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  1. Perhaps you could think before posting your unfriendly and tiresome drivel. The clue is in the title, so I am happy to see a discussion about generally anything, including repeated topics or questions. I am less happy with supercilious posts pontificating how the plebeian hordes should behave.
  2. Putting to one side your original question was answered, AR them, many thanks for the update which adds more peanut butter to the peanut butter sandwich. Irrespective of the peanut butter level, or even in fact the very reason for the existence of the peanut butter, or your views on the peanut butter, you were told about the peanut butter. So thanks for the extra helping of the peanut butter. You should still AR them.
  3. There is the weirdest echo in here. I am looking for a friendly penguin family to waddle about in that way they do. I'd rather like fish and sharing of fish catching stories. At other times, I should like to go off and indulge in my other hobby: pretending to be other people, and yet with the same goal, the penguin thing.
  4. Great, child friendly pubs and having to put up with them there, now new SL, is there nowhere one can escape the annoyance of others' children?
  5. Whilst it muttered, "brain the size of a planet and all they ask me to do is stuff corks in, Oh! I'm so depressed. Life, don't talk to me about life!
  6. Ohjiro Watanabe wrote: Next time you might want to try something short and snappy. ... et sans déjà vu.
  7. Omg what was that tough girls name that got banned?She was always calling her parents The Rents? hehehe She was a blast! Darlene maybe? Oo Daria! She's still around (just not as Daria) and doesn't go near the forums. We still hang out and she is just as funny as she ever was.
  8. Well, at least this thread has not been boring, it's already had more tangents than a trig lesson :matte-motes-smile:
  9. I think the title says it. I remember some brilliant, fascinating discussions here once. What do we have lately? - OMG I think voting things are unfair and my mummy agreed - Things are really laggy and I'm too stupid to realise my comp is basically a pile of outdated rubbish - What is the best graphics card because, really I want to boast about the one I am buying - I complained about something on marketplace and the seller has banned me. Long time since, when the general discussion forum was removed I was one of those campaiging it be brought back, with the benefit of hindsight - good
  10. Laughs again. My point was, get some perspective. Really, look outside your own mind and get some. If that was cruel, or some sort of forum gang mentality, check my posts, I post rarely. Sometimes however, I do think it worth pointing out: get some perspective. Sims in SL are owned, so ultimately, and oh so unfairly ther owners can do whatever they want, their rules. Unfortunately, take it or leave it. A bit like life, when mummy is no longer your landlord. A bit like life when you don't have a mummy, a bit like life life when you are persecuted for being who you are: a fair individual.
  11. OMG! Being gay in many countries can get you a prison term, people in some countries are starving to death, children are globally abused, women are globally subjugated and the weather is generally **bleep**. I think I am overreacting, I'm off to look up near earth asteroids.
  12. Yes, the SLRR (Second Life Rail Road). If you look for a sim named "Purple" you'll find that has a station at the end of the line, where the ferry goes over the sea.
  13. Sassy Romano wrote: That looks neat Magnus, i'll that to my tour. Thanks, always a warm Highlands Welcome! :matte-motes-grin:
  14. Yes! Our Highlands of Scotland sims of Inverness and Urquhart. As the introduction of the steam railways in the rl Highlands of Scotland were a very important part of opening up the Highlands to holidaymakers in the 19th century, I made sure we had our very own SL Highlands Railway, and had a lot of fun building it. The journey takes you around both sims and along the banks of Loch Ness. Brody Castle Railway Station
  15. Good of Lisa to offer, I would have too. Tip for the future, if it happens again. Show land borders permanently, then rezz it on the ground, fit it into the dimensions of your parcel, sit on it, then in EDIT type in the height, switch off show land borders - job done.
  16. Hi Drake - get in touch with Hippie Bowman. I believe he does classes. He's a great guy and if he can't help you, he'll definitely point you in the right direction. Another friend of mine, Doug Kaptane, used to do one-to-one tuition, so he's worth contacting too.
  17. Ardvinna wrote: Magnus Brody wrote: If he declines, please marry me! I knew one day I'd find another with quotes of the great Douglas in their profile and a delicious line in sarcasm. Magnus, are you really sure? there are rumours about me, that I always wear a towel with me. ..and talking about a Deep Thought. And Aphrenity even did't decline, he just ignores me...what a loss. Perhaps because I have no wedding dress. I always carrry a towel, and in case of hyperspatial travel: 5 pints of beer and a packet of peanuts.
  18. Ardvinna wrote: Aphrenity wrote: [...] .... This is the part where some of you start saying “well you’re probably nothing to look at either” well if that’s the case I’m smart enough not to show people that I’m nothing to look at so they don’t hurt their eyes. ...[...] Although I've decided, never to enter into a relationship here, I have to admit that your thoughts and words have enchanted so much, not only here, but also your previous posts. You seem not only to be a misogynist, you are also a misanthrope. You're against "live and let live", against women - I never encountered
  19. I suppose it depends why you are in SL, I'm here to be myself with anyone I meet and neither feel too ugly nor too old to withhold my rl pic. Perhaps that's because, at the massively ancient (mature) age of 49, I no longer make the kind of shallow judgements I did when in my late teens and twenties, a time when I also thought anyone over 35 was old. I'm more interested in personalities, intelligence, humour and even a bit of mature discussion: the kind of mature discussion that can be had with someone who has grown up enough to realise that looks aren't everything. Of course, being massivel
  20. Easy, be yourself. That's why you have it Hippie
  21. I used to post a lot in the forums, and made many lovely friends from my active time. However, I really got sick and tired of the amount of trolling, threats, insecure look-at-me, faux SLebrity, Forum Stars in their own mind, and those with a keyboard to hammer their view out on, rather than a monitor to read others, etc, etc. After a couple of years of regularly posting here, then almost three years very rarely posting, do I miss it? No.
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