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  1. The sim is still offline it's been several days now and Luck Inc owner's profile is empty I get the feeling shes quit SL. If she was just closing for a huge overhaul there would be a message about it in her profile. Well you would expect that.
  2. Vector such as an EPS or the original format can be resized in photoshop or similar ap and saved as PNG and then uploaded to SL thats the reason it should be in vector so that the owner can resize it to anything without affecting the quality. A bitmap file can only be sized down not up unless you want it to go nasty. Logos get used over a long period of time and used in many sizes so it's important to get the origial in vector. When uploading to Sl the best format is PNG it uses less memory than none compressed bitmap images and less compression articacts than other compressed image f
  3. Make sure they hand it too you in vector graphics format. Thats the standard practice in graphic design.
  4. "If I could give you cake I would, I haven’t laughed that hard at something for some time! And, Good Morning to you, have a pleasant day. And to your question (I know your not serious)... no." Thanks and wasn't trolling didn't even know joke = troll these days. I just wanted to have a laugh at the script police. Need to make one for the no sence of humor gang too Have a nice day too and all
  5. Where can I buy a meter that shows how many items in peoples inventories? I already have one for showing avatar scripts amd memory. I only have 5 items in mine so i dont see why you would need more and ruin it for everyonelse. I need a meter that auto bans them too thanks.
  6. Ya your right people who are nice should stop using these places. Used to be a hang out spot for me but not anymore have to let the trolls win.
  7. Help Island public has a group of people camped out the main one is NV einvee. THey are harrasing anyone that lands there trying to provoke them into quiting SL very personal attacks from the way their avi looks to racism from their RL photos. I would stay clear of the area for a while. Unlikley Linden will sort it out many of my friends are a bit anoyed today.
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