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  1. My original post is utterly clear, firstly it sets out the actual problem as even reported by the Lab, secondly I mention how it impacts me directly. What other language or words should I have used to mention the issue and its impact personally upon me?
  2. My original post, and only reason to talk here was to find if anyone else was experiencing the same terrible time in sl as I was yesterday. Instead I have been responded to with utterly pedantic dissection of a flippant comment rather than any actual discussion of my point. I mistakenly used the word post rather than comment, and for that mistake someone has even called me a liar, and detailed the times I have commented. Again I misspoke, it is indeed over 10 years since I posted, and indeed for all those who spent an unhealthy amount of time to research, it is not 10 years since my last comment, but shame on you for calling me a liar for the wrong use of a word. Thanks for reminding me why I no longer post here. What a very sad little cartel of point scoring individuals you are. It amuses me that many years ago I stopped making any comment in these forums for the same reason as I do now: a cartel of hateful and narrow minded individuals. To me it is very sad that despite my hugely happy experience of SL over 17+ years, the forums, such as this, are smug, contentious, petty, nit picking and apperently, yet still, a battle rather than a discussion. Around 10 years ago I did take an active part in the forums but like many who regularly did, have stopped and retreated. I am reminded why by your ignoring my actual question, but your unending, and continual concentration on a misuse of one word. I came to your collective intelligence to ask a question, and largely ( but not entirely) your responses have been mockingly immature and point scoring between yourselve and against me. Thankfully I am very welcoming to anyone who visits me in SL, perish the thought they might ever ask anythng here.
  3. Love this, very much my reaction to most of the comments.
  4. AND that is why I generally have not said anything here for 10 years. I forgot myself last night because I was annoyed with SL, I posted and instead of a discussion about that, my points have been picked over to the ultimate of pedancy, rather than discussing my topic. This has been a salient lesson in why I have avoided the forums, you are so right that a few people effectively bully others. Sorry for speaking up, continue now, all with your pathetic and pedantic nit-picking. Whatever happens don't even reply to what is asked, do go on and on and on and on about a mistake in words. Back many years ago, I stopped posting on the forums, because there was a cartel of horrible and calculated individuals. Many years later, the names have changed, but the horrible remains.
  5. Except my original post was not something to be agreed with or not, it was a statement of actual fact, my tone however was annoyed. "All that many" may well have disagreed with me I am looking for that, but it was an actual fact for me, so I disagree as much as you and anyone else may wish to, you cannot diminish my reality, that is illogical, and also, looking through all comments I find far less than many disagree with me, in fact no-one does, not one single poster. From where do you get your "facts" on that comment? I can't even find one post which objects to my tone. So in summary no-one disagrees with me and no-one objects to my tone, not a single person, but you think many do, your imagination is not reality, is it? It is your wish. 5 people commented, every other reply involved me mistakenly saying comment rather than post. My tone was SL failed miserably at the time I posted and I was annoyed, my take is your opinion. Should I have revealed a dislike of pedantry, and concentration on a wrong comment rather than the actual point is confused, I don't even know what you mean by it being the former, the former what? I asked a simple question, very few replied, instead many jumped on my mistake to humiliate me. As to what this reveals about me, your presumption is valueless.
  6. Thanks Arielle, I shan't be back, never have so many pedants picked over irrelevance ever, completely ignoring my actual post and instead tried to disprove when I last said anything. I mistakenly said "comment" rather than "post" and I cannot quite believe how much detail responders have gone into to mock me, rather than actually interacting with what I said in the first place. It has reminded me of why I stopped talking in these forums many years ago. Do read the whole thread, the responses are unbelievably pedantic and none actually respond at all to my original point; well very few. I am so thankful my actual SL experience is not this thread. My actual SL unerringly finds me meeting good folks, not sad little insecure, legends in their own minds, forum point scorers.
  7. I meant my last original post, and misused the word "comment", but really please all you pedants do home in on a detail which is not at all connected to my post. With many thanks, you have reminded me why I stopped posting here: say something about something and everyone ignores it, say it slightly wrongly and everyone homes in on that. On the whole, I very much enjoy SL, even 17 years+ on, some of you in the forums should try it again rather than hanging around acting all superior commenting on it in the forums. I really enjoy my SL experience, although it derailed yesterday and I shared that with you, instead of discussing that, every reply has homed in on utter irrelevance. What an absolute bunch of pedants you are, and a reminder of why I have stopped posting in these forums. Do you all get up in the morning with the intention of being cruel?
