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  1. A while ago I did it, and you will find it also at one cafe at sl, but I cant remeber the name of it You can build you cave under a hill using landscape kits from diferent places like
  2. I am almost sure it is from Tram, but you also can look hairs at eaters coma and laviere, all of the, has this kind of bang and japanese / anime hairstyle
  3. Not sure if they will have exactly what you are looking for, but take a look at VandeLo's items in world, on market place there is sold the furnished skybox, but the pieces are sold individually in world
  4. I am in doubt if this si made by dilly dolls or okibye, both released flat wedges for slink feet
  5. Deco has some, also Labirinth skins they ahve demos on MP
  6. the forum eated your picture, but Insufferable dastard, ikon, the sugar garden, poetic colors are my favorite place to buy eyes.
  7. Alice project also has a simila rone, with braids on teh shaved side
  8. Not teh same, but similar
  9. Not sure, but I think Sanya Bilavio (owner of vive9) still accept requests
  10. minnie is right, the hair is from Liquence
  11. If I am not mistaken, Ison did one few months ago
  12. Coldlogic and fateplay have it
  13. not exactly thos one, but similars can be found at A:S:S
  14. my favorite is Tillie
  15. Look for Tonkstatik in world or at market place common jeand and jackets can be found also ar Grasp.