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  1. People that get involved with someone in SL realized that "love"doesn't come without risks. That's not just SL that's any relationship you involve yourself with. You find someone you fall in love with them and you take a risks on being with them. If you can' physically be with or met the person than SL is just one interactive long distance relationship. The point is if you want love you're going to have to take all the risks that come with it and there's no way around that. It's no different than going on a date with someone you just met and learning about them. You have to use your judgement. If your SL partner isn't turthful about themselves than you're in love with a lie. Just like if you're dating someone outside of SL and they lie to you about themselves and present themselves to be other than who they are. You also would end up dating a lie. In SL trusts is the only thing you really have untill that person is willing to give you a larger glimpse of their life. Also I disagree highly with getting involved with someone that already is in a relationship that never goes well in any reality.
  2. Well, it's only been a couple of days and this thread has certainly grown. Unfortunately the reponses are from the usual people that sit on thier lazy behinds all day living on SL forums so I will pretty much just omit their comments. I will just give a quick response to what a "troll" is on these forums. A "troll" on SL forums is usually someone that has an actual life and doesn't view Secondlife as though it's their only life. A "troll" here is someone that questions the behavior of players within SL and brings up topics that require actual logical responses that these "SL MVP's" can't truly fathom because Second Life is their life and anything that threatens to attack that pixilated fantasy bubble they live in must be immediately denouced,rejected,and criticized. Unfortunately, I'm sorry my pixelated friends but this thread was about YOU...not for you. Now on to the point of this thread. If you know you're not attractive stop giving people you pictures especially if they never asked for it. If you know you're not attractive stop posting shots up in your profile like you are assuming everyone wants to see because I assure you they don't. If you're old (like most of you are) than you know better to act like a teen on facebook with those poses that tell the world you're way past your experation date. You're in a video game looking for affection,a relationship, a digital affair, an online romance etc. etc. You see when I see your RL picture and my reaction is to spray soap in my eyes that right there explains to me and others why you can't find a real world romance and why you're resorting to looking for a video game to find love. Harsh but it's the truth. Reason #1 why I'm so harsh towards these "ducklings" is because these are exactly the same type of clingy/needy people that take SL too seriously and try to push you into a real world romance with them (as that's their ultimate goal). You're meager act of kindness or even slightest remark that can be considered "affectionate" they'll jump onto like a fatman on a jelly doughnut. It doesn't matter they're looking for the love they can't get in reality so their in the game looking to seek out the first person that gives them the slightest bit of attention (something they don't get at all). They create a romantic fantasy around the idea, they'll stalk you, they'll chase you around, they'll create drama if anyone or anything gets in the way of their goal. They just won't let go of the idea until you ultimately leave SL ,fake your death, or whatever. They're not here in SL to play a game they're in SL looking for a rl boyfriend/husband. I get it Aphrenity you're too hard on these people yeah yeah so what. The point is keep your pics to yourself if you don't look good. Even people that look good in this game I question but I'm thrice as wary of desperate people with horrible photo's. You know who you are! and an abundance of you are in this thread! I know it hits home for you but the truth is the truth deal with it! I hope your camera breaks.
