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  1. Racia Fiertze wrote: yes people do pay 60+ for a video game.... a WHOLE video game... not just 60$+ for one shirt in a game if he was selling me a whole line of clothing i could understand... but 100$ for 1 shirt is a little too much in my book Thats what people usually dont understand about custom/uniques, when you buy that videogame, for example, your buying a full product that is sold for hundread thousands of people only to cover its cost, thats why you can buy it for $60, but when you do a custom it is like getting in that game company and asking them to make a full videogame only for you in the way you want, i bet the price will be a lot higher than 60 in this case, i come across this kind of misunderstanding often because im a custom developer myself, so it is always good to explain the difference
  2. Hello, im interested in doing it, add me or send IM ingame. thanks
  3. a friend just told me that botters can copy out your whole inventory if given enought time, is that even possible? i knew that botters can stole rezzed objects in sandboxes and etc, but never heard about the inventory, is that true? thanks
  4. i deleted this one and started another script and now it worked thanks for the help, everyone
  5. there is my problem.... its impossible to say error. but it says, the last code i posted is the one im using now, im sure the rest of the script dont matter on this part
  6. i got a better precision on the value doing this, now my result is 1.73, but still, 1.73 is not greater than 2 and still the if says it is
  7. yes, and x too, but im using only the x of the vectors, so it is x.x and postarget.x
  8. like this? float ab = (float)(x.x - postarget.x); if((integer)ab >= 2) {
  9. in the original script the x.x and the postarget.x that result on the ab are sent from a sensor in other place, but i already tested if it is correct, but what is bottering me is that the llSay, is saying ab as 1, what proves that it is one : / dont know if this haves something to do with it, but in the original code there is another if after this one this one is really the original one this time integer ab = (integer)x.x - (integer)postarget.x; llSay(0,(string)ab); // it says: 1 if(ab >= 2) { if(nx != targetname) //nx is really different from targetname. { nx = "error"; }} if(ab < 2) { if(nx != targetname) //nx is really different from targetname. { nx = "clear"; }} llSay(0,nx); ab is = 1 , and it says error
  10. Hello, IM really confused right now because my script is saying that 1 is greater than 2... This never happened before i will put parts of the code to try to explain: integer ab = (integer)x.x - (integer)postarget.x; //the result of this is 1 llSay(0,(string)ab); // just to confirm the result, it says: 1 if(ab > 2) { llSay(0, "Error"); } and than it says "Error", dont know why. if it is my mistake let me know. thanks
  11. yes, its possible, i have experience with this kind of scripts and i will be glad to do it contact me in game , Diogetz Barbosa
  12. im working on a project,and i need the object to face any axis needed,only changing the Z rotation, for example face x, face -x, face y, face -y, and i did it with this code: example code for facing x: rotation rot; vector target = llRot2Euler(x); //the rot x is the local root to face the x axis vector local = llRot2Euler(llGetLocalRot()); target = target - local; local = local + target; rot = llEuler2Rot(local); llSetRot(rot); //face x but now i need to make it face the right side in 4 steps so i can make the animation, first turning 1/4 the way, and them 2/4,3/4, and face, and i just cant find a way to do that without messing the rotation, can anyone help me? thanks :)
  13. thank you very much! it is exactly what i need : ) thanks! :smileyvery-happy:
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