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  1. Zena Zemlja wrote: I actually do write poetry and do sell them, either illustrated and framed or on a notecard, and yes, they do sell on notecards. You cannot make them no copy though, otherwise no one can read the notecard (something I never really understood about the permissions of notecards). But you can make them no mod and, if you wish so, no trans too. Who ever would have thought eight years ago when I registered for sl that my poetry would be a business to survive best all current plans and changes to come! :smileylol: Difficult to no transfer as copy, then paste to new notecard
  2. Mony Lindman wrote: ok .. here i go : - Linden Lab gimme a kiss - "TBD but not as is" .. would that sell ? Might need some work.
  3. Mony Lindman wrote: .. does anybody actualy make a living from selling notecards in SL ? If yes, please teach me, it looks like the only "business model" we can take with us in the new world .. Write poetry.
  4. DesperadoReprise wrote: Sy, the main problem is not the technical platform for Sanitised Life; it is that creators/vendors are going to be bankrupted prior to any migration because their customers - as they discover that there are no guarantees that anything they purchase from now on will be of any value in a very short time - are going to stop buying. They have already, if several reports are to be believed, and why should they not be. The knock-on effect of this on the existing SL economy will be massive, as will be the consequences for LL's ability to fund the development of Sanitised L
  5. DesperadoReprise wrote: Magnus Brody wrote: Although I know your very reason for continually posting here is to annoy anyone you can, it is not only annoying, but also as innacurate as telling me I am more dimwitted than you only because I am Scottish, to continually bang on about Ebbe communicating in English as a Second Language, particularly when your clear inference is that he struggles. I think Ebbe is telling us as much as he can, particualry when it's considered that the developers are only writing the new software now, so I don't see how he can be absolutely definitive ab
  6. Phil Deakins wrote: Don't argue with him. That's his sole reason for posting. We know that, Phil, but I didn't want everyone reading his continual posts to think Ebbe was being unclear because he wasn't communicating effectively.
  7. DesperadoReprise wrote: If you're going to nitpick, then I should point out a couple of things: 1. He hasn't said anything at all about Sanitised Life V2 in his statement, merely given an almost content-free confirmation that V1 will be allowed to stagnate as it is. 2. He's an ESLer, and his choice of wording has been overtly suspect in almost all the posts he has made here recently, so I would not rely on fine distinctions of interpretation. "watch 'em" Although I know your very reason for continually posting here is to annoy anyone you can, it is not only annoying, but also as innacu
  8. Since my first post, I'm become more positive about the Brave New World, and here's my thinking. Way back when I first rezzed in 2006, SL was much more about community and less about the Lab making a profit. Lindens were around a lot, often popping into live concerts and they were chatty. I even became friends with Blue Linden, who often attended the same concerts as I did during his lunchbreak, and my 9:00pm UK time. So Lindens were once friendly and around a lot. When things changed makes sense when you consider the Lab to be a business, which needs to repay and make profit for its orig
  9. DesperadoReprise wrote: Magnus Brody wrote: I'd rather read what Ebbe has to say than read posts about spelling mistakes, but whilst we are on the subject, your use of the British vernacular "ain't", rather than the more universally acceptable "isn't" suggests that you really should have spelled "center" as "centre". "Pep, is that you?" In English language forums, I'd rather read English that makes sense, without the misplaced arrogance of the writer regarding his capabilities impinging on my perception of his competence. I am afraid that Ebbe's words lack content even before the
  10. DesperadoReprise wrote: Ebbe Linden wrote: I'm not sure what you are suggesting or asking. SL is donig great, it's better than it's ever been. And we want to make something that's even greater, but to make it increadible there are areas where we just have to move forward and do some things in new ways and thus can't guarantee 100% backwards compatability. And it will be years. Now you're just making yourself look foolish, as well as demonstrating a lack of care for your readers here. Is Peter not around to vet your stuff? "ain't it hard when you're all alone in the center ring?" I
  11. Ebbe Linden wrote: So you think SL can continue forever and still be competitive enought to matter in the future? We are going to do our best to make it smooth, but if we have to make a crappy product with crazy complexity and poor user experience to preserve some very specific content compatability we don't want to cause those problems. A lot of what you have will be possible to move across and more specifics will come through over time. Thanks for your reply, Ebbe, which I find re-assuring and logical. Also re-assured by another of your responses which sounded positive about cur
  12. So the SL reboot "will put focus on content creators as the primary customer". I think I heard that about 8 years ago and invested much money, time and emotion getting to a very happy SL. Now I feel like a happy Windows XP user who is being told I've to move to Windows Vista (and didn't that work out well!) but all of my pictures, video and music files will be deleted, but that's ok, I can just buy some more. Well, just like I can't recreate a picture of my infant son, I also can't just recreate the one-off build I live in now. Some of the precious music I have is no longer available, and
  13. It's been an interesting 24 hours. Indeed I did want opinions, not just on my actions, but some discussion on child avatars in general. In regard to some of the more considered opinions on my actions, I listened and agreed, and have since apologised to the avatar concerned for jumping to conclusions. I said to her the reasons I jumped to those conclusions (her very quick leap from hello to want to do something later) but apologised nevertheless. She has agreed there was room for misunderstanding her approach and has accepted my apology, and invitation back to the sim. In regard to the m
  14. True, that is clumsily written, so I can see anyone would consider I meant his as my 4th, when in fact I meant I had only filed 4 in 8 years, and I was considered and not reactionary to file a 5th.
