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  1. Failing sedatives, you really should stick to seventh-rate versions of old lolcatz memes.
  2. Storm Clarence wrote: Doctor Chiwanga wrote: What exactly do you offer, Mr Clarence, beyond interjecting in as many as SL forum threads as possible? You and Ivan are conclusive proof that capitalism isn't just regressive - it's boring. And you are proof that idiocy isn't just for the few - it's ubiquitous. ZZZ...
  3. What exactly do you offer, Mr Clarence, beyond interjecting in as many as SL forum threads as possible? You and Ivan are conclusive proof that capitalism isn't just regressive - it's boring.
  4. Storm Clarence wrote: The OP is looking for the hand-out part of freedom. Ya know, sucking from those people that have because, well, just because he doesn't. We don't want to suck anything from you or IvanICarntType: we want you off the grid, so we can make something relevant, unique and exciting. Try this: http://images.betterworldbooks.com/161/The-Complete-Idiot-s-Guide-to-Using-Your-Computer-For-Seniors-McFedries-Paul-9781615641611.jpg
  5. BrynneBaileigh wrote: Doctor Chiwanga wrote: Fix your space bar (or cut out the space cake). And this, my friends, is what you call a troll. Oh sorry, I'm supposed to waste effort replying to sentencesthatlooklikethisriddl edwithtypos? You lyer.
  6. "For what do you want a full-sim?" To create mind-blowing builds that literally overturn the perception of virtual reality overnight. What DON'T we want to build, you should ask - certainly no more cheapo postcard reproductions of malls and 1970s discos. "People want their (more or less) small private places. Yes, private. Not shared with others, not within a community. And thats of course nothing you need a full sim for." People can live in privacy if they want. We're talking about opening up land for the dozens of thousands of us excluded in the sandboxes. "I see no difference between their ideals and yours. Why do you think your communism would work in SL? You haven't said a single word about that yet." It is historical inevitabilty. There are already a lot people who can build and create very nice things. Good for them. We will teach to build and create things too, beyond mere capitalist trinkets; then, armed with that skill, they can live without the market. Again, you just don't name what would be the benefit for the people. You mean "What would be the benefit for the market?" Absolutely none. For THE PEOPLE, however, a set of skills enabling them to make their own things autonomously. The fat cat traders have had their way for 10 years, we'll shed no tears for their tacky malls going out of business - all the while, clad in the finest clobber of our invention. No, I don't think so. Again, LL is a company, they have no interest and no benefit from doing you a favor that hurts their own wallet. We will see.
  7. Your? You're a griefer. I dislike communists; they are all stoolies ... rats, liars -- and for what, a 512m parcel? Communism is dead. They speak very highly of you too, Klansman.
  8. Perrie Juran wrote: But Comrade, how will we wrest control of the Servers from the Capitalist Pigs? Do you have a plan for taking over the Data Centers? And how will we stop them cutting the power lines to the Centers? I don't think we could survive very long on battery back up alone. LL will do whatever works. 10 years of catering to neoliberal capitalist doctrine has got them nowhere, an overhaul can only reverse the damage.
  9. And you, too. I would like "stand your ground" laws in SL. You have them, with your disgusting AR system.
  10. BrynneBaileigh wrote: To add to this idea is the fact that many people in SL who are "consumed" by capitalism are consumed because it's feasible in SL, where as it may not be in RL. I know many people in SL who enjoy the finer items because in reality, they'd never be able to afford them. Under Full Communism, they can have their own space ships, planets, galaxies. They will cease to be consumers, and become their own gods. We are offering everything, no restrictions.
  11. you want a free land? play in public sanbox areas, they are free all time :matte-motes-angry: They are full of griefers, like you.
  12. Syo Emerald wrote: So you are privileged, if you can afford a couple of dollars for your virtual hobby? (yes, land is that cheap, if you aren't aiming for a full-sim). :matte-motes-big-grin-squint: We're not talking some tiny 5-prim shack; we need full sims for our people, so we can create the environment the current landowning class are too cowardly and weak-minded to build. Syo Emerald wrote: Their is a reason why communism failed in the real world Genuine Communism has never been realised in the real world; only deformed worker states. Syo Emerald wrote: Those things don't grow on trees, they are made by people and those people want something for their hard work. We will make them. Building is not hard. Scripting can be learned. Most clothing you see on SL took 5 minutes in Photoshop to make. We will make all this, and more, and the reward for our hard work will be a virtual reality that offers more than the same tired replication of late capitalism. No more prostituting ourselves on dance poles. Syo Emerald wrote: Speaking of free land: LL is a company in the real world. They can't cut themselves off from capitalism. They need to make money in order to pay for the bills and the employees. I don't think any person working at LL want to give up their payment, just so could you build your idealistic world. They collect enough money from texture uploads and cash-out fees to sustain themselves. There is plenty of opportunity for them to re-open abandoned sims, of which there are hundreds.
  13. Imnotgoing Sideways wrote: How about no? Will no work for you? () Last words of she drowned by the tide of historical inevitability.
  14. IvanTwin Rogers wrote: we need a Fidel Castro and Hugo chavez? here i dont think so :matte-motes-angry: We're blazing a trail to a genuine 'Second Life', not replicating RL.
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