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  1. Oh I missed that one. Very clever work around. Thank you
  2. Zak Kozlov

    Mesh Pivot point

    Hello, I searched this topic but all thread dates and I wondered if there was anything new now. I made this clock and I naively thought that I would just have to set the origin in blender and export the clock hands and their pivot point would be the origin, but I was wrong. Any idea how I can make these hands rotate where they should? (while being linked, ideally) Thank you
  3. Oh gawd. I posted this topic and digged deeper in my head. Tried to think of stuffs that I didnt think of... and I've figured it out. That's a colorwheel that I've made before I started working on the HUD as a standalone thing. When I changed my HUD while restructuring it, I forgot to remove it's own script with its own touch event. That's why it was still working yet not responding to the touch event of the HUD main script. Fixed. Sorry for the useless post. Tho I probably wouldn't have figured it out if I hadn't made it. Maybe it'll still help someone else.
  4. Hello, So, I been working on a HUD for my mesh body. I was about to make the last part (presets) then realized that I needed to restructure much of how the HUD is communicating to make this easier. So I did just that. After such big changes on a 600ish code, I had to debug some stuffs, and I did just fine. But then this thing... The color changing part wasn't working anymore. Tried to print stuff and realized that the body just didn't get any message from it. I tried to OwnerSay the message, I got nothing. I tried to print just "touched" on the first line of it's condition (if (touched prim is colorhweel { do things }) and I didn't get anything. Now that's a really odd behavior, considering that the wheel itself is changing colors and that the things making this happen are in the very same condition. I decided to just print "TOUCHED" on everything. Right after the touch event. And the result is what you see in the GIF right here: https://i.imgur.com/oHzySGX.gifv This is ULTRA weird. The wheel itself seems to work just fine when clicked, but it's as if it's not able to say anything (either as OwnerSay or as RegionSay, which explains why my body don't get anything) Did anyone else ever had that issue? any idea what's happening here? I'm thinking corrupted prim, but then again why it's reacting when it comes to change color but not when it comes to output anything. I unlinked and relinked the whole hud, didn't help. Thanks for your help
  5. Hello, I understand the conversion from Cartasian to Polar, I'm not sure why would I need the differences in coordinates? I use the touched surface position on top of a cylinder and did some progress, when i'm entering the coordinate of x and y that I use with llAtan2() on the website I linked in my OP, I'm getting the right polar coordinate, but what llAtan2 returns with them doesn't make sense and I'm not sure why. This is what I have right now: (I print lots of things to try to figure out the differences and whats happening with llAtan2 (the HSVtoRGB is taken from the wiki)) This is not as an HUD for now but from what I saw when I attach it as a HUD, i'd only have to change the axis for the same result float hue; float sat; float val; float touchX; float touchY; vector hsv; vector HSVtoRGB( vector hsv ) { integer i; float H = hsv.x; if (H<0) // catch malformed H input H=0; else if (H>=360) H=0; float S = hsv.y; if (S<0) // catch malformed S input S=0; else if (S>1) S=1; float V = hsv.z; if (V<0) // catch malformed V input V=0; else if (V>1) V=1; float R; float G; float B; float f; // variables for calculating base color