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  1. I thought I responded to this last night but I guess I didnt. I also purchased Linden $$ last night and the transaction went thru paypal and my bank, but Linden Labs have the transaction as showing system_cancel. I submitted a ticket and no response as yet It was for about $50 aud, I will give them another 24 hours and then file a dispute with paypal and let them deal with it Did you get yours resolved as yet? I am interested to know Cheers
  2. Same, I purchased some also and it says I cancelled the transaction but the bank processed the payment
  3. Since the Tuesday morning restarts I noticed that mainland sims have been increased prim count by about 66% A 512sqm parcel was 117 prims and is now 175 prims. Is this change permanant? and will private regions have an increase in prims to 22500 prims to match mainland? Anyone know? Cheers
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