an object is selected the contents window shows only the contents of the main prim, in order to see the contents of a specific child prim you must check "Edit Linked" in the top of the build menu. Choosing which prim will be the main prim when you link them is easy, you just select it last. Whichever prim is selected last before the link operation will be the main one. The main prim is highlighted in yellow when selected, the rest in blue.
  9. Yes. Go to your lands options and pick Abandon Land (World > Place Profile > About Land) you will loose it immediately. After that go back to the home registration page and choose a new one. http://secondlife.com/land/lindenhomes/member.php
  10. "Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?"
  11. I love that pic Lynda Not sure about your problem though. Are you trying to install it in a VM or something?
  12. When the old xstreet staff was in charge they simply moved your product for you. It was much better.
  13. You are correct, the function does have a small margin of error. It can take as much as a few minutes for your online status to be updated correctly. There are also the cases of being ghosted online, but then even friends lists will still show you online.
  14. There is no system to gift one. But you could give the person an equivalent amount of Linden Dollars and have them sell it. Profit from selling Lindens goes to your account balance and can be used to pay for premium account fees. Selling lindens is done on the lindex https://secondlife.com/my/lindex/sell.php
  15. You want to go over to the forum and post in the "Wanted" section.
  16. //Put their key here.key personkey = "";default{ state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(10); } dataserver( key query , string data ) { if ( data == "1" ) { llSetText("Online!",<1,1,1>,1); } else { llSetText("Offline ",<1,1,1>,1); } } timer() { llRequestAgentData(personkey, DATA_ONLINE ); }}
  17. Edit: Too fast Knowl! There is a lot of ways to get to the abandon button other then clicking the ground. Try the menu option World > Place Profile > About Land Clicking the title of the land at the top of your screen also brings up the land info.
  18. Please remove names of persons and businesses from your question. If you think you have been a victim of fraud I advise you to go to Help > Report Abuse. Choose the fraud category.
  19. There is actually odd cases where objects can end up on a parcel without either having rezzed on it, or entered it from an adjacent parcel. A second case is on regions that have a prim bonus set, and the region as a whole has somehow gone over it's shared 15,000 prim limit. Third case; You downsize your amount of held land in a region, putting you over your combined prim limit. These three odd cases is all the system you are mentioning is for. If you try to rez an object on a full parcel normally you will still get the message "the way it used to be" as you put it
  20. Go to the URL you posted, ask for help in their support section. I doubt anyone here will be able to help you with an issue specific to that product.
  21. It's a pretty low end card designed for netbooks and the like, meant for reading email and looking at facebook and not much more. This is becoming a problem now that more people are getting little mobile devices. Such things are not meant for Second Life. You need a computer with a fast processor and graphics designed for gaming. Laptops and other mobile computers usualy do not have such things.
  22. Which is it 10 or 15? I did ten seconds. integer toggle;default{ state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(0.5); } timer() { if(toggle){ llSetLinkAlpha(LINK_SET, 0.0, ALL_SIDES); llSetTimerEvent(10); }else{ llSetLinkAlpha(LINK_SET, 1.0, ALL_SIDES); llSetTimerEvent(0.5); } toggle = !toggle; }}
  23. If someone truely changed your password it means most likely your email account is also compromised. As well as every site you ever signed up for using that email.
  24. Well, technically you can! Give the person some lindens and have them sell it. It will be converted to USD on their account and will go to any premium fees.
  25. You shouldn't. Unless you are a developer. I am, which is why I am bothering to test things. Don't take people talking about it as trying to convince you to try it, it's very broken atm.
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