  3. You know… after my last blockbuster thread I thought it was about time I grace these forums with more of my Second Life observances. This thread to be about “People Who DON’T look good posting RL profile pictures”. Now, I’m quite sure just saying that already has some of you ruffling your feathers and clenching your teeth ready to fire away at your keyboards and probably because that statement applies directly to you. Now we all know secondlife is a game of bs and fantasy. People come from all over (mostly OLD people) to pretend to be something they’re not and in some cases never were or will be again (young, hot, and attractive). It’s fine no one really cares untillllll you go breaking the 4th wall and post up a picture of real you in your profile. Now, I’m just going to say you know sometimes you click around see someone that looks nice. Check out their profile and then go to RL and you see their picture and you cringe. They look like extra’s from the walking dead (the zombies that is). Sometimes they take it up a notch even trying to show cleavage, making a kissy face, using the myspace angle so you don’t see how fat they are even though they clearly have 3 chins (you’re not fooling anyone so STOP!) Now on the contrary to that I’ve had plenty of actually attractive women send me their pictures and it’s all fine and dandy but when you get a squirmer (someone that makes you squirm in your seat when you look at them) than you know what I mean. Now I know confidence is good and all but some of you know better to show anyone your picture and I wish those of you that don’t did. After viewing your crime scene photo I never really see you the same again and neither does anyone else in SL for that matter. A poor friend of mine sent me a picture of her and I thought it was a corpse. I sincerely did. I had to ask her what was this and she said “it’s me”. So I said “oh… ok”. It reminded me of this scene from one of my favorite shows Now, I know some of you are saying to yourself this guy is pretty mean well actually what’s pretty mean is showing people what you look like when you know you’re not cute. There’s a reason why people on TV and Magazines look good and it’s because they are pleasing to the eye. You’re 40yo mug making kissy faces is not. You’re DDD breast when you weigh 1 metric ton is not pleasing to look at either. You have a right to be upset and I have a right to be upset because your real world profile picture should come with a warning and it doesn’t. This is the part where some of you start saying “well you’re probably nothing to look at either” well if that’s the case I’m smart enough not to show people that I’m nothing to look at so they don’t hurt their eyes. I’m sure some of you are also saying “so you think people shouldn’t used their RL picture because they don’t look good” YES I’m saying just that. I don’t want to see you. Now you can be unattractive that’s fine…just don’t pretend to be attractive in your picture. You can smile just don’t pretend you look better than you really do and you know what I mean. Those plenty of fish SL profiles with you dropping demands what you want and how great you are and then your profile pic looks like you should be in a Goonies remake. Just stop it! Just stop it! Just stop! Now I’m sure some desperate guy out there is more than happy to put his arms around you and a lot of you are trying to find that guy since you use SL as a dating service (see my previous thread for more details on this). The truth is you’re old, out of shape, and should know better than to act like a teen on facebook. I don’t want to see Carol the retired librarian with 3 kids out of college making kissy faces with her Iphone. Or Barbara the 300lb high blood pressure and borderline diabetic trying to pretend her fat is cute it’s not it’s unhealthy (and so is viewing your cleavage pics). So there I said it for those of you already thinking it but too afraid to say it. I’ll take that hit.
  4. On to the other notes... I got the respones I expected. Mainly from women and mangina's defending female bullsh*t. Some even trying to derail the thread with their bs in attempts to go off topic. Yet the same women kept comming back just to post comment after comment. You see this in itself is the perfect example. These women knew they disliked the truth in my post yet they kept comming back to it. This is how women are and they use those same decisions making skills in their relationships. Women crave drama and if they can't have it they'll create it themselves. This is why Mr.Nice guy, Mr. Do Right, and Mr. Good guy right up there with Mr.Perfect are never on a woman's romance list. Mr.pieceofsh*t and Mr.Treatyouwrong is though. The only thing missing from this post is the real life age of these so called women comming to defend thier bs. An older woman whose close to 30 or over has already learned her lessons the hardway and has entered her "second life" in reality where she's now the "good woman" looking for a "good man" a younger woman would still just be in denial. If you're a female and you're denying anything I've said in this thread you're full of sh*t. I just want to lay that down for you because society tells a different story. Secondlife is no different. People come into this world bringing their same screwed up RL personalities only that in this game it's amplified because there are less social rules and judgements to hold people back. You have all these women looking for love in a game where they're married or dating outside of it yet want to bring their hearts into this game like they don't already have a spouse of s/o. You also have single women that strike out in the real world but come online to a place like SL to capture some single man that's not looking for the love you're trying to force on him because he knows you're not worth it and there's a reason why men reject you in the real world. SL is a place for people to hide their flaws and bullsh*t you into thinking their someone else. Then all of a sudden one day here comes crazy and there they are crazy as sh*t trying to lock you down into a relationship. Any woman that logs