mixing around the "spectrum circle" float p; float q; float t; vector rgb; if( S == 0 ) { // achromatic (grey) simply set R,G, & B = Value R = V; G = V; B = V; rgb.x = R; rgb.y = G; rgb.z = B; return rgb; } H /= 60; // Hue factored into range 0 to 5 i = llFloor( H ); // integer floor of Hue f = H - i; // factorial part of H p = V * ( 1 - S ); q = V * ( 1 - S * f ); t = V * ( 1 - S * ( 1 - f ) ); if (i==0){ R = V; G = t; B = p; } else if (i==1){ R = q; G = V; B = p; } else if (i==2){ R = p; G = V; B = t; } else if (i==3){ R = p; G = q; B = V; } else if (i==4){ R = t; G = p; B = V; } else { R = V; G = p; B = q; } rgb.x = R; rgb.y = G; rgb.z = B; return rgb; } default { touch_start(integer total_number) { integer touchFace = llDetectedTouchFace(0); vector touchST = llDetectedTouchST(0); if (touchFace == 0) { touchX = (touchST.x*100)-50; touchY = (touchST.y*100)-50; hsv.x = llAtan2(touchY, touchX); hsv.y = ((touchX*touchX)+(touchY*touchY))*0.5; hsv.z = 1.0; llSay(0,"TouchX: "+ (string)touchX + " TouchY: " + (string)touchY); llSay(0, "Hue: "+(string)hsv.x); llSay(0, "Saturation: " +(string)hsv.x); llSay(0, "Value: " +(string)hsv.y); llSay(0,"HSV: " +(string)hsv); llSay(0,"RGB: " +(string)HSVtoRGB(hsv)); llSay(0,"__________________________________________________"); llSetColor( HSVtoRGB(hsv), 1 ); } } }
  6. Hello I am trying to make a HSV color picker since I can't find any around and I'm making a circular HUD. I've been researching this for a while now and I think that I'm in the right path, but I lack putting it all together, maybe someone can help me? I did some touch face position test to figure out how the top of a cylinder worked and then did research about how to convert those xy coordinate to HSV and found some things that seems to be on the right track: http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/converting-cartesian-polar-coordinates-d_1347.html http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6279999/finding-a-dot-on-a-circle-by-degree But when I did some math with the raw coordinate that my prim gave out when clicked randomly, things didn't really made any sense. Am I missing something? Maybe the whole radian thing with SL that can't get in my head? Do I need to convert anything from that? Would appreciate any help, Thanks!
  7. I've sent you a notecard about 2days ago. I'm sorry if that's a wrong way to contact you, i'll create a ticket next time. From my understanding of the webpage you linked, if I'm creating a ticket I will be getting the test version available? I know that you are aware of the issue now but I'd really like to be able to check it out on the test version, can I do that? Thank you
  8. Hello, I'm trying to make my avatar both fitted and bento compatible, so I have to go with Avastar 2 for Bento despite it not being production ready, and there seem to have a problem with the fitted part of it. The whole body seems to get misaligned when Fitted: http://i.imgur.com/phCNb1n.png I don't have that issue with the very same rig on version 1.7.3: http://i.imgur.com/NQsRsCL.png Also, I guess it's worth noting that the misalignment is not visible in Blender, everything seems just fine. It looks that way only in SL, so I've tried all kind of different export and import settings but nothing seems to do it. Anybody know how to make that work? I've already tried Blender Avastar group and Gaia but got no answers. I'm hoping someone can save me here! Thank you
  9. Thank you, I was using 1.7.2 just updated to 1.7.3 and it works as expected. I have v2 but it's not yet ready/recommended right? Is there an estimated time frame for when there will be a production ready version? I want to play with Bento hehe Thanks again!
