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  1. OK, so I've taken an interest in the Pokemon Froslass, and want to be her in SL, but thing is, there's nothing of her in the market search, so I've resorted to asking here. I'd like an anthro, no full mesh body, avatar of her, no need of scripting. If a full avatar is too much to ask of, can somebody at least make the head of her? It's the main thing I need for her. Like I said, no need to script any of it. If the eyes are just not moving because of no scripts, or they are just textured-onto a part of the head in the correct spot, that's fine by me. And since it's gonna be anthro, please don't attach the arms to the head... If you need a picture, I have a link to a web page's picture of her, here: http://oykawoo.deviantart.com/art/Froslass-Vector-97217121 Do the best you can if you choose to help me with this avatar. I only have 3L$, so I can't pay you back in return. I'm so sorry... Also, if that picture is not good enough to refference an idea from, go ahead and tell me that. I can try to find a better picture. Remember, anthro is not fully humanized for those few who do not understand that which may or may not see this thread. But I'm sure most, if not all, who see this knows exactly what I mean. Just incase you missed that, I ask for NO full mesh body for this, full mesh bodies prevents me from putting my purchased clothes on them, and I prefer to be able to dress-up with my clothes. Well, I think that's it. See ya. Hope you can help me. btw, just formatted the text here now, so it's easier on the eyes to read.
  2. OK, I've had quite a few avatars that can change their facial expression by having a HUD change it's texture by clicking the emotion texture you want to use on it. The facial expression prim is invisible except for the mouth texture on it. What I want to know is, how do those shop people do it? I assume it works like this: The texture you want to apply onto the mouth has a button on a HUD that has it's own texture on it to be copied and applied to the mouth prim attached to the worn head prim. Each button on the HUD has it's own script targeted to apply it's own texture to the mouth prim when clicked. Even though I understand the process, I don't understand the scripting part. I'd like somebody to help me with that. Also, for blush effects, how would you script a button on the same HUD for it to target the blush prim without affecting the mouth prim. I know that Sky Miles and many other avatar builders are capable of doing this. I just wanna know how to do that thing to apply textures on an attached prim on a worn object that is not the root prim, by HUD. Any good help would be very appriciated. I don't understand LSL very well, as I am not a programmer.
  3. Okay, before I go into this, I'm telling you, I am a macro, so I'm big. Okay, I have a friend I want to sit in my avatar's cleavage out-of RP, so I ask this: How can I have it so a prim I'm wearing can let an avatar sit on it while I'm wearing it? I'd like to do that so I can hold that certain friend of mine on me by him sitting on me. And no, jumping on top of my head then ground-sitting is not going to work. I need it so he can sit between my avatar's breasts. Not pervertedly. He's my SL son, so I think it'd be okay for that to be done, right? Please, I ask, does anybody know how I can have it so a prim I attach to myself can allow somebody to sit on it? If it just rezzes the prim in my cleavage, and it follows me there, I'm fine with that if it has to be that way. But can somebody please find a way (like an LSL script) to have a prim I make to allow somebody to sit on it while I wear it if possible? Thanks in advance! And don't you DARE give me the soul stealer script! I know what that does! I will NEVER use that accursed script! And if you CAN find a way to help me in a good way, I'll be very grateful! Thankyou, and goodbye till next time!
  4. Okay, I have a problem: There are some items I wanted to buy, but seem to no longer on the SL marketplace. The items are: The ICM Lucario, and the Starfox Saurian translator. (Forgot who sold it.) But this thread is about the translator. Since I probably will never see it again, I want to learn how the creator made it. And please don't direct me to Krystalarchive for this, it's not convenient enough for me for SL, since I have to open my web browser for that, which I will eventually need to erase the browsing history yet again. And there is no Saurian translator on iOS either, so I'm wishing to somehow get the Saurian translator. I regret not buying it such a long time ago. I have a StarFox Adventures outfit Krystal avatar, so I want her to speak the fictional language she speaks in part of the game. If I had the money, I'd buy the StarFox Adventures Saurian translator, but I gave all my L$ to my mate, since he needed money because SL won't let him buy anymore Linden for awhile. If someone could help me with this problem, I'd be very grateful.
  5. Sorry, I posted this thread on my iPod, and didn't find the Wanted forum area..sorry..
  6. Wrong. You can have Pokemon avatars in SL. It's only possible without lawsuits after you, because it's all fan works by players, and not LL, like fan art is for artists.
  7. Okay, so there is an avatar I'm wanting. It's the Pokemon Scyther. And it's not because of the Pokemon Snap XXX video. This Pokemon, strangely, has a sound gesture for it but no avatar. I think the bug type Pokemon are getting neglected for SL. Can somebody make this avatar for me and the other bug type likers? And please include both male and female versions.I'd make this myself if I had the skills and Linden for it, but I don't. Once I get the money, I'll pay any price for this. Just don't get greedy and make it a scamming high price please, I want to have a fair price for this. It'll pay yourself off more in the long run. You don't have to do this, but I'm requesting this. And to you staff, if this is in the wrong place, I'm sorry.
  8. Thanks! Now what do I put in the weapon, and what do I say to activate and de-activate the spear? I currently have in it: LindenDamage, MWS Config Anim Default, and MWS Master MainHand CCS/DCS 2.5.3 Anything else I need to put in?
  9. OK, so I have a spear, but it came unscripted. I don't want to pay so much money just to get a script. Please, can somebody teach me how to script a melee weapon? Thanks in advance!
  10. OK, there's this avatar I have that I sortof made, but I want to chat in RPs with her name as my name while speaking in text chat. I've seen other avatars have them, but I don't know where that script is located. I checked it's HUD, but no good. Can somebody please teach me, or show me how to make an RP text script? I would really like it if someone did show me how. I don't even mind buying an RP text script, but at time of posting, I only have 90L$. May I please have some help here? I'll be very grateful if someone did. OK, before I keep repeating stuff I've already said. I'm ending this post now.
  11. Thankyou. Once I do that...well I dunno what I wanna do after that!
  12. Thanks! I just didn't see or set the select catagory part! It's okay now! I just LL would put an error message when somebody screws-up like I did, but they don't have to!
  13. Please help! I am unable to list more than 3 items! What should I do? I'm 100% positive I clicked the circle to make it active, but even though I clicked update at the bottom, I cannot make it active! What's the problem with my shop?
  14. It's not exactly crashing, I get no crash log window, but it puts the common "You have been logged-out of Second Life" message while still in the Second Life window, without closing itself out! please help! I dunno what's the problem. I uninstalled Skydrive a long time ago, I haven't installed anything recently since last night, and everything else works fine EXCEPT Second Life! Please help!
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