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  1. Do I have to leave this browser open?? because its been doing that for quite a while lol. never mind it changed to under review.
  2. And further than that, most 3d modelling websites do not allow their items to be brought into and sold in Second Life. In fact, many of them stipulate No Second Life.
  3. Excellent opportunity to do some Christmas shopping for bouncy and fun gifts. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Culprit/192/165/22
  4. probably gacha. I did a bunch of carnival rides for gacha way back.They still seem popular on the mktplace. There are tons of carnival ride type gacha on the mktplce from other creators too. Nothing evil really.
  5. Almost all of the above especially Charlotte's list and Pamela's request to ban people from buying, but more than ANYTHING .. please make a separate marketplace for gacha resale. Not a section, not a subcategory, but a separate market for reselling gacha. It would clean up the search results on the marketplace. Also delete merchants who no longer have an account or have not logged in in anyway for more than a year even.
  6. There is a really nice discord group for new product listing, blog spam, events looking for designer, events looking for bloggers etc https://discordapp.com/invite/A7hpNgt Join and then contact admin for your roles.
  7. I hope the new year brings all that you wish for and more. Jack, thanks for all the fish =^^=
  8. I am insanely happy.. i cant wait.
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