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  1. If you are unsure of how you're dressing in a G-rated region, imagine you are standing, walking around, bending over and sitting down in front of a group of kids..say 5 to 10 years old. That's the gauge for us. Other regions may be more or less strict. I would hope they have the courtesy to let you change and stay without the knee jerk reaction of booting you right off the bat before all your clothes are rezzed.
  2. We call ourselves 'Helpers' at the Firestorm Gateway. Anyone is welcome to apply for a volunteer position (yes, it's not an automatic approval). Just send me a notecard explaining why you want to be a helper and tell me about your previous experience in SL. The volunteers are only required to put in 2 hours a week at the Gateway (though most put in a lot more time than that). It sounds easy right? Sigh. In a perfect world it would be but as a helper you must have a tremendous amount of patience. We deal with new residents who may have limited computer knowledge or who do not speak English. We
  3. I find it sad when I go shopping (Collabor88 for example) and the clothing there does not include sizing for MY avatar - a system (or Legacy) avatar. I have no desire for an expensive mesh body so I will have to make do I guess. And if the future holds only clothing made for mesh avatars, my avatar will be seriously retro fashion. Too bad. I spend my money on clothes too.
  4. You can always come to the Firestorm Gateway. We help anyone..no matter which viewer you use. And we're there 24/7.
  5. Ah..interesting how you think. I volunteer at the Firestorm Gateway as a helper. Our focus is to get new residents acclimated to SL. While we have a store with a few free things, we mostly send new people to Free Dove (if they go anywhere else they come back with blingy shoes..sigh). A lot of new residents find it difficult to change clothes - learning the concept of adding vs. wearing mesh clothing can be a chore. We encourage them to find stores with free groups to join if they want to test out skins/shapes. Very seldom do we point them to the marketplace because if they don't pay attention
  6. As a helper at the Firestorm Gateway, I often suggest new residents check out the destination guide that shows there are actual people there. Not because they may interact but it makes SL: seem more used. A lot of new residents will hang out at the gateway for a few weeks before they venture out as we tell them that some places don't allow new residents that are less than 14 days old (true in some instances) and if they search for places to go to, to look for 'newcomer friendly' destinations.
  7. I'd like to speak to the issue of not finding someone to chat with in voice. I was around before voice became an option and my 'generation' eschewed voice for a long time. Now? I use it daily. Unfortunely a lot of trolls and griefers use it also. You used to be able to go to an Infohub and talk in voice. Now with the advent of the screaming Bilbongs, it's almost impossible to find a place that allows voice for the general public. I am a helper at the Firestorm Gateway, welcoming new residents to Second Life. Our voices make the job easier. It's so much harder to explain how to change clo
  8. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/IAPin-up-girl-15-static-poses/1937212 That one is very similar
  9. You can move the Received Items folder into your general inventory. That may help
  10. Set your draw distance to 128 sometimes you are trying to see too much and it makes rezzing things and movement too choppy..
  11. When it stops being fun or interesting or creative, it's time to take a break. Have you considered becoming a stripper? Or maybe a nude model? SL is like politics, move on every 4 years and try something new..if it doesn't work, try something new, if it doesn't work..well you get the point...
  12. Did you open the box? Sometimes the box is no modify so you have to open it to see the guitar inside.
  13. You haven't been in SL long enough to make these kinds of judgements about people/places/builds. I would suggest you start with the Destination Guide and work your way around the over 24,000 regions before you pass judgement on us. If you'd like to discuss this in world, contact me. I'm a helper at a Gateway and I'm used to new members questions. I promise not to be rude to you.
  14. Will the TV show be available just online or will you post it on YouTube? Will your station do all the filming or can a film be submitted for inclusion in the program? What is the focus of the station..what market are you aiming for?
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