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  1. So I play linden realms every day just about. Normally, I have no problems. I don't use a fly override. I don't use an AO that makes me any more exaggerated than usual when I move. I have no flight assist, fall breaker, jump boost, or anything. I'm a normal cartoon. But it seems like Linden Realms is full of bugs lately. The most consistent one I encounter is when I fall from, say, one of the mountain peaks around Devil's Canyon, and I fall straight down from the top to the base [or near it], the death clouds will periodically pop up as if I was cheating and flying down. Obviously, I'm not cheating by flying, I'm simply falling from a great height. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix for this? I don't want to take the time to slowly walk down a mountain if I can just jump or fall down harmlessly.
  2. Yes, it is sexual ageplay I am referring to. I am aware that nonsexual ageplay is completely tolerated in second life.
  3. What do I do when I stumble upon ageplay in progress? I know I need to report it, but in my abuse report, do I have to have chat logs included for any action to be taken, or just a snapshot and a description of the incident, or just names and specific actions being undertaken, or what all needs to be included?
  4. I've gone through the IP tutorial successfully, I have payment info on file, and I've been able to upload mesh on the main grid with no issues. But when I go to upload mesh on the testing grid, it tells me I have no upload rights. My main concern is why this is happening. The aditi IP tutorial link that people on the forums love throwing around leads to a blank page that never loads, so before you suggest it, know that I've already tried it on two different computers now with the same results. If anyone out there knows what's going on, or knows about a hidden separate testing grid mesh upload status, please enlighten me.
  5. So I went to upload and test a mesh on the aditi grid, only to find out that it has reverted my mesh upload permission in-world as if I never put payment info on file and never took the tutorial and questionnaire. I just checked my status here on the website to verify, and according to it, I'm good to go on both counts, my questionnaire is complete and my payment info is on file. I have not been confronted with any intellectual properties violations, nor copyright infringement, nor abuse reports, so I don't know why it wouldn't be letting me upload mesh. About a week ago I was able to upload mesh just fine. Is this a bug?
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