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  1. Good morning people!!! @Val. It's good to hear you've heard from Ajja! I was worried for a while after you posted on your thread. And you can post with your own account! Great news!
  2. I don't have an answer for you, but on this link - http://blog.nalates.net/2012/08/08/second-life-pathfinding-performance/ - you may find what you need (or not).
  3. I suggest you check the Particle Lab in world. I don't have the SLURL available atm, but try searching for it. There you will find a guided tour of anything to do with particles.
  4. Hi Athena. Did you try what we talked about in the comments here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/media-plugin-webkit-error-in-latest-viewer-2-6-on-OS-X/qaq-p/785235/comment-id/4712 and also some of the things suggested in the other replies? Also, it may be better if you ask this in a question of your own. This one is marked as answered, and only the people who answered will be notified of your followup question. Not many others will notice a new reply. In the question you ask, it might be a good idea to say also which Mac you use and what version of the operating system you
  5. Great news, jamie! Glad I could help Before you know it, you've found your own and better way to make whatever mesh or texture you want. You're right about practicing - there's no substitution for it. That's the only way to get better at making stuff. Good luck with your Blendering!
  6. Wouldn't it just! They leave so quickly. No letters, no phonecalls. No nothing. I wonder if notifications are sent out after a while to OPs of unanswered questions reminding them to mark questions as answered? I know it was discussed while there were still group meetings being held.
  7. Keep in mind that there was rolling restarts going on last night. Also, do you remember if you made changes to any group title you have active at the moment? If so, it may be that you need to get the title changed back somehow. Some characters cause an error like the one you get preventing people to log in if used in a group title. ETA: Rolling restarts on the RC regions...
  8. There is a way to use Blender only to upload mesh. Your problem is possible to fix, I'm sure. I'm not entirely sure how to help, though, as I don't fully understand the problem. I also don't use Avastar, so I can not tell if the issue is with this particular tool, or how to use it to prevent the issue. A couple of things. First, make sure you apply rotation and scaling on your model before exporting (ctrl+A). When you want to export to a .dae file, make sure you select the preset from the menu in the toolbar on the right hand side in the export settings. This will ensure you have the correct
  9. You have to complete the IP tutorial for both grids - Agni AND Aditi. Follow the link in the upload dialog when you are on Aditi, and you will be taken to the tutorial for the beta grid. ETA: If you have completed the tuts for both grids, I suggest filing a ticket (but I don't know what category it belongs under).
  10. In a word - No. If you want more prims, you have to buy a property bigger than 512m2.
  11. The dual graphics chip thing is what I was wondering before. The latest MBPs on the lower end only have the Intel chip, but I don't remember if this is the case with the 2011 models. In any case, you force the Mac - provided it has dual chips - to use the better one in the energy savings control panel by checking that option.
  12. Annoying, isn't it, when things sticks to your mind like that. What I was thinking of, is the 'More>>' button (which says << Less in the pic below) next to the gear button, which opens a list of media streams. Like this: I thought it was possible to select one source in the list, and play just the one, but I might be wrong about it - I don't have more than one source playing at my property, so I couldn't test it properly.
  13. LOL. Although you look nothing like Will Smith, I agree with Hippie - you''re most definitely a Legend.
  14. That would definitely be quicker. But in blender, reference pictures set up as a background are not set up using the uv layout. Is that how it's done in 3ds Max? It is possible to set up reference pics using empties in Blender, but I've never done it, and do not know if it's possible to rotate the pictures that way.
  15. Good morning to you as well, Hippie, Val and everybody!!! Wish you all a glorious wednesday!
  16. It was not a very comprehensive or well written example, but hopefully you get what you need out of it. Be sure to post back how you get on with it?
  17. lol. Perhaps I had too much coffee. I don't have the viewer on my work computer, so I couldn't check, but I'm sure you're right. I never had the issue Sonya have. Media playing is glitchy, though, so who knows...
  18. I think you're right about what Jonny is trying to do. And also about how to fix it.
  19. When you hover over the media buttons in the top right corner, you can press a button for more options. In the list that come up, you should be able to select the stream you want and play just that one. But perhaps I misunderstood the question...
  20. If you change the password on your account, it will be updated on Aditi within 24 hours, I believe. At which point you will have the same amount of L$ on the beta grid as you have on Agni.
  21. I assume it is the intel card that does not support Lighting and Shadows. Do you know if this is the only graphics chip in your MBP? If it CAN do shadows, you have to enable 'Hardware skinning' (is that the one???) in me->preferences->graphics. (use edit in the options menu in the top right corner of your post to add information)
  22. Hi jamie. Perhaps my last reply should have been longer and more detailed. There are more than one way to create an alpha layer that fits with the model you made. Below is mine, which may not be the most efficient way. I use Blender to create the layers, and sometimes use a Photoshop type program to clean up the textures before importing. The photoshop clothing templates I linked to above is strictly only necessary if you need to do some work in photoshop. Also, creating alpha layers are exactly the same as creating other system clothing layers. The difference is you use transparency in ste
  23. I didn't see the comments here before now... You're on to something with the DST thought. It really throws things off. I'm pretty sure the timestamp would be the receivers time.
  24. Oh good! Then I can go back to... ehrrr.... not.. scouting...??
  25. As you've seen from the others this is RL time. This is one place RL time is used. There are more in the viewer when you're in world. At least I don't think it's been changed. Objects you received used to have local time. Pluss DST tends to throw that off by an hour as well.
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