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  1. Thanks! You reminded me to check, and my newly purchased bento head eyebrows work perfectly with the bento head eyeliner I already had.
  2. I love my skins but prefer a more pronounced brow. I have both brow and eyeliner appliers but wearing one removes the other. This seems... sub-optimal? What am I doing wrong? It's been a long, long time since I logged in but I am sure I was able to wear both the brows and the eye makeup of my choice on LeLutka heads before?
  3. LeLutka, Catwa and LAQ would be the most popular options. You need to try demos from all the brands you like. All the demos come with bento body shapes; you need these to keep your bento head from looking like a turnip.
  4. Thank you so much @arton Rotaru -- I've sent you a message in-world
  5. Yes, they must be separate textures.
  6. Yes I do; that's the issue with the Render Works script.
  7. Hiya! I am currently using the RenderWorks Texture Change HUD Script and am 100% happy with it, but like it says on the tin, it will do one texture to one face (or to ALL_SIDES) per button. I have a dress that has a texture for the dress and a texture for the decolletage and I need people to be able to click one button on the HUD and have Face 1 (the dress) change to one texture and Face 3 (the decolletage) change to another texture with one click. (I could have a button for each but that's not what I want -- I want one click, full dress retexture for every part.) Any suggestions for what scripts I can look at buying? Thanks!
  8. Just Because is the queen of gowns and makes for Maitreya. They are all fantastic but the Kimberly gown in particular is crazy beautiful. Apple May also makes lovely gowns.
  9. There used to be a website or blog that allowed event managers to create listings if they were looking for creators for monthly events. So like, I'm never going to get into 50 Linden Fridays, but I might get into 30L Thursdays or whatever if they were listed as looking for creators. (The blog was not Seraphim, which lists every event but not the recruitment status.) Anyone know where this was? Thanks.
  10. Enjoy a 10-day SALE at Fairy Gachmother! Common, Uncommon and Rare gachas from events and creators including The Arcade, Epiphany, Floorplan, Dead Dollz, Apple Fall, RageWorks and more. Everything is marked down to $10 - $50L except pets. When it's gone, it's gone! Fairy Gachmother at Amber Moon
  11. This is what is happening whenever I click an image in a Marketplace listing -- it shows the pop-up/interstital for a split second, and then just loads the preview image: https://gyazo.com/e550457104d6fb4e6dc6180c483df51e Any suggestions? I do not have pop-ups blocked and have specifically un-blocked https://marketplace.secondlife.com
  12. [Thank you, I do not need any additional bids on this at this time.]
  13. I need a nicely-put together, not over-built male avatar to stand on a pose stand for 10 minutes for a simple product shot. Please send me a notecard with a pic and your rate. (Please do not randomly IM me, I really need the notecard to keep applicants organised!) Thanks :)
  14. The jealousy...the tears...the moods..the being distant when something is perceived...the stalking...the creating alts to hit on me to "test" my devotion...the feeling of obligation to spend 100% of my SL time with the other person or there will be more drama You don't need to change how you date, you need to change who you date. I have never, ever, not once had any of the above with my SL partner. We enjoy the time we have together when we happen to be online at the same time and both free, and other than that we do our own things.
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