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  1. I just got a devkit for a centaur, but it only came in blender file, I thought I could convert it to FBX or dae to make it work but when I exported the mass all the looked in place, except that tha bones were all "spun" anyone knows of a solution? a solution to be able to work on this using max
  2. I am working on a paidfor commision for the 2.0 avatar by utilizator and when I tried to uopload a teste collada files, I find that every bone is cranked 90 degrees one way anyone knows of a solution for this in 3ds max please let me know PD: I'd rather not use blender, and I dont have avastar
  3. anyone has them? one client is bugging me to no end about making somethi RIGGED mesh instead of FITTED mesh on M size, for that I need to find mesh dummy of the male avatar in size M. Anyone knows where to find it?
  4. That's it, putting some order in the shop
  5. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/58846/search?utf8=✓&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=GMA&search[keywords]=demo speaking of that, I could do some cleanup
  6. agreed to all of that, except I have demos
  7. I do build fitmesh, but only for the System avi, both genders, just not for fitmesh avies ( i think either I forgot to say it, or the message got lost) here's the proof https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/58846?
  8. Yes, I said it, I am having harder time achieving sales because of apparent omnipresence of human-like mesh avvies. Is it just me, or its actually happening? Would-be costumers ask if I have it for this and that body whose creators are ***** retentive about giving out the devkit. But you know what's funnier? my outfits tend to cover almost the entire body, rendering any so called perfect mesh body irrelevant.
  9. i am looking for some vehicles that appear t be made from stuff pulled out from a scrap yard, and a bodywork that can be asociated with a car/truck so a ratty camaro is not a choice. anyone know where should i look?
  10. I have a dress mesh that need some rigging and touch up(frills are blocky), maybe including standard sizing, I am willing to hear offers
  11. I just want to know. because I dont want to be overcharged.
  12. I am looking forward to use a more advanced technology in my offernings. I am willing to: Pay in advance Share a fixed accorded fraction of the earnings. welcome his/her suggestions Send an IM to Zantyago Mannonen.
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