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  1. I hate to say it back up some files you might lose that are important in a flash drive and format your laptop to factory condition. This has happened to me or something similar something must be corrupt or maybe one of your settings on your computer has been changed that's preventing it to load. Another theory uninstall and reinstall your Second Life viewer but most likely something could be corrupt worst case scenario again reformat to factory condition. Sorry if this doesn't help man I'm not a complete computer tech yet but I'm getting that route. BTW Sorry you might experience typos in
  2. This makes complete sense unless they abandoned it but yeah it could be worse they could be scamming people which is what other Second Life users should look into.
  3. I know when it comes to some people some people can't afford stuff on Second Life I know what you're gonna say get a job that's not the point of this could anyone but me see Second Life have a day where everything is free or maybe a free membership day, week, or even month perhaps? I am getting employed soon so I don't really care lol but would anyone think it would be cool if there's a day where everything on the market was free I mean think about it either way it can still get a way to get people to play Second Life wouldn't anyone else agree?
  4. Already solved about to ask a mod to lock this thread since I found the answer I had to format it something damaged the data and it might have been the rouge virus I could be wrong I still wish I would of studied the problem. Though if I have no choice but to reformat I'd have to.
  5. Also I meant stalking seriously dude be a man and ignore my comments or something instead of fapping behind your little computer
  6. Wow stocking me lol what next you're gonna report me for talking are you that desperate for attention troll?
  7. Also I will admit optimizer pro the virus tried installing its self I am monitoring download activity now as well because my younger bro installs stuff he's not supposed to like mods for minecraft and doesn't uncheck stuff. If that's the issue how do I tell WHAT is actually preventing it from loading?
  8. Yeah I am also looking into that as well but why the hell is Skype, Mozilla, etc working fine but not those I was gonna get SA2 as well I can always purchase it on the tablet and get on later but still.
  9. So recently this message has popped up on my Second Life preventing me from logging in my internet is fine nothing wrong with the firewall yet it's telling me I can't log in. Okay our other family computers work fine it even works really fast on our Acer we own but for some reason this message appeared as soon as I FINALLY got my Internet connected when I accidentally uninstalled my LAN Router. Again NOTHING is wrong with the connection I'll try to provide as much details as possible with screen capping. YES Again the internet is online I recently wanted to get on to look for some furry and so
  10. Is there just no difference in owning a premium home or would it just be better to get a home and do a lot more with it and THANK YOU for the positive feedback unlike Mrs Autism over there NO OFFENSE to other autistics.
  11. So I got paid I seem to like Second Life because it has descent avatars I am a furry but what ever the hell I wanna be as long as it's appropriate and I like the sonic avatars on here as well rofl. So the paid thing my paycheck came in I only got $54 because of 3 days and it was a job training thing to develop work and a resume but as long as I'm in the program I still get paid. So far half of my dreams have been coming true lately because I've accomplished most of my goals but I wanna see how far down the rabbit hole I can go. Now here's my question to you users out there what's better a regu
  12. So I have been founding videos of other members being *harassed* not trolled trolling is having a fun time or being an ass troll other known as verbal harassment towards other members in the TOS. Now I know this is a strict violation of Second Life services and I don't think this is actually upheld. They got ALL kinds of players including furries who play Second Life who have earned the right to be a furry by paying for stuff and subscriptions. I can't stand having a TOS that is never upheld there is this user on Youtube recording other people proving he is harassing these people which violate
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