into this game expecting another person to remain glued to them indefenitely is nuts. You're not even glued to your RL spouse of boyfriend thus why you're online trying to have what is basically an online affair with another person (I'm sorry that's when SL is just a game so it's innocent). So here you are already cheating on reality expected to lock down a man in a game when you're not even locking down your realworld relationship. I laugh my ass off at you women in this game. and I'm going to go off topic just a little bit here but it needs to be said. You women wonder why your rl man doesn't love you the way you think he should. You're in the game looking for love because you're not getting that satisfaction outside of it... you know I wonder why. You sit your ass down on a computer all day, you let yourself go, you don't keep yourself looking good, you slack on upkeep, and you expect this same man to look at you and have the same passion for you? Give me a break. He's probably glad you're on the computer with "JoJo2609#1a Resident" living in your fantasy world so he doesn't have to be bothered with you. Maybe if you got your ass up off the computer. Started excerising, putting on your make up right, wearing some clothes that actually make a man want to look at you you're husband/bf/or John from apartment 6-A might actually take notice of you and give you the loving you ain't been getting and you wouldn't need "JoJo2609#1a Resident" to fulfill in your virtual world. You know.. just a thought. You know here's a another good thought for you. A man talks about women and calls them out on their behavior and the village tries to tar and feather him. A woman talks about men and their behavior and the village cries on her shoulder and gives her a feel better award. Case in point no one judges a woman for her actions but a man is to take all the blame as he's solely the problem. It's wrong for me to point out the many screwed up things women do albiet in this game called SL but if a woman were to make the same post about men she'd have a pitty party with plenty of other women patting her on the back sharing stories and mangina's galore giving her the white knight support out the castle. It's really is quite funny. You can hate me or bash me for telling the truth I don't give care. The truth is the damn truth and I see it every time I long into this game or walk around in world outside of it. You people don't see it because you're either antisocial or in denial yourselves.
  5. You really have a lot to learn about women and life in general if you actually believe what you wrote. Women aren't interested in the guy that treats them right. They're interested in the guy that treats them wrong so that they can try to change him. What am I using to justify this? Something called REALITY. I could pick up a stone and throw it and probably hit 20 women that are inlove with a man that could care less about them.
  6. You know I was waiting for you to come. I was waiting for that one person who's saying I've been with my partner since launch day in SL. What you're leaving out is how many times you've broken up or almost broken up, how many arguments you've had, how many alts he probably has, how he dissapears from you for weeks or months then comes back and everything else inbetween or the fact that you really don't know what he does in SL when he's not with you. A man is only as faithful as his options. If this is a monogamous relationship and he has never been with,looked at, touched, used a pose ball, or even clicked on another woman other than yourself in this game in all those 5 years (which we all know that you don't know if he has or has not and more than likely he probably has) you should be in the Guiness book of world records if not than you're disqualified. If he's some desperate guy in reality that can't get a woman unless she's virtual and your some desperate woman in reality that can't get a man unless he's virtual than the two of you are probably more than likely going to be in SL together for a long time. What you present to me is mythical Unicorn in SL and just like if someone were to tell me they've seen a Unicorn in rl I'm going to say bullshhh. Even married couples in real life don't even like to be together in this game. I'm sorry I just have to throw the flag when someone pops up talking about how they've been together for years and how it's some magical flawless perfect relationship. That's damn near impossible in real life and I assure you it's impossible in a game. I've known people that bragged about their great "long" relationships and they also bragged about how happy they were after the divorce too. I assure you this... if you asked your partner to tell you the truth if you're the only person he's been with in the past 5 years I'm quite sure you'd be affraid to hear the answer.
  7. I've seen his whiny mangina post darling. Tell me would you sleep with Tex? No you'd put him the friendzone. So save me your bs.
  8. "Very Mature"? You shoots some bullets and now you want to play victim when someone fires back? Huh? Tell me Tex do you see me in any of your threads? Huh do you buddy? Hell no you don't. So don't get butt hurt when you come into mine trying to throw stones because you're going to get hit with a boulder in return. A boulder that's made out of the truth about yourself. What I said about you are also facts about your behavior on the forum. Maybe you need to go work on that white knight. Also, give me a break with that crap, and once again here goes the "troll card" anytime someone points out something they don't like or want to hear. Honestly I wish and I truly wish I could share the screen shots of these conversation women in this game have or the random broken heart profiles people post up just to shut you people up. Matter of fact, I wish I could just link some of the posts some of you commenters in this thread made yourselves crying and whinning about your broken hearts. Unfortunately I don't need to stoop to things like that. I didn't come here for a fire fight. I came here to lay the truth out about the behavior of women in this game.
