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  1. People that get involved with someone in SL realized that "love"doesn't come without risks. That's not just SL that's any relationship you involve yourself with. You find someone you fall in love with them and you take a risks on being with them. If you can' physically be with or met the person than SL is just one interactive long distance relationship. The point is if you want love you're going to have to take all the risks that come with it and there's no way around that. It's no different than going on a date with someone you just met and learning about them. You have to use your judgement.
  2. Well, it's only been a couple of days and this thread has certainly grown. Unfortunately the reponses are from the usual people that sit on thier lazy behinds all day living on SL forums so I will pretty much just omit their comments. I will just give a quick response to what a "troll" is on these forums. A "troll" on SL forums is usually someone that has an actual life and doesn't view Secondlife as though it's their only life. A "troll" here is someone that questions the behavior of players within SL and brings up topics that require actual logical responses that these "SL MVP's" can't trul
  3. You know… after my last blockbuster thread I thought it was about time I grace these forums with more of my Second Life observances. This thread to be about “People Who DON’T look good posting RL profile pictures”. Now, I’m quite sure just saying that already has some of you ruffling your feathers and clenching your teeth ready to fire away at your keyboards and probably because that statement applies directly to you. Now we all know secondlife is a game of bs and fantasy. People come from all over (mostly OLD people) to pretend to be something they’re not and in some cases never were or wil
  4. On to the other notes... I got the respones I expected. Mainly from women and mangina's defending female bullsh*t. Some even trying to derail the thread with their bs in attempts to go off topic. Yet the same women kept comming back just to post comment after comment. You see this in itself is the perfect example. These women knew they disliked the truth in my post yet they kept comming back to it. This is how women are and they use those same decisions making skills in their relationships. Women crave drama and if they can't have it they'll create it themselves. This is why Mr.Nice guy, M
  5. You really have a lot to learn about women and life in general if you actually believe what you wrote. Women aren't interested in the guy that treats them right. They're interested in the guy that treats them wrong so that they can try to change him. What am I using to justify this? Something called REALITY. I could pick up a stone and throw it and probably hit 20 women that are inlove with a man that could care less about them.
  6. You know I was waiting for you to come. I was waiting for that one person who's saying I've been with my partner since launch day in SL. What you're leaving out is how many times you've broken up or almost broken up, how many arguments you've had, how many alts he probably has, how he dissapears from you for weeks or months then comes back and everything else inbetween or the fact that you really don't know what he does in SL when he's not with you. A man is only as faithful as his options. If this is a monogamous relationship and he has never been with,looked at, touched, used a pose ball, or
  7. I've seen his whiny mangina post darling. Tell me would you sleep with Tex? No you'd put him the friendzone. So save me your bs.
  8. "Very Mature"? You shoots some bullets and now you want to play victim when someone fires back? Huh? Tell me Tex do you see me in any of your threads? Huh do you buddy? Hell no you don't. So don't get butt hurt when you come into mine trying to throw stones because you're going to get hit with a boulder in return. A boulder that's made out of the truth about yourself. What I said about you are also facts about your behavior on the forum. Maybe you need to go work on that white knight. Also, give me a break with that crap, and once again here goes the "troll card" anytime someone points out s
  9. 1. is a general post as an open statement not specifically addressing any one in particular. 2. Is a statement made of an observation 3. Stop wasting my time with your nit picking BS stay on the topic if you're going to comment in my thread. You too are also another Mangina comming to the defense of women making excuses for their BS. Women use this game to get attention and use it as an emotional playground to fulfill the desires they can't receive in the realworld. I get for the average second lifer they're 40 and up and way over the hill looking to RP that they're still in their 20
  10. What the hell are you even talking about? Do you just make pointless comment after comment on this forum or do you even play this game? This is how people act and what they do in the game. I'm quite tired of you delusionalist on this forum that try to make anyone actually talking about subjects that go on in the game like they're fabricating it out of thin air. "Oh no this couldn't be true!" When it's probably YOU that I"m talking about. Serously! Anyone and I do mean anyone can find out the things I'm talking about here just by just spending a single day in this game and talking to people.
  11. Wow Celestial you seem overly upset. Sorry this thread hit home for you. Just think your partner was so tired of dealing with you he had to create an elaborate scheme just to get away from you (and I don't blame him). YOU are indeed one of the types of women that I talked about. You have every right to feel butt hurt over my post. Maybe instead of trying to go ballistic over me for telling the truth you need to take a good look at yourself darling. Or maybe that was someone else I can't remember all you blabbing women start to blend together after a while. Maybe your the woman with a partner
  12. You know... The funniest part about all this is that here I am making a general post not aimed at anyone other than those who it applies too and here I get all these hateful post towards me trying bash me and this and that like I personally offended some of you. Do you know why that is? Because I'm telling the truth and there's nothing that people hate more than the truth. They read my innoccent little thread and they see themselves in it. The go immediately into defense mode like "Look! We gotta stop this guy! This is too much! He can't be doing this!" You know what the truth hurts and t
  13. I'm just asking. You apparantly are some sort of celebrity that I should be honoring for even commenting to the thread. I'm just appologizing for not knowing who you are to care enough if you comment or not.
  14. Yeah I'm a troll for realizing that people have some serious issues in this game and pointing it out. Typical female logic. If I disagree with the truth I must be getting trolled. Maybe you should log in to SL sometime and stop pretending.
  15. Well Monti you're about the coolest person here. I will say that women look for bad boys to turn them into good guys and it fails horribly in the game. What they do have in reality is a probably the decent husband or decent boyfriend at home who probably works his butt off 9-5 provided for some woman that would rather spend her time and engergy in a ficticious online relationship with some guy she has an emotional attatchment too than the man that's with her in reality. The real question is why is she looking for a relationship in a game when she already has one in real life? I don't go lookin
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