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  1. Thank You to those that have replied with good mature answers. You have given me a new perspective. It still leaves me with one unanswered question... If you are not making money then perhaps SL isn't for you as well?? Thank you everyone for your replies.
  2. Thank You for your support, 'hisself2'
  3. I understand now... So SL is a cult. Since I am not a cult member I would not belong. People dressing up their avatars to acheive look a like barbie dolls must be a rewarding experience. You must be so very, very proud to be failures in the real world.
  4. My tone? You're exactly the rudeness I'm talking about. Sympathy? lol Your maturity says all I need to know about you. Have a nice day....somewhere else...
  5. Hi all, I would just like to say that in my short SL life I have learned that the people are very rude. It seems there are many in SL that enjoy hiding behind their "Oh look I can eject and ban" buttons. Why are these people in charge of money making sims? It seems to me that every single place is lucky to have 30 people or less and you want to eject new members because they hurt your feelings? Is everyone in SL this immature? Another thing I have noticed is the very poor building skills. Why is everything so out of scale? Does everyone play SL on tiny little 15 inch monitors? I play on a 47 inch screen and I tell you, I'm not trying to bash those of you that work hard to create but your building skills really suck being so far out of scale. I had planned on spending some free time in the SL world although, I do not feel welcomed at all as a newcomer. If this is the way you treat newcomers then I can truly see why every place I visit is empty. If anyone can shed some light on this matter please feel free to post. I do hope I'm not ejected and banned from this forum for hurting your feelings. Sincerely, Hokizibin
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