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  1. I got in the mood and went to visit the Florist Elena's house ... just in peace ...! garden always beautiful @Elena Core
  2. This morning, taking advantage of the fact that the map was working again, I had a beautiful trip on the Grand Canal. I left the Running Bear port in the Chalets area and went to SSPE1110 in the Palafitas area. I used to travel to "Lami's and Ivy's Houseboat" is a boat house that you can get for free at the market, which is wonderful and has a retro style. in addition to being super functional full of details, poses, etc. I stopped at Nautical Nonsense to appreciate the beauty of the place. another attraction on the way is the surfing beach night fell and that wonderful light was part of the trip. I entered a canal in the area of the stilts, but a bridge did not let me follow, and I had to return. here I am leaving the channel I thought of crossing. on the way out without seeing very well I was hit by a Transatlantic ship ... but the boat house resisted severely and I was able to continue and headed towards the concrete bridge. one of the best views in Bellisseria. here the great "Enseada das Pedras" formed by the canal before the concrete bridge. At that point it began to dawn, and in that light Bellisseria shows another face. finally I arrived at SSPE1110 in the Zona das Palafitas, where I intend to go back and discover new paths between the channels of Bellisseria. The trip map !!!
  3. I also received one today ... so as not to leave the topic I put the photo of the passport on the wall of my official home ... lol
  4. I watched Abnor's slides and the work BELLISSERIA is monumental is an incredible accomplishment !!!
  5. No more prims and I got this face because I didn't finish the bedroom ... but whoever wants to visit the Chalet stays here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fiddlesticks/84/137/23 the door is open between and feel free.
  6. Details of the Chalet's Garden, I modified the surrounding land using terraform prim, and made a balcony at the top to enjoy the landscape around the Mill, and create an environment for the pool. I also used the gate to isolate a little from the street and tried to make the space more cozy with the vineyards.
  7. At Galeria 56 creating a forest scene for an SL / RL performance
  8. In Trafalgar observing the new features of the sparkle in the sea water.
  9. today for 25 $ L. I think it looks good in the Chalet. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/No Comment/32/100/22
  10. in Fiddlesticks there is a mill, and it is very interesting to see that the people who have managed houses in the vicinity treat the garden of their houses in a very beautiful way to accompany the landscape. My Chalet is next door and I made a balcony to enjoy the view of the Square,
  11. I took a Chalet, to see what I can do with it, for now it is like this, and I am having fun trying to solve the difficulties of a completely foreign topic for me.
  12. I really like all the decoration you made, these modern houses from Trompe are very beautiful, and you gave them an overvaluation. I loved.
  13. Your "paradise" gardens are always beautiful, this place will surely become more and more charming.
  14. Visit the new Artistic FACILITIES at Galeria 56 - here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Peraut/42/199/68
  15. If you want to celebrate Easter, take this gift in 3 versions, only for the Aesthetic body. here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Peraut/22/244/69
  16. @iBrat The lighthouse is here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE1106/82/94/35
  17. The new wave of Bellisseria
  18. unfortunately No, that package was already put back was from another alt that has already returned to basics. Economy time !!!
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