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  1. Is this just for the scripts or for the whole thing?
  2. The part about updating pages is possible with a database. The page itself would be generated with PHP when it gets visited rather than altering the HTML after every change. PHP has mysql commands already, as does LSL (I think). The actual data would be in the database and the page would, instead of containing the data, merely fetch it and display it. This is done with most dynamic sites (the whole database thing). You'll need a host for the database though. If you don't expect a lot of traffic, I'd suggest nearlyfreespeech for 3 cents/day, but the only thing it comes with is the host, mysql, and phpmyadmin, so if you want to use a pre-made template, too bad. If you don't know how to do that, I can do it for you. I'll send a Notecard.
  3. What exactly do you mean by "capture, roleplay, and tracking"? It's a little vague.
  4. I've been scripting for a while in SL (since the Teen Grid existed) and I am looking for someone who might need a scripter. If you need something, send a notecard to me and I'll get back to you. I'lll try to respond to them all, whether I accept the job or not. I do not mind doing the work before being paid. I charge a different amount depending on the script. Not an exact science.
  5. The reason you are having difficulty might be because Spain is a little different than Mexico. Spain tends to lean more toward a more Italian culture, while Mexico is nothing like that.
  6. Integers and floats are stored differently. Most program languages will cast the integer to a float before checking, but it seems this didn't. Floats are stored as a group of bits organized based on the sign, the exponent, and the mantissa (what is being raised). This means 1.0 could very well be greaer than 2, if compared as bits rather than the value. Integers are merely stored based on a predictable base 2 system, which we know as biinary. When you have to break it into pieces to get a float, the language has to compensate for that. LSL should've caught that.
  7. The reason is because it is entirely possible to hide a malicious code in a picture on a website. Pretty much like those junk emails you get. Second Life most likely has something to clean the picture when uploading. The 10L$ probably helps too.
  8. I'll need to know more before I can give a price range, but otherwise I'd be glad to help. Unfortunately I don't have much in the way of past work (never had any ideas), but I've been scripting since I was in the Teen Grid.
  9. Just clearing something up. Manning was incarcerated and tortured without trial, and the only evidence was an obviously edited text-only log.
  10. If the shape is good enough and efficient enough regarding Land Impact, then yes, but it is a ot harder to find a buyer.
  11. @ii01d Read the OP Don't spam Spell things correctly. Use punctuation.
  12. Even that version states that you need control of the land. It says it three times on the page. You need your own media channel, which requires you to own the land on which the object is placed.
  13. What kind of business? Nobody will visit if you don't give some info on what we are doing.
  14. Second Life cannot run power points from the Internet. The closest thing is a video-player, but that requires the user to own the land to control what plays. The only workaround to this is uploading each slide to Second Life as a texture and changing them when needed. The scripts I made help with changing the slides, but there is no way to actually view a hosted powerpoint via SL. I can understand if this is not what you wanted.
  15. Please tell me you mean linden dollars.
  16. What are you good at that people can use? Advertise that instead.
  17. Look for the many jobs already available in the Wanted section of the forums and classifieds. Also, you should practice in what you want to do.
  18. You can become a scripter if you already know about computers and computer security. It's like Java sort of.
  19. Sent a few IMs ingame. Not sure if you got them.
  20. Finished. I'll send it to you and teach you how to use it once we agree on a price.
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