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  1. Hi folks, the name is Kyle. I've been in SL for almost 13 years on this account. I am looking to date an honest, caring man or woman (haven't dated a woman in awhile, so if I try it bare with me.) Now I know what you're thinking, why not just go to a gay sim or gay club? That's because it's not really my scene. I enjoy dancing, shopping when I have linden, playing greedy and various "casino" games, taking photos and videos when the mood strikes me, and just exploring different sims. I'm not really looking for a hook-up with somebody random, and I'm not into the whole open-relationship thing. I'm located in the US and would like to meet someone in the US or Canada so we'll have similar time zones. Hope to hear from you. Message me in world.
  2. I have recently returned to second life after a bit of a hiatus, and am looking for employment. I've been in-world for over ten years now. I am open to hosting, DJing (if the stream is provided), photography, event planning, or land sales. I've been away for a little bit and have a classic look and definitely need to get it updated asap.
  3. Good morning OFFBEAT ENTERTAINMENT is seeking VIP'S to help sponsor all of our upcoming events. For just 10,000L you will have the right to post one (1) daily notice in all of our groups announcing your business or events. Your logo will appear on the wall of sponsors at all of our events and on our website, you will recieve special VIP seating for you and one guest, access to any and all rehearsals for special performances and events, and exclusive access to any and all tapings of upcoming OFFBEAT TV programming. OFFBEAT ENTERTAINMENT is currently planning a CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA that will raise money for Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids. We are a linden lab approved event and we will run November 27th - December 4th. Representatives from BCEFA will be attending the eight day festivities. There will be performances from Wytchwhisper Sakofsky, Isabella Rumsford, Ravenswood Theatricals, Oval Theatre, Acoustic Rhapsody, and much much more. We currently have eleven vendors signed up and there are two vendor slots available at 400L for 50 prim. Please contact me in-world if you are interested in getting involved.
  4. Good morning, we took it down per Fantasia's request. We are rebranding. In the mean time please visit http://offbeatv.webs.com
  5.  OFFBEAT TV will be holding its first annual Christmas Extravaganza November 27th - December 4th. To get involved please contact Kyle Burum, LexingtonGrace Resident or join our group OFFBEAT TV Christmas Extravaganza. We are looking for performers, dj's, builders, vendors, and much more. Contact us today to get involved. Small booths are 2000L and large booths are 8000L until November 15th, the price will go up on the 15th of November. The deadline to get a booth is November 20th, however we are limited to TWENTY vendors. Hurry and get involved today.
  6. Good morning, I am seeking builders to help build the venue for OFFBEAT TV's upcoming Christmas Extravaganza that will run from November 26th - December 4th. We are on a parcel of land that holds 2900 prims and are planning to put the venue a few thousand meters in the air for less lag. I have some weblinks with photos of what we are hoping to accomplish. Please contact me asap.
  7. Good morning, OFFBEAT TV is seeking bloggers to help promote our programming and all of our upcoming events. We can provide you with all press releases, photos, etc. Please visit http://offbeattv.webs.com to fill out an application or contact us in-world via note card. We hope to hear from you soon!
  8. Good morning, Kyle Burum here. I am the founder of the new in-world television network OFFBEAT TV. We are planning a Christmas Extravaganza that will run from December 26th, 2016 - January 2nd, 2017 and we are in need of a land company to sponsor us and provide us with a sim. We will offer you a free commercial for your business, place an ad at the landing point of the event, put you in our list of sponsors, list you in all event advertising and give you some money at the end of the event. Please feel free to contact me in-world, Kyle Burum, or by e-mail at OFFBEATTVSL@gmail.com thank you. 
  9.  OFFBEAT TV will be holding our first annual Christmas Extravaganza December 26, 2016 - January 2, 2017 and we are looking for people to get involved. We are looking for a sim to host us, people to build, entertainment, bloggers, and much much more. You can get involved by either e-mailing us at OFFBEATTVSL@gmail.com or by contacting Lexi Snow (Lexingtongrace), or me, Kyle Burum via note card in world. We hope to hear from you soon!
  10.  OFFBEAT TV's Christmas Extravaganza! We are looking for everyone to get involved. Please contact Marissa Bode, Matt Brahma (BrahmaBull88), Mylie Foxclaw, Lexi Snow (Lexingtongrace), or me, Kyle Burum in-world via a note card to get involved. We need vendors, advertisers, sponsors, live entertainers, and much more.
  11. OFFBEAT TV is seeking dedicated staff willing to work hard and commit to a hectic schedule. Please view our application and submit it to OFFBEATTVSL@gmail.com
  12. OFFBEAT TV is in need of sales agents. Please contact me in-world for more information.
  13. OFFBEAT TV is seeking bloggers and anyone who writes for a magazine to help get the word out about all of our upcoming shows and the events going on at our network. Please contact me in-world today if you'd be interested in doing cross promotion.
  14. Good day, OFFBEAT TV is seeking a social media coordinator to help run our facebook page. We are also seeking machinimatographers, on-air personalities, and much more. Please visit our website or contact Kyle Burum in-world for more information.
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