  9. 1. is a general post as an open statement not specifically addressing any one in particular. 2. Is a statement made of an observation 3. Stop wasting my time with your nit picking BS stay on the topic if you're going to comment in my thread. You too are also another Mangina comming to the defense of women making excuses for their BS. Women use this game to get attention and use it as an emotional playground to fulfill the desires they can't receive in the realworld. I get for the average second lifer they're 40 and up and way over the hill looking to RP that they're still in their 20's actually acctractive and desirable. Unfortunately they forget to leave out 20+ years of being a complete nut job and emotionally unstable out the picture.
  10. What the hell are you even talking about? Do you just make pointless comment after comment on this forum or do you even play this game? This is how people act and what they do in the game. I'm quite tired of you delusionalist on this forum that try to make anyone actually talking about subjects that go on in the game like they're fabricating it out of thin air. "Oh no this couldn't be true!" When it's probably YOU that I"m talking about. Serously! Anyone and I do mean anyone can find out the things I'm talking about here just by just spending a single day in this game and talking to people. So stop the BS! You folks are just as bad as those people that go around saying "sex" in SL is just a small part of it when you can't even log into the market place, walk around in a sim, or even hit a log on screen without some kind of sexual inuendo. SL is full of sexually deprived people that come to live their perversions out in the world. I bet you'll deny that too. lmao at you folks.
  11. Wow Celestial you seem overly upset. Sorry this thread hit home for you. Just think your partner was so tired of dealing with you he had to create an elaborate scheme just to get away from you (and I don't blame him). YOU are indeed one of the types of women that I talked about. You have every right to feel butt hurt over my post. Maybe instead of trying to go ballistic over me for telling the truth you need to take a good look at yourself darling. Or maybe that was someone else I can't remember all you blabbing women start to blend together after a while. Maybe your the woman with a partner that thinks it's as deep as a real life relationship and is never going to end with you in tears. Trust me I will take that bet against your ficticious game relationship. 2years? 3years? of wasted time before it ends? Tell me what number partner are you on? 3? 5? 8? how many men have you sent running for the hills? How many alts does your partner have to escape dealing with you btw? I"m guessing atleast 1.
  12. You know... The funniest part about all this is that here I am making a general post not aimed at anyone other than those who it applies too and here I get all these hateful post towards me trying bash me and this and that like I personally offended some of you. Do you know why that is? Because I'm telling the truth and there's nothing that people hate more than the truth. They read my innoccent little thread and they see themselves in it. The go immediately into defense mode like "Look! We gotta stop this guy! This is too much! He can't be doing this!" You know what the truth hurts and this is the truth so deal with it! If you see yourself in my post than maybe you have more issues than you think.
  13. I'm just asking. You apparantly are some sort of celebrity that I should be honoring for even commenting to the thread. I'm just appologizing for not knowing who you are to care enough if you comment or not.
  14. Yeah I'm a troll for realizing that people have some serious issues in this game and pointing it out. Typical female logic. If I disagree with the truth I must be getting trolled. Maybe you should log in to SL sometime and stop pretending.
  15. Well Monti you're about the coolest person here. I will say that women look for bad boys to turn them into good guys and it fails horribly in the game. What they do have in reality is a probably the decent husband or decent boyfriend at home who probably works his butt off 9-5 provided for some woman that would rather spend her time and engergy in a ficticious online relationship with some guy she has an emotional attatchment too than the man that's with her in reality. The real question is why is she looking for a relationship in a game when she already has one in real life? I don't go looking for restaurantes to eat at when I'm full. Perhaps these women aren't in these amazing relationships they pretend to be so they turn to a game to get what they're not getting outside of it except they bring their drama with them. Just some food for thought.
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