  8. Perhaps the most exciting thing about this is, it is my first comment here in well over over 10 years.
  9. "Investigating - Some Second Life Inventory services are currently experiencing issues. During this time, some Second Life services may be slow or non-functional including, but not limited to: inventory management, delivering purchases from the marketplace, and object rezzing. We are investigating, and will update this blog as soon as we can with additional details. Jan 27, 2024 - 13:49 PST" Total FAIL, cloud continually, could not change stream for my event and apparently banned from changing any estate setting in my own estate. Sort it out SL. Not just "issues", for most of us it is inability to do what we do. TOTAL FAIL.
  10. Have a look at this house, I have toured it and it is huge: Castle Howard then have a look at Romin's other builds. I have one of the smaller houses and the attention to detail is great.
  11. Yes, I have used my bank's debit card for my 16 years here.
  12. Hello Deuce, as Bishop of Ville de Coeur and Minister in the Highlands of Scotland, I hold a service every Saturday and Sunday. Saturdays are at l'Eglise de Bourgogne at 11:00am SLT, and Sundays at the Old High Church from 10:00am SLT. You can join: my group, or the congregations of either l' Eglise de Bourgogne or the Old High church, Inverness. It would be great to welcome you.
  13. You would need to have a script in the prim which gives out the contents of the prim when clicked. You probably already have a script that does this; check the boxes of anything you have bought which you can remember clicking on to receive the contents. Once you find one, drag it to your inventory then pop it in your prim, with the LM.
  14. A bit old school this suggestion, but should work. In PowerPoint display your one slide as a slideshow so that it's full screen, then press CTRL and PRINTSCR which will screenshot it, then ESC. Now open Paint and then paste (CTRL+V). Now your slide is a picture, so you can save it as a JPG.
  15. Very, very good point @Rolig Loon and @PheebyKatz my comp is now less than what would run sl at its best, as it once did: old 7th gen i7, 32GB ram, and now a creaking old 1080ti; however I still manage mostly over 20fps everywhere with graphics maxed and a draw distance of 512m. I agree the internet connection quality is key, however the best tip I ever received, which at the time doubled my fps was MAXHEAPSIZE and MAXHEAPSIZE64 in debug settings which effectively controls the max sl when running can use of your ram, its standard is set at 1.6 and I have found setting this at just less than half of your ram unthrottles sl masively. I have 32GB and have set both these settings to 16.00, sl never uses more than 6, but it runs hugely more smoothly.
  16. @Lindal Kidd Will do, but I hope this doesn't ruin it for me! In all the 9 years I've used an ultrawide (a flat lg 29" before my current flat lg 34") never noticed any edge stretch. Although to be fair it's perhaps so slight as to not really ruin things, and/or wearing specs irl, perhaps I'm accustomed to things being a bit weird at the edges 😂 One thing I now think logically it can't be is whether your monitor is flat or curved, I mean how would sl photography know!
  17. This surprised me, as I have a 34" ultrawide and run SL in 21:9 with no stretching at the sides. Mine is a flat panel, is the stretching maybe a curved panel thing? Pic to indicate the two trees on the right seem the same even if one is at the edge of the right hand side.
  18. Yes, I made one for Christmas, which I will run until Twelfth night in January: it is a mixture of sung carols, carols on organ, and other choral works written for Christmas; no chat, just music. It runs 24/7 on approx 7 hours repeat. Happy for anyone to use it. http://vside-radio.com:8088
  19. Thanks for the mention @Scylla Rhiadra. I am still around and tend to get inworld every weekend and hang out mostly in the Highlands of Scotland sims. Although I read some of the GD forum, it's very rare for me to comment; life is quieter that way!
  20. The Coeur di Amalfi with a replica of the Cathedral di Amalfi, part of the Ville de Coeur, and Brody Castle, replica of the rl Brodie Castle, in the Highlands of Scotland in Second Life. The Highlands also contain other replicas of buildings in the rl Highlands: Beaufort House, Aldourie Castle, the Loch Ness Exhibition Centre, the Loch Ness Inn and more.
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