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  1. Some people like to help newbs, some people like to watch newbs get boxes and stuff stuck all over their avis. Personally I don't hang out at them because I heard there are people there. Skerry.
  2. You don't have to accept the inventory offer, so it's not at all like a stranger shoving something in your beach bag.
  3. Oh sorry, didn't think you'd actually have another smart remark for that so I never did come back and check. You are being too critical of someone who obviously did not understand the situation, so yea, I did mean you. Likewise, if you are going to be just outright mean to people who need help, don't expect to be taken seriously either
  4. It must be nice to be the one perfect person who has never made a mistake or needed help/advice on something.
  5. There are better ways of advertising. Find venues where your target market goes and buy ad boards, join business groups related to your business, get an ad in a magazine, blog, etc. People at info hubs may or may not be interested in the business you are promoting and most of them will feel spammed if you send unsolicited LM.
  6. I use Caspervend and I love it. The pack I bought seems to have every kind of vendor you could want, but I use the panel display and the holovend to rez demo's. You should grab their demo box and see if ione of the vendors suits you. Setup was pretty easy, even for me lol.
  7. <<So why have a policy ~or laws for that matter~ which are unenforcable? What's the point .. >> Same in RL. Child rape is illegal, but it still happens. The only way we know about it is if someone gets caught. Guess we should just make child rape legal then, huh? <<I think that the OP is perfectly justified in pointing out the futility & hypocracy of LL policy when it comes to sexual age play.>> I don't think futility had anything to do with her post. She's mad because she isn't allowed to depict child pornography on her screen through the use of Second Life.
  8. <<It is also absurd that, as a verfified adult, I can be thrown out of an adult establishment for not meeting the owner's (not LL's) arbitrary height restriction>> Club owners have the right to throw you off of their land for any reason. They pay for the land, they make the rules. Deal with it.
  9. <<They've made a moral decision for you, whether you like it or not>> No sweetie. They have made a legal decision that reflects the laws in the US and protects them AND you, whether you like it or not. Do you know that you can go to jail for performing an act of child sex age play? It's called child pornography and it happens to be illegal.
  10. Wait...those things are worse than child rape? FYI- child sex age play depicts children in sex acts. Children are incapable of consent. Therefore, age play depicts scenes of child rape. IMO, the worst crime that can be comitted. That and, child pron is illegal in the US, where LL operates from. Depictions of other sex acts are not illegal.
  11. I gave my personal stance plenty, there is no sense in arguing it further. If you still have questions about my stance, please refer to my earlier posts.
  12. Yea, Pro-pedo. Really you should be a little more careful than to throw around those kind of insinuations. Bottom line is, you cannot prove any person is a sex offender, even if they say they are. It's not up to you, or the OP or anyone to decide what is the truth and what is not when it comes to people's personal information. Just like you can go around saying I'm pro-pedo, anyone can go around saying some IS a pedo. That is wrong, no matter how you try to defend it.
  13. <<The lists of convicted sex offenders tell what their crime was, tho>> Except that people don't always check. People who did not commit a violent or forceful rape have been harassed and had trouble finding work as a result of being on the registry. I don't know if SL people are any more prone to due diligence than people in RL. <<I do feel that it's reasonable to stay informed about who these people are and to keep an eye on them>> In RL, I would agree. There are children in RL. There are no actual children in SL to be preyed upon. <<I'm talking about a list of convicted sex offenders kept by the local police>> I think the lines are blurring as to what I was talking about. I'm talking about SL, and how it shouldn't be treated the same as RL. The OP wants there to be a list for SL users who "may be a threat of abuse", and later something about convicted sex offenders. All that can, and should, be done in SL is to report child sex RP if it happens or solicitation. If, like someone suggested, being a sex offender is against TOS (I'd like to see that entry), then I suppose reporting people who are supposedly sex offenders? Personally though, I think it is a greifer messing with them. Actual pedophiles hide their nature so they can fool victims and those around them.
  14. The issue is, from interacting in SL you A. cannot know whether or not someone is/was a pedo. B. Likewise, you cannot tell if they are reformed, if they ever were a pedo. Like I said though, which you might have misunderstood- YES!! Those who actually are child rapists deserve the harshest punishment available, but it is not up to individual people to continue to mete out justice when they believe the sentence is too light. Should you watch your children if a known pedophile lives in your neighborhood? Absolutely. Should you post signs and harass that person? Absolutely not. Same goes for SL, double even since the children are not actually children at all.
  15. <<(I know of one guy (rl) who had his life ruined because someone for whatever reason reported his name to "pedo hunters", had to change his name, get cosmetic surgery, and now lives in another country, that's what vigilante lists do).>> Scary! I'm so happy to be a girl. I know females can be offenders also but it sometimes seems like friendly single men just have a big target on their backs. Most importantly, in another post I pointed out that sex offender, and even "abuse of a minor" doesn't mean he is, or was definitely some raving violent child rapist. It could very well mean that in 1986 or whatever, he was a 16 year old having sex with his 16 year old girlfriend. NOT what I would call a dangerous person. I would like to add though, I do believe that those who are found guilty of actual child rape or abuse deserve the harshest punishment available. However, once they have served their sentence, whether I agree with the term or not, they should be left to live a normal life. I agree with that.
