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  1. hello, i will IM you now in SL , i can do your logo as soon as you talk to me here is my online portfolio https://www.behance.net/osama_alani Thanks
  2. ببساطة ممكن تستخدمين المفتاح Ctrl f تظهر لك لوحة البحث فتكتبين مثلا ksa او arab او اي عبارة او اسم بلد يخص العرب عندها تظهر لك النتائج في قائمة الى اليسار الى يمين اللوحة تضغطين على teleport لزيارة المكان
  3. العرب موجودين في اراضي محددة يمكنك البحث عنهم بالضبط ولو احتبت مساعدة تواصل معي تحياتي
  4. hello, i just sent you IM in game hope we can work together Thanks
  5. Hello all our Tulip Club is Hiring DJs and Hosts, if you interesting to join us please visit in world and take a spot at the schedule table http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Etu Island/87/102/3069 for more info , just contact me Spider Mycron Thanks
  6. hello IM ready to do your posters just IM me inworld Thanks Spider Mycron
  7. thanks all im happy to found someone that helped me greatly
  8. Hello, i need to rent 4096 or little more sized land to be my club , i wish to rent inside a full region sim if possible IM me inworld please Thanks
  9. Hey Sir, Thanks a lot for get back to me, you can always find me online in second life after 11 am second life time , and i have my mobile with me to respond in time 24/7 i have discord , skype and whatsap also facebook and second lief as main Regards
  10. Hello Sir, i do voice over at home with my son (he is 13 years old) and i started to be a voice over trying to get good income for living, if you interested we may work together to do voice over for people and also i can help you to refine your voice recording with some filter and software i own and add background music and sound effects as well look forward to hear from you kindly my second life name is : Spider Mycron p.s : i tried to send email to you but it didn't work . Regards
  11. Hello all i offer custom portrait illustration, illustrate your real life photos into vector art, so you ca use it to create your own logo or just art to keep ! please IM me inworld at any time you can check out my online portfolio here : please check my online portfolio here : https://www.behance.net/gallery/106491297/Custom-portrait-illustration
  12. طيب ماذا اخبرك الدعم الفني بالضبط ؟
  13. hello i sent you IM inworld im ready to do your logos any any other design Regards
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