  10. Hello! I been working on a mesh avatar and i'm having some issues making it fitted. Now I do know that only hitting "Fully Fitted" is not gonna do it and there's a balance and lots of work to do to make it behave properly, but it's a good start so I'm doing that, and as soon as I'm doing that, the head of the legacy mesh under it goes up and gets bigger, having watched the whole playlist of Gaia about fitted mesh I believe it's not a normal behavior and there must be something wrong in my set up. Here it is in images: Before I hit "Fully Fitted": https://gyazo.com/5ea1adc362feacf87c5f19179020c8fc After I transfer to fully fitted: https://gyazo.com/5892d83cfa5770f4671150b748f3bbc6 Result in world: https://gyazo.com/6783fdf7ba4409920cb66ec5beac62f8 (How it normaly is: https://gyazo.com/36ff47921bdc278c99b3187fcd7a5550 ) As you can see it appears to be spaghettified or something after I convert to fitted. In blender the legacy shape gets bigger, and in SL it's the body that gets thinner compared to the shape. What am I doing wrong? I really want to make this body fully fitted but I might only be able to partly fit it if I can't figure that out. Thank you
  11. Hello! Sometimes for many reasons I create my mesh not in T-Pose. and I figured out a workflow for rigging them that works but it's quite annoying to do: One: unbind / freeze the avatar in the same position as the clothing (or it will deform back on step two) Two: Snap rig to pose Three: Reattach the avatar in the new position and start rigging my clothe When done weight painting I detach my clothing while keeping its weight and start with a fresh Avastar, pose it, re-attach my clothing and alter to rest pose. My mesh clothe is now smoothly weighted and is in T-Pose However, I seen some mesh around that were not frozen in T-Pose at all yet still followed the animation positions in SL as if it was. Here is an example, you can see the mesh geometry is not in T-Pose and it dosnt seem to affect the animation bones position. Which is something I've been trying to figure out how to do for a long time and never been able to despite messing around with every seemingly default-pose related options there is Knowing how to do that would be very helpful to me right now so I been looking at it again and still can't figure it out If you can help me I promise a never ending supply of gummybears.
  12. Your mission, should you choose to accept it would be: - Design a nice concept store (draw or build basic prim mockup) - Create detailed and realistic base templates (.psd) for mesh clothing - Work on ads and vendor poster templates for our products If you are interested please contact Zak Kozlov and we will discuss all the details. Portfolio expected - Experience in Marketing would be a big plus.
  13. Thank you hehe But you kind of get the wrong feeling then. I did get the point. maybe I explained myself wrong and i'm not going to try further because there is a language barrier and I would likely explain my thoughts just as wrong again I just want to precise again that I have not been looking for a lazy or simple way. I was testing with the default and i've learned in Gaia post why this was wrong and got a better understanding of how Fitted Mesh works. I actually love weight painting and find it to be the easiest and funniest step in mesh clothing creation. With that new understanding of how Fitted works I've already managed to almost fully eliminate that issue and i'm likely going to provide fitted + standard sizings in the future
  14. Thanks for answering! I do understand rigging pretty well I think, it's my favorite part of making clothes. I would never use the default weights hehe they are pretty horrible. I was using those trying to debug my issue around the waist, I was sortof expecting the default to react properly and when I saw that it didnt I assumed I was maybe doing something wrong from start. But maybe not, maybe Fitted is just bad! as I mention in the video I dont expect it to be perfect, poking through is normal, alpha layers always needed. but that waist issue is not a little imperfection, its a big a** issue / difference! hehe I did however see fitted mesh clothes without that huge of an issue around the waist, I have yet to figure out the way to weight my meshes to lessen it and take my hat off to those who did hehe I guess i'll stick to the standard sizings for now. seems like the best use of fitted mesh is on mesh avatars with clothes fitting for it. Big mess for legacy! The problem / dilema is customers asking for Fitted mesh. as a creator I want to provide what people desire, but I could never stand releasing something that's not at the best I can do and so far the standard sizing still seem like the best solution versus Fitted. The video looks pretty good, It's what made me look back into fitted. I'm subscribed to your channel and this is mostly the video I was refering to (and those now seemingly gone videos uploaded in the last few days which showed the transfers) I cant wait to see the new avastar weights.
  15. Hiyas! So I recently started doing mesh clothes again and initialy my new collection was in Fitted Mesh. I was providing 2 sizes per gender that seemed to cover the standard sizings pretty well. I had that side issues which I kinda accepted then. Until it was time to release full perms kits and I was not happy to deliver with that imperfection. Last minute, I readjusted all my meshes to the 10 standard sizings instead and ditched Fitted. I went back to attempts with Fitted mesh and this time I've tried to take the default, keep it as is and just switch it to Fitted Mesh and the issue is still there. Avastar official videos on fitted mesh seem flawless (or at least, without that huge issue!) so I want to know if i'm doing anything wrong... I've made a video (that you will hopefully understand through my accent and shyness) to show you the issue and what exact steps I am taking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTOXHsD6VtU
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