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  1. I am rather sentimental so don't delete things others might and after 6 years I am hovering around 65k. I am super organized and things are in sets by year and season I bought them or opened them. Then I have sub catagories for things by type or brand. I have quick wear folders where I keep my current fave things and huds. I have unopened hunts in folders by year and type, that goes for shopping events with large sets of gifts as well. Then there is the messy part, all the awesome things I opened right away just sitting un sorted underneath all my folders and my out of hand object folder. I have not been on as much for the last 2 months and it has just built up. I blame Fifty Linden Friday!. Can you tell organizing my inventory is one of those things I really enjoy in SL. ps I bet 10k or more of that is nests and such from several brands of breedables I did as well, almost forgot about those things.
  2. I use the seraphimsl.com website to keep up with all the latest sales from the better creators, even if it is just to look and like the suggestion for Uber those sales are crammed full of good looking avatars. Also some of the creators have groups and do dances and stuff. If you are into dark styles check out Twisted, it is a hunt but the group is very lively all year round. Also there is a fairly huge model scene in SL, people that do coutour avatars and throw fashion shows and photo shoots. It is not my scene but you should be able to tap into that fairly easily, there is a brand that escapes my mind right now I have run into shows there while shopping. Good luck!
  3. I am such a huge Dan Savage fan. He has changed my life and I don't say that lightly. I totally would love to hear his take on some of the things people can and do use SL for.
  4. This one from truth is close. I would love to find that hair you posted too, nice updo. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TRUTH-HAIR-Ximena-variety-SALE/7784395
  5. Breedables are no copy so if you were buying a puppy in a box or a live dog you would have had to pick it up when you bought it off the ground. They don't come as delivery.
  6. I would suggest asking in the inworld Biobreeds group for the details of how the product works. I think they can be attached and have a walk script but it has been years and years since I owned any.
  7. Don't you have some Sad Puppies tm to go hang out with instead?
  8. Thanks for all the insightful input and information I have learned a lot about how this stuff works. I love my sim, I have this love of being on the ground in the snow there and I enjoy meeting the most interesting people with excellent avatars that are wandering about exploring, so I was in no hurry to play my game anywhere else. I did make some changes in how the scripts I own run and all but was happy to hear the reports the sim is running in a average way.
  9. Aww thanks, that is what I thought, the sim had been lagging last week but I thought it was something more than just me, like it just needed a restart....guy came over and declared I was on the verge crashing the sim single handedly and was super upset. I appeased him and bought a do hicky that counted for me, I decided to pull up .2 ms worth of server time off my total and be done with it. Thanks everyone I have learned a good bit about how scripts work.
  10. yes he seems to think my over all script usage was high, I bought a gadget that said it was .1 ms high so I have already pulled down some extra deco and made sure everything was set no movement. I play Ozimals brand and krafties brand and I probably was using more scripts than I should have for my 800prims parcel with 500 prims out but it was not hugely over. I dunno the whole things is rather confusing for me. I just want to play a game or two and enjoy mah sl and not make people mad, I am will to work to figure out whats fair.
  11. So if I was playing a rather script heavy game does it matter where on my parcel I set up? I live next to a linden road with a sim crossing, is having my game near there lagging it? I can move things up on the platform even though I love the sim and standing on the ground where I meet people the most, I just love all the cool people that use the area, its mainland btw.
  12. I have managed to piss someone off and I need to know how to count how many scripts I am using on my parcel, then what the total is for the mainland sim I am on then how to tell how much of that is my parcels load. Thank you all in advance.
  13. Wow Dres, thank you so very much, I have enjoyed reblogging and posting there.
  14. You never know though sometimes that FSM can be a bad batch of sauce and there is no amount of noodly goodness that can repair it.
  15. I came back too after a bit of a break. I really enjoy the mesh and looks like you have already been given some excellent advice.
  16. I know of some young adults that still play Pokemon on Nintendo hand helds, you might look for a forum for those sorts of communities, never heard of anyone into Pokemon in Sl but I have no doubt there are such people.
  17. Applauds for all the excellent Communist role play but I must bring up again...who will pay for the server space/data center? ya I thought not....so um maybe the Communisty party should invest in it's own servers and put up open sim. Everything comes from something and even Communist need "capitol" to create goods and services for themselves. It is silly and clearly a troll roleplay to think that Linden labs is anything other than a for profit company. In other news this thread gets a A+ for sheer entertainment.
  18. Waits for the troops to demand credentials. I am not sure if you use or are familar with SL from the limited amount of info you have provided. I might suggest you look at SL fashion blogs for a good sense of some of the wonderful hand drawn and photographic textures used for avatars' skins as well as clothing. There are many brilliant artists working for a living in SL, it should honestly go without saying that even if the purchaser of the skin does not use it or percieve it with a artistic context it is a product of the graphics arts industry. SL is a complex mix of hand drawn, photographic and purloined textures, your perception of it as fine art I would think would vary and be subjective. There are certainly brands and labels as well as individual artist that I consider fine artist in SL.
  19. I don't know but I find linden homes, tiny and crammed together and you are not allowed to live up in the air, so I think now you can set it so people cant render your avatars on your land by camming in but if you don't do that there is zero privacy in linden homes.
  20. Is it wrong I shudder with delight every time I run in to a avatar in world who is Slutty McSlutmuffin, huge **bleep** ass everything hanging out and white trash to the max, then they have a brilliant, witty and intelligent profile...100% why I support trashy Miley.There are intelligent women whom choose to move in the world like this...it amuses me, I do love some culure jamming.
  21. I have read this three times and it looks like you are buying sims for nothing but the transfer fee.
  22. Several times I have spent a good bit of time on in world searches and on the forums here. I have never done anything but have a small amount of tier and I don't want to increase that right now with a land purchase. What are the best search terms to look for 512 or small empty parcels with around 200 prims for rent? I don't see much at all and I feel like I am missing something obvious. I don't want a furnished house but a small to hang out on and build little things. Thanks so much. edit: guess I should say my main issue is I am looking for cheaper unrestricted mainland because I have a couple of pairs of ozimals I will be putting out as well
  23. Which is why almost every third party viewer has a in world support group.....
  24. Sounds like they are refering to a HUD based vampire game called Bloodlines, this game keep stats on the state of one's "soul" which exists with in the game as a state. They are probably trying to get you to buy a hud and get turned and join their family. It is a pyramid social game based on how many people are under you also have to spend money to play...so with that being said...ya no souls in SL...just a game HUD.
  25. and please please link them if the builds are still up, I am fresh back in SL after 18 months and came back to see the sights build and play...bring on these marvels for exploration.
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