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  1. ok that would be great i just have to work out the time differnce as i live in New Zealand
  2. thank you so much for explaining things i just got a bit confused with stuff like sky box and the like
  3. ok thanks we have been exploreing a little and love here so we are in the process of getting our parnter thing and credits to help us get setup . im starting to see how much more is on on offer her and the detail is amazing . also is there a way to preview a home before making the final choice
  4. ok thanks at this we are hopeing to get premium membership nex week and then start looking at cheap houses that we could rent that will give us some private space
  5. Sephina Frostbite could you please IM me about the land
  6. Czari Zenovka i m starting to make sense of things up untill u mentioned tiers
  7. would that cover the adult stuff as well or is that something different . sorry about all the question im just trying to make sense of it all
  8. we would just be looking at something private where we can be together but at same time we need minimal costs as both of us not able to afford the expensive stuff
  9. so with the main land u can buy a parcel of land alot cheaper
  10. ok thanks i think if im understanding you right the linden homes are like a private room that is not shown to public please correct me if im wrong . also is it possibl to own land in the private regions to avoind any need for rental but still staying cheap and affordable and is there a like a Marriage package availble as if possible we would similar features to what we currently have on imvu . which is a dedicated private shared room and tags to show status
  11. ok thanks. is it safer to buy land instead of renting it
  12. Hi Guys im thinking about shift here from imvu and im wondering if theres a way in which i can share a house with my partner to aviod having 2 seprate houses. also how secure is this in terms of haveing 100% privacy and what are the general dos and don'ts .before now imvu is all we have ever used
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