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  1. Hello, can someone please provide the script for a typing animation and Aim script. the animation is called "text", this animation will be put into an object that looks like a phone. Basically I want to repleace the default typing animation with this new animation that is called "text" and for the same animation "text" to play when I go into mouse look Please Assist thank you.
  2. Was looking through the forum and couldn't find any help on this. Can someone help me out with a script that plays an animation when I type?
  3. Freya Mokusei wrote: Rizzy Khaos wrote: Pilots pay for the ability to fly their airplanes in Second Life. Get over it. I checked this. Turns out they pay for the airplanes. Buying airplanes confers no privileges to fly in any location. Pilots are welcome to fly over their own land - all other land is probably paid for by someone, who gets full rights over who (and what) can enter. They pay for the airplanes to do what? And people who want to be left alone can go ahead and purchase land from a private sim where they will be left alone away from people who explore Second Life by land, sea or air. And am I even talking about airplanes, did you even bother to read the Original Post? I do hope you don't pick up the hobby flying, and why are you so obsessed with pilots considering this isn't a topic about pilots.
  4. Freya Mokusei wrote: Rizzy Khaos wrote: Either revoke the usage of security orbs on Mainland I propose the opposite - that we revoke the use of flying vehicles on Mainland. Every couple of weeks someone wanders in here ranting about how they can't fly over parcels they don't own and how inconsiderate landowners don't leave enough spare prims for region transfers. Clearly this show of entitlement will keep happening as long as people think flying vehicles over mainland is a right, rather than a privilege. Some people just cannot be trusted to figure out how Second Life works, and how it has always worked. For those who struggle with satire: This argument works both ways - and both ways are stupid. Landowners pay for the ability to control their land, get over it. Pilots pay for the ability to fly their airplanes in Second Life. Get over it. I suggest you learn what satire is, your application of it is dismal.
  5. That's what "Linden land" Is for. And if you want a private sim you will have to be a premium member as well. So when you become premium you have a choice between being able to purchase an entire sim or a parcel. The price of a parcel is not included in your membership this is a seperate cost that you pay to a previous land owner. Some of which are extremely absurd since they're next to a mainland road, its a damn shame if such property were to end up in the posession of a person who would just put up "No Access" to anyone when they could have the cheaper option to rent from a private sim and Mainland properties can be rented out to anyone as well. Why would someone want to buy land and be surrounded by other people if they just want to be left alone? It's counter intuitive and illogical when an alternative and better solution is readily availble. Secondly, it's damn inconvinient to people who enjoy exploring being bounced around banlines, and if they're on vehicles they have to find another rez spot to rez their vehcles, this is just banlines though which can be avoided if Linden labs made them more visible from afar. Im talking about Security orbs like PDS and other alike, that EJECT and TELEPORT you off a parcel in 1 - 3 seconds.
  6. It can be avoided yes, but question is, WHY should it be avoided when it shouldn't even be an issue in the first place. If this boils down to people who are uppity about their privacy, LL provides in by offering private sims that users can either buy or rent from other users. The reason for mainland and for it having roads is for exploration. Exploration isn't limited to just roads, what about skies and water ways?
  7. Great view at 400M yeah, blue for miles and miles. /sarcasm.
  8. Seriously, these things are annoying. Im flying over Mainland see an interesting place, and a blue window tells me to get off the land and gives me 1 second to do so and I'm teleported back to my starting place, now I'm just flying around on flight simulated wings, these things are worse for people who use vehicles. I don't get this logic of people buying mainland plots and then putting up private access or security orbs, if you value privacy so much please rent a plot at a private sim. Either revoke the usage of security orbs on Mainland or every one who makes these damn things, make it so that decent timer to allow people to vacate the premises. -.-
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