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  1. Hi anyone saw that the BOM Eye Slot is limited to 512x texture size, while the rest is all maxed out to 1k texture slots... is this a bug/something they overlooked or intended ?
  2. Hi there. I have a question though. I have a Custom Mesh Avatar, And I use more than 3 Textures to Cover my entire character's body.....So can I make use of New Universal Skin Layer to apply my Characters Textures... And Leave the Actual Skin Layer which only contains Head_UPPER_LOWER Slots Empty? And will there be complications if I ended up using the Universal Layer as my Avatar Skin Layer?
  3. Hi there. I am a Store owner and artist here on Second life I have recently had problems with a person who I agreed on doing a mesh tail for him, but through out the days I was being spammed and flooded with Sarcastic IM's from this person, that i lost my heart for doing his tail request. After that i told him to stop ,he flooded me with 50 shades of colorful langage and didn't stop harrasing me. Now just this morning, this person chose to harras my Second Store. Abusing the Reviews. Is there something i can do to this person? For through out all of this, the request was not paid for, Thi
  4. Hi there, I just wanted to know. I get notified when i sell items on SL. If i add a Revenue Distributions..a partner to get a % of the sales, would they also get notfied by email that they recieved payment?
  5. Hi i am a Mesh clothing designer and i design much more on SL. I have always wondered whether i upload my Mesh creations..... will someone be able to copy it and Sell it or give it away for free? I am really on my toes when it comes to CopyRight. And when i create something i want it to be unique So if someone did copy my model... And if i found out about it.... What can i do? how can Linden help me? And if it have been spreaded all around SL and everyone have the pirated copy....How will Linden be able to help me. But my first question is ...Are people able to do just that? Copy Mesh Obj
  6. It is a particle script i made but is if you would rotate the object the texture would flow in that direction... Where i want it to drop constantly down to the ground, I do not know what kind of code i should use, can someone help me?
  7. I have a 3 prims. 2 ears and 1 head. It is a deer head and i have been stuggling to write a script in the Head/((parent)) prim that would move and rotate the ears on pre defined axis. I have been http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Rotation#Single_or_Root_Prims_vs_Linked_Prims_vs_Attachments Trying to figue out what to use. But the main thing i am stuggling with is the layout of the script >,<! Need some help please been struggling for hours and have not gotten anywhere neat yet to what i want :(
  8. I am trying to get my HUD to talk or send a message to my Prim, But it has to be unique for else everyone would be animating each other.... i want it to only effect the owner. Within my hud i have this: touch_start(integer total_number) { emote=llList2String(action_list,nPos); llSay(5,emote); } and in my Prim i have this: llListen(5, "", llGetOwner(), ""); This will not work at the moment But if i would change llGetOwner() to Null... then it would work....but not as i wanted it... So if you press to smile.... you should smile alone..... Can someone Help me please!,
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