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  1. A user does not get parcel abilities just from being an estate manager for the estate. They would also need to be in the group that owns the land and be in a role that gives them the required abilities. Or, if the land is not owned by a group, they would need to be the parcel owner. The only abilities in the parcel settings menu granted to estate managers are: The ability to abandon the land if the land is owned by someone other then the estate owner., this returns the land to the estate owner. Or if the land is owned by the estate owner, the ability to sell the land. Feel free to contact me in world if you need further help. I have managed several estates for more then 6 years now.
  2. Yep, also Maya, Blender and any other program that can export as dea (collada) .dae is the format you want, not obj and SL is in meters.
  3. I have learned that anything you hear from someone else, where neither of you have seen the source yourself is automatically false.
  4. The friend will not be able to see if you are online in either their friends list, your profile or search. People not on your friends list will also not see you online in search or your profile. However there are still other ways they can tell if you are online or not, such as cirtain scripts or being in a group you are in and looking at the memberlist. They may also be able to tell if you are online or not just by IMing you.
  5. Go into build mode and drag over the area where it is. drag select is your friend.
  6. I find this quite interesting. As me and a friend were exploiting this for fun way back in 07. I'm quite surprised it still has not been fixed. But, to clear it up. No, there is no way to revoke the permissions, and they will be kept till the end of time. Take the object with permissions into inventory. now it's in there, with permissions whenever you want to use it.
  7. Most likely you were a victim of some sort of social engineering and not an actual exploit. This person could be an alt of someone you had previously IMed, or working with someone else you talk to to trick you. Or maybe someone with access to your computer. You should think carefully about who you know that would want to trick you like this. As for right now, don't worry, no one can actually spy on your IMs.
  8. Remember to add lindenlab.com, a lot comes from that domain as well.
  9. LL has been restricting cirtain countries to just paypal lately. One work around I can think of is setting your creditcard as a payment method in paypal, then using paypal as a middleman to buy L.
  10. Allowed formats have not changed. PNG and TGA still work. There is a little bit of change, but only if you use the new lighting system that come with shadows. If you have it turned on SL uses a new alpha sorting system previously availible as "Fast Alpha" in the old debug settings. It has cleaned up a lot of sorting issues but not all, and added some issues on things that did not have them before. I think overall it is an improvement. Can't completely get around the alpha sorting issues It's not an SL problem, it's just in other games developers work very carefully to avoid it. Alpha is sorted _mostly_ based on the center of objects. If the center of an object is closer to your camera then another it should be shown in front, unfortunately that doesn't always mean it should be in front . Avoid cases where this would produce false results and you should be fine.
  11. I personally do scripting commisions to make my money. Make stuff and sell it.
  12. <3 GTX460. Is what I use. Couldn't be better.
  13. Those huds rez multiple sensor objects which travel around the region and report back to the main object. It works but is fairly inefficient.
  14. Follow these instructions to enable the specific graphics card drivers needed by SL. The default ones do not work. https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/hardware/C/jockey.html Also please don't use wine, it runs horibly if at all in wine. Use the native linux versions.
  15. It's all good. I am happy with Firestorm. My concern is more that they have a habit of speaking for everyone on their blog, or speaking like they are all knowing. The Phoenix blog is one of the biggest sources of rumors anywhere. "LL is going to block all older viewers lol" and all. They need to reread what they write before they post it.
  16. Remember the keyboard shortcut does not work unless both the advanced and debug menus are enabled.
  17. Your cat turned on the debug console. If the Advanced menu is not showing press Ctrl-alt-shift-D. Go to, Advanced > Show Develop Menu. Then Develop > Consoles >Debug Console
  18. Most land owners don't know how any of the existing options work, nevermind new ones. Even a lot of the sim owners I have seen, people who pay hundreds of dollars a month, don't know how their sim's options work. People just don't care.
  19. You are right, it was a big mistake on their part saying that, and kind of made them look foolish. Since by the time they put out the Firestorm mesh beta other 3rd party viewers had already ported mesh back to 1.x! It proves they easily could have continued phoenix and never bothered with firestorm at all. I do kinda like Firestorm, but my point still stands they should not have said they couldn't do it.
  20. If I read your original post correctly, all that was updated was a FAQ, not rules. So there are no new rules.
  21. Ah yes this trick. Luckily all it can do is animations. The trick is simple, the script just asks for animation permissions and is then taken into inventory. You now have an object that perminantly has animation permissions for that agent.
  22. This is all I have, it's just a list really http://files.dantetucker.com/media/2036637-Second-Life-Abilities-and-Roles-PDF.pdf
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