  16. 8.2 You will not post or transmit prohibited Content, including any Content that is illegal, harassing or violates any person's rights. and publicly posting someone's username in order to defame them and make others shun them would definitely fall under this clause. That's how I see this. Posting the name of someone whom you believe to be a sex offender or whatever, is harassment and defamation.
  17. My only thoughts on restriction of child avatars is this- Please do not RP in non-RP areas in a way that interferes or annoys those not involved in RP, and that goes for all kinds of RP. Second, Please do not appear as a child in an obvious adult environment, like a sex bed store or BDSM club. Ew. And you will get banned from those places in short order so why bother. As for naming supposed sex offenders on a blog- This would be pretty tricky. First of all, how would you know they are actually a sex offender and not just screwing with people? Hard to imagine someone posing as such, but it would be a way of greifing child avis. Second, what kind of sex offender are they? People see the words "sex offender" and lock their wives and children up and get out their guns- But there are literally thousands of so-called sex offenders on the registry for offenses such as being 16 and having sex with their 16 year old girlfriend/boyfriend, drunkenly peeing in an alley behind a bar and even for getting undressed in their OWN HOME with curtians open. Yea. You need to be really careful about who you call out in public and why. General you, not "you, you"!
  18. I see they have changed it- I'm really bad at reading ahead! I get it's a brand name and that can cause concern. But really, what would you name a category that Meeroos fall under, other than "Other"? I think that's why LL made the category to begin with.
  19. No, I need to re-word that- I am not suggesting that LL restrict child RP to general land, I don't get into all that, I don't know how it would impact players. My suggestion is that child avis who are concerned about "predatory adult" avis should restrict their own gameplay to safe places. As for the sex bed, obviously it can be just like an RL family situation, but really, where ARE the parents??? (joke!) In her OP, she suggested that there should be some sort of list keeper IW to keep track of avis whom she considers to be of concern. That would not do a bit of good for many reasons. How would it be distributed? By whom? Who would verify a given avis risk of being naughty? There are too many issues with defamation and harassment to make this at all viable on top of the other issues. <<There might - might - be some value in a blog that listed things that had happened to some of the child avatars, only in warning other child avatars who to avoid>> This, totally. Also on blogs there is no reach of TOS. I still don't agree with naming names unless those avis had actually solicited or performed sex as/with a child avi. The OP mentioned avis whom she felt posed a risk of that behavior. No one can predict who will do an offense and it would be totally wrong to list those avis anywhere, ever. No one has any way of proving someone is or could be a predator. I take people's security concerns very seriously, on all sides. It is unfortunate that the solution for those who *feel* victimized is most often Log Out. But without trampling on everyone else's right to use the software within TOS, there isn't much to do. If someone solicits a child avi or child avis are caught having sex- Screenshot, chat log, AR. I have no doubt at all that LL will put an end to that behavior in very short time
  20. I totally get that there are people who have emotional issues and even learning/intellectual disabilities. It is not LL's job to babysit people with special needs though. Seriously, it is sad that people feel like they can't walk away, but the only thing to do is to tell them exactly that. Keeping lists of "naughty avis" and expecting everyone in SL to walk on eggshells over someone's emotional needs is just not going to work either. Besides logging out- I gave some good advice. Limit RP to private areas. Check out RP friends carefully. Those things will protect them from harassment.
  21. <<both children, having a little play on the sex bed>> Why on earth is there a sex bed where child RP is taking place???
  22. <<I was approached by a female child av who wanted a "daddy" to punish and teach her how to be a "woman". she sent me numerous IMs and I ARed her, in less than 3 days her av was gone. She sent me a message on FB (because the link is in my profile) bitching me out for reporting her. Not that LL told her, but she was assuming. Correctly i might add.>> So sick! This is why I believe that her complaints are not of that nature. She says there isn't enough evidence for AR- well then I can only assume that no one actually made attempts at age-play sex.
  23. <<can I just add that in the last week one of the kids in a family I am with had rl paedophile convictions>> Why are you sharing personal information with people in SL? How do you know this person is a pedo? <<and that when I tried to make a report on another with evidence **bleep** all was done for like ages>> I don't think you can AR people for something they supposedly did in RL. I have no snuggly feelings for pedophiles, but to be honest, you have no proof that any person is a pedo. You cannot accuse people of being pedo in SL just because they approach a child avi. While that is nasty, in all reality that child avi is NOT a child at all. Really, I see this as a demand for LL and everyone to play along with your RP by acting like child avi's are actually helpless children who cannot take care of themselves. If you are having problems with "pedo" avis harassing your "child" avis, then try keeping your RP to a private area. Be more careful about who you allow into your RP. Heck, keep your list of naughty avis if you want. It won't do much of anything though.
  24. <<Let me be the first to volunteer to have my name put on that list. Because, honestly... anyone stupid enough to give any credence to some arbitrary list of supposed evil-doers, to which anyone can be added for any reason, needs to stay as far away from me as possible>> I second this!
  25. <<it can feel too real and not a game that you can tp out of>> Except that it IS a game you can TP out of. Sorry, but people are respoinsible for their own selves. If they are not mature enough to log the heck out of the game or tp to a different spot, then they don't need to be playing. If the harassment, or whatever you are referring to was at a level that warranted any action other than Mute and TP, it would be AR worthy. Don't expect people to make special rules for those who cannot separate reality from a game.
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