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  1. Same in mine. I would love to hear more about this (not a word in blogs)
  2. (First, I have to admit that I didn't read all topic) As a sailor in SL, we commonly face these issues: ban lines or orbs that instantly send you home. Our approach as a community has been for years to contact the parcel owner, explaining our issue (our not theirs) and ask them to give a minimum time to get out of their parcel when inadvertdly we enter one. Most respond well, changing their devices, others don't. Well, we have to live with this. So, for a communal cruise, we make charts as this one, with ban/orbs marked in red (cyan for rez places in case of returning from a crash). Even with this, sailing in a narrow channel as in NW in the map, it is easy to enter the red forbidden areas, but is the best we can do. 
  3. In Gulf of Moles (Corsica). Great for nautical sports, easy to reach other continents (Nautilus, Gaeta, Satori) sailing. Only L$ 10,000. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Phearsom/33/23/22
  4. A tip: If the parts are not all linked together, open the edit window before rezz it. This way all individual objects will be selected together, and can be moved as a whole, as well as showing the total land impact.
  5. I reached this point: "Is it fair to have to buy again just because you have a new avatar? Why you have it is a valid question to of course." I am using mostly an alt, Lucy, Vania is almost forgotten inworld, because I concentrated sailing in Lucy and this is my principal activity in SL today. Yes I had to buy again some things that I already had in Vania's inventory and wanted in Lucy's too, but this was my choice. I could never made Lucy's account, and as Vania start to sail, it would be cheaper, but this is not the creator's problem, is mine. I choose to use another account for this, it was my choice to sail much, above other things I used to do as Vania. I am not allowed to illegally copy Vania's things that I want to use as Lucy.
  6. Calm down Doc. AS you are not a newbie you know that there are many types and levels of support. You mentioned just "Linden support" and assumed that everybody would know with certainty that you were talking about Billing Support. If wasn't Amethyst suggesting the Billing support numbers, certainly another one would do it, because you were not specific in what kind of support you tried. But insisting in this certainly will not help you in your main problem, and probably will drive away others because of your response to an answer that was not what you expected.
  7. As far as I know (not from my experience, heard from others), if the group have land and the owner is absent from SL, Lindens can give ownership for others, but it is not a simple task, very bureaucratic and painfull. If your only desire is to shut down the group, simply leave it and forget about. Even if deleted the old name will not be usable anymore. Members that left SL and are still in the group will stay there forever, or until the end of SL.
  8. Hi bebejee. Ban Line Hud is a great tool, but some found it a bit laggy. I have one and to me it works great. Another way is in mini map (right click), mark "show/property lines" in Firestorm and other viewers, but dunno if it is present in all viewers. It will show the plots with ban lines in red, but only when you are very near it, and don't show 'security devices'  Another usefull tool is a free rezz-finder. I am sending you a copy of it from my alt: LucyInTheSky Afarensis, called "LCC Rez- Space-finder-C.V. HUD :-)" When clicked it searchs for rezz free places in the sim you are on.
  9. One interesting thing that I just discovered: Two months ago I “transferred” my premium membership from this account to an alt one (in fact canceled this premium, and made another for the alt). When LL asked me why I was cancelling I told the truth. This month, the surprise, not only my alt received her signing bonus, but this account received a L$ 1000 “referral bonus” :matte-motes-big-grin:
  10. I'm a mainlander since may/2007. My first place grew to around 5,000 sq m, rounded with nice people: a Canadian, a Brazilian and a Brit that maintained a store, 2 sister with another store - a small and nice community. The others owners in the sim were never seem, but didn't had ugly places. People left more or less when Zindra was launched. Some months later I moved to a sea side small plot (1,024 sq m) were I can launch my boats and made a Leeward Cruising Club outpost, were anyone can launch theirs. Besides one or other user that goes there to start sailing I am almost all the time alone. 
  11. First, I see no reason for your yelling... LL has all right to prohibit wathever they want, no matter if it is legal or not in USA or in any other country. And in their ToS they are clear that sexual ageplay is not allowed in SL. To report ageplay, the reporter must give LL evidences of what they are reporting. It is not enough to simply say "Avatar resident was involved in ageplay" or something like this. As if they do investigate or not, sorry, we are just resident and cannot answer this for LL.
  12. Oh, I saw this too :matte-motes-frown: The trick 1. Edit the boat but before starting to substitute the animations, go to menu "Build/Scripts/Set scripts to not running" (in your viewer it can be slightly different - mine is Firefox with Vintage skin)  Then substitute the animations; go back in "Menu/Scripts"; Reset scripts and Set scripts to running. Wish this helps.
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