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  1. Spider Mycron

    Ready to teach photoshop

    Thanks so much , i really appreciate it and i have updated my links kin signature Thanks
  2. Spider Mycron

    Ready to teach photoshop

    ah great thanks , but for some reason im not able to edit and fix it , i did it since years and not able to fix it again back , i tried many times maybe you guide me Thanks
  3. Spider Mycron

    Ready to teach photoshop

    which signature link you mean ? i don't sse any signature for our profile here this forum !!!?
  4. Spider Mycron

    Ready to teach photoshop

    hello, if you wish to see my online portfolio you can IM me inworld to send you my behance portfolio and my website
  5. Spider Mycron

    Ready to teach photoshop

    hello, You very welcome , i will IM you inworld so we can start at any time you like
  6. Spider Mycron

    اشترى ازاى

    السلام عليكم تواصلي مع الدعم الفني الخاص بالسكند لايف وسيحلون لك المشكله خلال يوم او يومين بالكثير second life help support ticket
  7. Spider Mycron

    Ready to teach photoshop

    Hello, Yes im always ready to teach online , usually i teach mby skype and second life , i will log now and IM you Regards
  8. ادخلي موقع السكندري لايف Www.secondlife.com ثم Help support ticket
  9. تواصلي مع الدعم الفني في موقع السكندري لايف وسيحصلون لك المشكله خلال يوم او يومين
  10. لأنك جديده لن يسمحوا لك بتحويل مبلغ اكثر من أربعين دولار
  11. نزل النسخة من جديد ونصبها من جديد فربنا الملفات آلبي نزلتهم مضروبين ايضا ابحث عن Second life firestorm viewer ونزله وفي جميع الأحوال ربما يكون كرت الشاشه عندك لايدعم البرنامج اعمل تحديث لدرائر كرت الشاشه
  12. سؤالك غير مفهوم في جميع الأحوال لست مضطر ان تكون بريميوم
  13. Spider Mycron

    Looking for an artist...

    hello , im ready for your logo , i sent you IM inworld , hope to get in touch
  14. Spider Mycron

    Looking for any job!

    hello VulcanMortis i have many activities in second life, if you need to get so e money contact me please we can talk about it
  15. hello, i always teach in sl for my community since 2006 , i teach the below in sl and skype : - create websites / shops / gliog and news site by wordpress. - design and use photoshop - design and use illustrator - basic skills and use of second life scripts (open source) - Buildings for second life. - Learn to speak and write Arabic language. and more ! you welcome to IM me inworld at any time Regards