  15. Please quote from any of my posts where I said I AR'd them, or did you just jump to that conclusion?
  16. I must then be the exception that proves the rule. I have perhaps only once or twice visited an adult sim in sl, and then only to hear a live singer. That is not to say I have a problem with adult entertainment, I don't, I just find it generally boring. Perhaps I jut prefer good conversation. Quite a gross assumption on two points, firstly that I am deeply immersed in the adult culture of sl and also that I presume that all child avies are paedophiles. I was concerned about the approach by this one child avi, the content of their profile and their singling out of me. That is all.
  17. Many thanks for all your responses. I posted to see if I was being over-reactionary, and on balance I could have dealt with the situation a little more politely. Firstly, I don't have a problem with children irl, I am a happy godfather to a few and get on very well with several friend's children. I even have one of my own. One reply here hit the nail on the head, if my 13yo friend's daughter asked me to play xbox, I would, but if a stranger in the street had the same conversation with me I certainly wouldn't and certainly not after "Hello, are you from the UK, wanna come play xbox?" This
  18. Thanks for your reply. As a clearly identified 50yo, I still feel creeped out to be asked to hang out with a 13yo, as I would be irl. I politely indicated her profile made me uncomfortable, she persisted. So rather than declining to answer, which I personally find more impolite, I indicated that I was uncomfortable. Her last remark indicates this was ageplay, and not a genuine roleplayer, and it is under this section I decided to contact the lab. I have been in sl for 8 years and this is only my 4th AR, therefore it was considered and not reactionary. If I were reactionary, I'd have file
  19. Very much depends on your rig, but Niran's Black Dragon is unbeatable for me. It doesn't have all the firestorm toys, but it rezzes faster than any viewer (for me) in a bright, clear way. Niran's continual push to clear the screen of viewer, and fill it with sl, whilst still having the buttons you need to push and the info you need available - is unmatched. I used to use Kirsten's, but Niran has got it mostly right for me since. Niran produces the viewer he likes, and shares it with anyone who wants it, so I take the great with the very few not so great. Overall I can't fault it.
  20. Thanks for your reply. Generally I am merely a little uncomfortable with them, in much the same way as rl when in the middle of a dinner party and a child appears from upstairs, obviously any adult conversation changes until the child leaves. It could also be said that my conversation might well also have changed if my Grandmother had appeared. I take your point that sl might well be as weird without children, as rl would be, and also that many adults experience a childhood in sl which they were denied for whatever reason. However, as an obvious 50yo man, I was creeped out to be asked to
  21. I'd be grateful for your opinions. I'm co-owner of a couple of sims which are based on a rl place, not rp. We are a community and get visitors from all over the world. We don't ban rp at all, but we are a very social community and generally discuss rl. Now and then we are visted by child avis or families and, as a rl tourist attraction, we are welcoming and polite. However I have always been ill at ease with adults rping children, but I realise that is part of sl and I suspend judgement. Today, I had quite a freaky experience. An avi, describing itself as a 13 years old girl, and with an
  22. Interesting article here... Could Second Life Go The Way of Cloud Party, by Apollo Manga He bases his article on this thought: "Two newsworthy events happened on January 24: Linden Lab announced that Rod Humble was leaving as CEO Yahoo! announced that it was buying the virtual world Cloud Party and that it was going to shut it down. Is it a coincidence that both happened on the same day, and that less than two weeks later, a former Yahoo! senior vice president is taking over as CEO of Linden Lab? This writer was surprised at how quickly Linden Lab found a new CEO. Could this have been in th
  23. Thanks for all your help. In the end I've gone for a MSI GTX 670 and I think I got it for a good price at £289.98 or $438 approx, as most I've seen have been over £300.
  24. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, so do please redirect me as appropriate.... Currently I have an NVIDIA GTX 295, and it still manages SL well enough. I generally use Niran's Viewer, largely because I really like the way the viewer works and the quality of the graphics which, I think, are unmatched across any other viewer. Generally I run almost everything at Ultra and/or beyond and I'm thinking it is time for a GPU upgrade as I can drop off to 10 or so fps now and then. Please let me know your thoughts on the following, and I've made some comments on each as collected from my inter
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