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  1. Make sure to double check your Shape, eyes and skin are equipped. I have found when switching outfits I get stuck in cloud form. Also be sure to check everything Orca said. Kam.
  2. Give me Orcas Worlds over Linden homes anyday! Such lack of creativity, imagination and hope.... It's like the virus 'Ruth' hit the land and Ruth Homes popped up Kam.
  3. Or rather than fiddle with the files, get an animation overused that does not lock the head (Abranimations for example) and then use your camera controls to 'lock onto' the person you're talking to. However I don't mind if someone is looking around, it shows they're admiring their suroundings and not just staying inside a bubble near their avatar
  4. If you mean contests for votes, that is not so, my Avatar is a Steampunk guy, not sexual and dressed appropriately and yet I have won a couple of contests based on votes.... It does depend on who is voting though
  5. Contact the jewellery seller, find out who the credited model is, then try contacting the model.
  6. I personally see no issues with this post... You have informed people a different way to search the market place, which still brings traffic to their pages, and everyone loves traffic. (Someone who would have had no reason to search the market place would try this method out, which is an extra counter, so it's encouraging traffic, and everyone loves traffic...) Shall definitely give this method a go, thanks for sharing.
  7. Kamoba Ferraris You sound like you would fit in well with the people I hang around with
  8. I can't speak for SL but I know that the Dalek I made for costuming went to a new owner, who started using it for rent at parties and such and actually got approached by the BBC telling him to cease his profit activities and that he could do it on a non-profit basis... So always check with the company in question first, just to be safe
  9. If Avatars had rational operators, SL would be boring. *Grins.*
  10. Thank you too Czari, it's nice to feel welcomed into the forums community. *Smiles.* Just so all know, In world my name is the same as forums (Kamoba Ferraris)
  11. Thank you very much Dres! That sizing information will come in handy! Must remember to give you a shout next time I am in world. *Smiles.*
  12. @Tari: I have to agree with the 'mentor' side of things, which is why when I first joined I was always a fan of Celleta's 'Railway hobo hub' every hobo was always friendly and helpful, and once you got into the swing of things you often found yourself helping other newbies get into the swing of things. My point being: You are right. We shouldn't tell people what to wear, but we should show them how to wear what they want. I also believe most others posting on these forums have that as their intention
  13. I think it depends, if you're using other people's creations (freebie or otherwise) you should aim for: - Clothes. - Shape. - Skin. - AO. Once you have the look you are happy with anything else is just for fun. If making it yourself, an AO can wait Oh and everyone should have a Hobo Combat System. The only way to defend yourself against roaming Daleks effectively. Kam.
  14. My first login for more than an hour, and I had the pleasure of spending it with three friends who I have not seen in a very long time, their avatars may have changed, but they are the same crazy and wonderful people that I remember! 'Gotta love my hobo's!' 'My journey has begun, and it has not begun alone.' Today's task, start the makings of a new avatar from scratch! While watching videos and reading guides regarding this new 'mesh' thing. Secondlife proves a world of wonder once again. Also thanks to all you guys and girls here on the forums for your warm welcome
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