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  1. covers little ears at the ideas in this family rp, being 6 in sl
  2. hi there my name is Bethy/ Princess Gata and am 6 in sl (36 rl), living in England, Europe. Am hoping to find a family to rp with in a realistic style format involving rules/bedtimes/dinner/ parents working as a team and a lot of fun. If You are interested in joining with me I am available between 10am-2pm SLT most days, though till 3-4pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday Get in touch if you wanna know more and take care of this girl Bethy
  3. i don't say the first person to share is the one to be trusted, I do say that we need a system where these things can be policed and people in sl can feel protected.
  4. I guess this means the honest ones lose out , even if I gave someone in charge the information to log in as me and see the exchange In my time as an SL kid I seen an awful lot cause whether you want it or not there are people who abuse and when you report, often very little happens. Thanks LindenLabs, but I for one would rather we were policed better.
  5. I would argue that people could be trusted at first, however just like in rl police cases it should be noted that making a false case is against the law and will see the person who made it banned. Of course the other party can access their im and show their own account of it.
  6. Am quite aware that TOS frowns quite seriously on people copying instant messages. However it can be the case that the person messaging you is bullying, blackmailing, abusing and spreading hate. Can the same rules of not copying apply? I challenge that in certain circumstances people need the right to copy im discussins into notecards and also share them if something is of a serious concern. I wonder whether that is still against TOS.
  7. hi rose, am princess and am a little one of 2 on SL. Finding a family can be real hard however there are several super cool adoption agences in SecondLife. I will im you with their names and provide landmarks. That should help. Careful you don't fall in love too fast though, and find someone that matches you and your times on SL. princess
  8. I made the report when it happened about an hour ago, still quite sickened now. I also later made a screenshot of the conversation. All I know is this sort of behaviour has to stop.
  9. Writing in big person- the reason I ask is my Momma and I were at an SL playground today when a man landed on top of me and told me to kiss him, calling me a **bleep**. When I called to Mom he said he'd crush my throat and said he'd **bleep** her too. Now to me whether in world or not it classes as abuse and I made a tos when it happened but he was still in world later. I know because I im'ed to tell him how bad we were hurt by what he did. Now, usually when a report like this is made action happens fast, but this scum of the earth has got away with blue, white and pink murder! I really wish there could be in world officers we could go to over these things but apparently not. I don't condone justice league but no one should be abused without consent. If I blocked him at the time the guy would have still tagged on to me. It only ended when I realised I had to teleport out of there. Hopefully someone can explain why the hell these people get away with it?
  10. good evening from Britain everybody, I am aware it is wedding season and am happy to assist weddings as a flower girl for a fair fee of 500 ldns, this is negotiable. I am on between 10am-2pm slt (later at weekends till 4pm slt) and rp an incredibly adorable 6 years old. Whether you are a wedding planner/manager, part of a couple wanting to get married am happy to be friended in world. Add me as a friend for more information.
  11. Hello I want to know how to report someone attacking my sl family and me through facebook. I looked there and you couldnt report unless they were being sexual. What can we do here? This abuser is causing grief. Please advise PB Angelbear Nirvana
  12. I click log in button and nothing happens, and also the beta viewer , when I use that I can't see my mesh avatar. Please, pretty please, someone be a life saver and help!
  13. great, glad am not one of your kids then Mnsr Test. These rules are generaully guidelines meant for security and protection of all family members. Perhaps the lindens rule shouldn't be there. But I know I ain't someone whose gonna beg parents for lindens, way to get booted out imo!
  14. I agree with that but am not sure about parent characters relying on child ones, it's where boundaries can be perhaps confusing AB xxx
  15. My SL Momma joked the other day that we would still live with her if it was just in a cardboard box, my reply was "Forget it, I'm calling Child Protection now". Funny as that is it highlights why some kids don't really find SL Families that easily. See there are some problems that quite a number of SL kids might go through. So firstly, they expect parents to give them money and lots of gifts despite having a grown up, I hope!, behind the keyboard who could easily put in a few lindens a week. Your not real kids remember, there is an adult behind you. If you don't want to put money in you can't afford the new dance hud without getting yourself an SL job. Secondly, here's another clincher for me, there are kids who latch on to parents when they need, but when they don't they go to their own house- despite only being 13 or even 4. That doesn't sound like a very good RP scenario. Actually it sounds really bad! Thirdly, some kids want to brat and misbehave without having parents who discipline and chase them up on this. If you saw this in RL it wouldn't be long till Social Services came to call I reckon. Then fourthly, there are kids who just don't want to commit to a family. They keep running because it isn their psychological make up. And now for parents, there are those who want to have kids but don't have the time to care for and support them. Those kids can be quite lonely and depressed at times unless they have a good support network of friends around them. Then there is the parents who insist a kid helps to pay for the land. This can work I guess, after all the kid is living on it too. To me though this sounds highly dysfunctional. There are also the parents who are really big kids themselves, not playing as the responsible adult. That's really annoying, starting an sl family is not a decision you just take lightly. You can't just wake up and think "hey I want kids" without weighing up whether it is a probability. I reckon following those very few guidelines will lead you to a more successful and constructive happily ever after. Angelbear xxxx
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