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  1. I will log today after 11 am second life time and will chat with you
  2. nevermind found it on wiki // Override the Sit, Stand and Walk animations // 1. place this script and your animations in a prim // 2. edit the animation names in the script to your animation's names // 3. attach the prim to your avatar string gMySit = "chop_sit"; string gMyStand = "FStand _02"; string gMyWalk = "Kort gang F v4.1"; default { attach(key id) { if ( id ) llRequestPermissions(id , PERMISSION_OVERRIDE_ANIMATIONS); else if ( llGetPermissions() & PERMISSION_OVERRIDE_ANIMATIONS ) llResetAnimationOverride("ALL"); } run_time_permissions(in
  3. Hello, how possible to find AO Override script ? when i wear animation i make it won't work until i turn off my AO , so how please i can have my animation work without switching my AO off ? Thanks
  4. وعليكم السلام اهلا وسهلا بك معنا هناك بعض الاماكن يمكنني ان ادلك عليها ساتواصل معك داخل السكند لايف واتمنى منك ان تتواصل معي ايضا ٍSpider Mycron اهلا بك
  5. Hello everyone, i start to teach Arabic classes in second life to let you speak and write in Arabic i teach by Mic and text and help you to communicate with others in different and very easy ways IM me in second life if you interested Im always ready to start private classes after 11 AM second life time up to 7 pm sl time all the best
  6. Hello, i got lost really and need advice please every time i upload a sound file then play it it sounded low , i tried to make it very lauder in my pc but the result is all same any idea please ? Thanks
  7. hello all does sound volume have to be 1.0 as maximum ? or i can give different value llPlaySound(firstSoundInPrim, 1.0); Thanks
  8. Hello if you able to create your mesh or clothes inside blender i can teach you every step to rig it and bring it to second life just IM me inworld Spider Mycron
  9. 3dsmax is not good for second life it always bring your model in high prim so i would suggest you use blender if you need any guidance IM at any time Spider Mycron
  10. I would recommend the use of mesh generator it highly reduce prim counts if you wish i can freely sho you how it work IM me inworld any time i will teach you
  11. It was very hard for me even but now i can do many things, it become lovely program. i will log soon and contact you all the best Spider Mycron
  12. Hello I need scripter to create advertise network system with automated payment please IM me inworld for details thanks Spider mycron
  13. so normal adv board allow people to pay for 1 up to 4 weeks to rent it but what i wish to have made is to let the person pay for example 1000 L$ as credits , then it will keep his adv alive for 2 months and everytime he get a click his adv board this click will take credits from what he paid so if he paid for example 1000 L$ then it might take 10 L$ for the click he got once his credits spent his adv will turn to off and he need to pay again to rent again as he started as new renderer. and these clicks from other people will take credits from person credits but defere
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