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  1. The easiest way to get money for an unskilled avi other than the pittance of camping etc is to find a host job in the big clubs if you do your job well will prob get a few hundred per shift depending on tips ..ive seen hosts get over 1k per shift but remmeber its all tip based - try out such places like GOL, beachwood, energy
  2. my sl freezes and crashes as well since i did the mandatory update i cant sdtay in sl for more than 5 mins on the official viewer i have a radeon card too
  3. Hi Im totally new to scripting but I need help to make a script for an open stage project - when the dj sits on the pose ball I want it to automatiicaly set the land stream to a certain stream and when they jump off it reverts back to another set stream - can anyone give me any pointers please on how to get this? thanks!
  4. I have a pet peeve in SL - if you mass tp and the person doesnt come the first time dont send 5 more in the next 30 mins oh another one -if you see a group dedicated to a specific purpose it is considered rude and annoying to advertise your latest event, land sale, scam for money in it (unless of course the purpose of the group is to do that lol) even more annoying/rude if you advertise something that is a rival of that group
  5. ok whats the catch - are we stuck in a contract having to buy a book every month if we register for a free book ?
  6. First I want to send you massive hugs, I have been where you are now..... after 5 years of an sl relationship, my ex partner logged off 4th december 2011 to watch football and still hasnt logged back in. All I can say is its a long bloody footbal match....we were totaly sl no rl contact at all... I wish I could give you a way to get over this cos if i could id be doing it too - all i can say is time will move on and you start to get used to them not being there. I think this is the worst way to lose someone as you have zero closure no way to say goodbye etc. I wish I could tell you its ea
  7. Not so hot on texturing so cant help you out there .....but the orange box looks like another mesh object in your scene. If its joined to your existing item you have prob added a new mesh box whilst in edit mode rather than object mode - so you would need to unjoin it first (shortcut p) then delete it - but please please save before u try this as I would hate for you to lose all of it - if you add items whilst in edit mode it becomes part of the same mesh and not seprate hope that makes sense ?...however if you added it in object mode and its independant of the other mesh then simply delete i
  8. ok so i made a mesh hoodie discovered that if the hoodie is attached to the shirt part the weighting affects it etc - so if i create an item of clothing say with a hood or a pocket would i weight the item to the clothes after its been weighted to the skeleton? thanks in advance :)
  9. your guidence helped tons! I can now make custom alpahs for my mesh I cant thank you enough it was rdriving me nuts for days and man its so friggin easy once I know how lol - now if only I can make a decent mesh item lol (goes back to practicing)
  10. nice one ty so much I will give that a go ! that sounds way more easier
  11. ok so i get you need to do on the templates but I dont get how you can make it exact to the mesh item you made - i can unwrap the mesh item and export that into photoshop but there is just no tutorials on how to make it an alpha - i know im missing something really easy here but I can't see how using the clothing template can get me to make an exact alpha for a mesh item i have made? any more hints al all please would be gratefully recieved thanks!
  12. Hi well after weeks of learning blender (i am officially bald now!), then learning to make badly made mesh clothes yes i need much more practice, Ive learnt to weight and rig it etc ....im now at the alpha layer bit and completely stuck - found a fantastic tutorial on how to create alpha layers in blender 2.49 ....Ive seen it linked in these forums and ty for that! however im using 2.62 and its just not helping me at all ..I did manage to get an alpha layer made from the tutorial but it took me over a day to figure out where the corresponding stuff was and that was by luck ....so i get it into
  13. I think I kinda suspected nothing would have got beter in the 8 months since i last had a store but this has made up my mind ....I will focus on new products and not bother with an invworld store I have some old items on MP occasionally an item sells now and then I will just plop new ones there as and when ..thanks for your replies hugss
  14. well after 5 years I closed adagio furniture just after xmas, the sales werent there and I didnt have the heart/ time or want to create or update much needed items after the loss of my partner in the business. Now I have been playing with mesh and think I could make a new store but I keep thinking of the lack of sales before and wonder is it worth starting a new store, is it worth the effort of really knuckling down for hours each day to get it off the ground? I would make all new items as well as a new store name if i went ahead with this.... I guess what im trying to ask is has things picke
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