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  1. hello, i always teach in sl for my community since 2006 , i teach the below in sl and skype : - create websites / shops / gliog and news site by wordpress. - design and use photoshop - design and use illustrator - basic skills and use of second life scripts (open source) - Buildings for second life. - Learn to speak and write Arabic language. and more ! you welcome to IM me inworld at any time Regards
  2. السلام عليكم المبلغ المطلوب تحويله من قبلك اقل من المبلغ المطلوب هنام حد محدد ليتم نقله خارج السكند لايف الافضل ان تتواصل مع اداره السكند لايف وسيجيبونك بالحل تحياتي
  3. Spider Mycron

    Inworld store looking for help

    hello, i will IM you once i log sl , also you welcome to join my advertise group , we have over 3000 members
  4. Spider Mycron

    I need a logo made

    hello, im ready to do your logo , i just sent IM and waiting your response Thanks
  5. Spider Mycron

    titanic sim

    Titanic sim Machinima video for Second Life
  6. Spider Mycron

    Video Grapher ready for work !

    Hello, i do Machinima videos for Second Life, so if you have event or sim and want to create video , just l;et me know inworld here is example of my work : Regards Spider Mycron
  7. وعليكم السلام يمكن ربط قيزا واحده فقط في حساب واحد فقط تحياتي
  8. Spider Mycron

    Looking for new friends

    hello , i just accepted your request , look forward to meet you there
  9. Spider Mycron


    I’m me in world I would be so happy to become your friend
  10. Spider Mycron

    Looking for new friends

    Hello you are very welcome please I’m me in world and for sure we can do alot im always available thanks
  11. Spider Mycron

    looking for Mesh Clothes creator

    Hello, i have some resquists and im looking for Mesh Clothes creator also let me know if you can teach me how to do it my self if possible by create serious of videos just IM me inworld please Thanks
  12. Spider Mycron

    Wanted - Terraformer for small job

    hello, i sent you IM inworld , im ready to help Thanks
  13. Spider Mycron

    Hiring Logo Designers

    hello , im interested and i do logo design all time , i just sent you IM inworld , look forward to work for you Thanks
  14. Spider Mycron

    Looking for new friends

    sure , and thank you i will log now and accept it
  15. Spider Mycron

    Looking for new friends

    Hello all I spend all my time in second life by doing dj , business from second life to real life and make friends I always looking for positive friends to share ideas and spend good time for more fun and maybe do business together wish you introduce your self to me and maybe we can be close friend Spider Mycron